Late Winter in South Korea

South Korea is a country well known to its colorful and rich culture. The country boasts beautiful and scenic attractions that every k-drama fans wanted to visit and experience. We went to the heart of this country – Seoul – and explored the city, the nature and the people. People say it is best to travel South Korea during autumn, winter and spring as it brings a whole different world to experience. Autumn turns the place red, while winter turns it white and spring turns it pink and green. We went to Korea late winter and we mostly saw gloomy sky, dead trees and streets (no snow). However, we still managed to enjoy this beautiful island and experience their culture.

Photography has been part of my system and I took a couple of shots using my phone – ASUS Zenfone 5Q – that I also used in my entire trip.

Here are some of my lovely snapshots of South Korea during late winter:

Little Street

south korea

This street is found just outside our hotel. It’s not the big streets that we see on movies and television, but are streets that we see on a normal life. What I love about this picture is that the it shows the authentic life of a normal Korean. I could say, there’s always two sides of a coin, and this picture shows the other side of the country, at least.


Mystic River

south korea

The day was gloomy and what I love about it is that it added drama to the photo. I took this photo of the Han River at one spot in Petite France.


The Tall Trees of Naminara

south korea

Naminara Republic or well known as Nami Island is famous for their lined up trees. Best place to spend during autumn and winter as it brings magical experience. I took this photo late afternoon as the sun is setting and the shadows of the trees and empty branches resulted to a dramatic photo.


Promises and Love Locks

south korea

This photo is taken at one of the thousands of love locks in N Seoul Tower. What I love about this photo is that the sun’s reflection glared at one of the metal lock and added a flare effect.


Sunset at the Park

south korea

Also taken at the park of N Seoul Tower where the sun was setting and people are scattered. This silhouette was more dramatic because of the dead branches. It forms a some kind of effect to the photo that I loved most. Might as well add up the silhouette of shrine was standing out among the trees.


Asus zenfone 5Q

These photos are just few of my dramatic shots from my Seoul travel and all of them are taken using the ASUS Zenfone 5Q and are edited using VSCO app. What I love about this phone is that it is easy to use in taking a photo. In case you’re wondering, all of these photos are taken on Auto Mode with a 16MP resolution. I tried to use other modes such as wide angle mode and portrait mode but I loved most the Auto Mode cause it’s simple and high definition.

Asus zenfone 5Q

Not only the camera is good for this mid-range phone but also the battery. This was the phone I used during my entire trip in South Korea and I just had to charge it once a day during night time when I sleep even when my mobile data is consistently on. The reason behind this long lasting use of the phone as ASUS Zenfone 5Q is equipped with a 3,300 mAh battery and is paired with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 mobile platform processors which provides powerful, yet efficient experience.

Check out Zenfone 5Q’s price here.

Thank you ASUS PH for letting me experience the beautiful and efficient phone for its price!


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