Unexpected Hotel Delights: The Corny Poolside Magic

Unearthing the Gems

The corny poolside. You know those fancy hotels where every nook screams luxury, from monkey-themed carpets to perfectly trimmed verandas? Well, the Intercontinental Da Nang in Vietnam is one of those places, but it’s got a hidden treasure that beats all the frills – the poolside snack.

Tucked away in a nature preserve along Vietnam’s coast, this place is a dream. Monkeys frolic on the carpets, the verandas give you a killer bay view, and even the staff’s clothes blend in with the swanky black-and-white vibe. But let’s talk about the poolside gem.

The Corn Surprise

At 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. sharp (yeah, I asked after missing it once), this dude strolls around the pool asking if you want a mini corn on the cob.

Hold up, it’s just corn. No caviar coating or buttery drench, just a warm, two-inch piece of steamed yellow goodness. And man, every kernel was a flavor bomb.

Sure, corn on the cob isn’t mind-blowing. It’s a BBQ staple and a street snack in places like Mexico, and turns out, it’s big in Vietnam too. But at a fancy hotel pool? That’s rare. Normally, you get some fruit or if you’re lucky, fries.

But this corny move was no accident. Chef Doan Thi Thu spilled the beans: in Vietnam, corn equals relaxation. It’s light, easy to munch on after a dip, and people here vibe with it.

The Corn Craze in Vietnam

So, after my poolside chill sesh, I cruised over to Hoi An, this ancient town an hour from Da Nang. Picture this: lantern-lit streets, old buildings, and at night, food carts flood the place.

Guess what I spotted? Corn! Hawkers dishing out grilled (bao nuong) or steamed (bap hap) corn, topped with scallion oil that’s almost better than butter (especially for us lactose-intolerant folks).

But here’s the real magic: it’s not about the corn itself. Nah, it’s about what it’s steamed in. Turns out, it’s not your regular water; it’s coconut water, giving it that rich, buttery, sweet vibe.

The Poolside Corn Bliss

Back at the recliner by the pool, I waited eagerly for my corn fix. Did I link corn with relaxing? Not really – I was more hyped than chill. But one thing’s for sure: that corn on the cob became my go-to poolside snack.

To be honest, street corn was awesome, but it missed the poolside vibe. So, I happily returned to my spot each day, eagerly awaiting that coconut-steamed corn. It might not scream relaxation for me, but it’s the only snack that’ll ever grace my poolside hangs again.

The Takeaway? Corn’s King

Who knew corn could steal the show at a swanky hotel pool? Vietnam sure did! It’s the simple things, like that coconut-steamed corn, that elevate the whole experience. So, if you find yourself lounging poolside in Vietnam, don’t expect fancy – just expect some darn good corn.