Orongan Beach Resort: An Instagrammable Beach in San Remigio, Cebu

Orongan Beach Resort is one of the few resorts that can be found in the municipality of San Remigio in the North of Cebu. The resort can be found at Anapog, San Remigio which is around 15 minutes from the town’s poblacion. This private resort colorful spots that are perfect for Instagram photos.

I’ve spent a weekend at Orongan Beach Resort to unwind from my stressful day job and (funny back story) I brought my camera BUT I forgot to bring my SD cards. So they’re all useless I wasn’t able to vlog. Hence, with the help of my friends – Rafael, Kevin, Gelic and Master Lai’s camera – I was able to have a mini-photoshoot with the Instagrammable spots of the Orongan Beach Resort.

If you plan to visit this resort, make sure to check these spots and take a photo!

  1. The hut at the shoreline

  1. The Swing


  1. Beach! (Don’t forget)

  1. Lovely Sunset! (and sunrise too!)

Orongan beach resort

Photo credit: @thegoingraffy

That’s the lovely sunset behind me! And it was low tide so we were able to enjoy the sunset even more!


  1. The Coconut Tree


This low lying coconut tree is just beside Orongan Beach Resort and is pretty for photos! Just be careful when climbing up! O.O

  1. Bonus! (HAHAHA)

Angle lng yan mga bes! hahaha

There are still spots around Orongan Beach Resort that could be instagrammable. It’s a combination of a beautiful place, angle, and filter 🙂

How to Get there?

From Cebu City, you may take a bus to San Remigio in the North Bus Terminal. You may take the bus going to Hagnaya. Let the conductor know to drop you off at the Poblacion of San Remigio.

It usually takes around 4-5 hours depends on the traffic to get to the poblacion. There you can have your last buy from the market or at the Prince Warehouse and the bus costs around P150 to P175.

After your last minute buy, you can hail a trike and will bring you to Orongan Beach Resort right away for P40 each.

You can also bring your personal vehicles as the resort offers a wide parking space.



Orongan Beach Resort is currently being developed ever since it boomed in social media. Currently, rooms for rent are available and tent spaces and rates are as follows:

Bongalo Room with veranda (located nearest the shore) good 5-10 pax (extension) – P3,500

Bongalo Room good 5-10 pax (extension) – P2,500

Bongalo Room good for 12 pax – P5,000

Open Cottages – P350

Table – P150

Chair – P20

Party Tent – P350/P400/P500

Beach Front Cottage with Electricity – P400

Entrance Fee (day use) – P50 per head

Entrance Fee (overnight) – P100 per tent

Tent – P100

*Prices may change without further notice.


You may send your inquiries and reservation at Orongan Beach Resorts‘ Facebook Page:



Important Reminders/Tips:

  1. Orongan Beach Resort has a store but doesn’t offer complete necessities, you may buy these at the Poblacion of San Remigio. Buy them before going to the resort because of the distance.
  2. Some trike drivers tend to overprice. Please be mindful and careful. Oh! better get the phone number of the driver that brought you to Orongan Beach Resort because transportation is difficult from the resort itself to the poblacion. There are motorcycle taxis available but could overprice.
  3. For tent use and cottage, there is an available public restroom. For rooms, restrooms are inside and are exclusive for your use.
  4. They don’t have a restaurant yet but they can cook food for you at a minimal price. You may also rent kitchen wares and utensils.
  5. There’s a grilling station inside the resort but you have to bring your own charcoal.
  6. Please be a responsible traveler.
  7. Take NOTHING but pictures.
  8. Kill NOTHING but time.
  9. Leave NOTHING but footprints


Watch my vlog when we went here for the first time!

Thank you Orongan Beach Resort for having us!


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