Guihulngan City Travel Guide: Day Trip to Kansalakan Enchanted River and Hinakpan Hills

Guihulngan City, the “Carabell City” of the Negros Oriental, is situated just south of San Carlos City. According to Wikipedia, it is the 3rd most populated city in the province. The city is still growing up yet they have tourist spots that’s worth visiting.

I went to a road trip to Guihulngan City during my birthday and I sure had fun exploring new spots.

How to be in Kansalakan Enchanted River and Hinakpan Hills?

Guihulngan City is quite accessible from the different cities of Negros Oriental. From Cebu City, you can ride a bus from South Bus terminal to Toledo City and ride a ferry to San Carlos City. Then you can go to the bus terminal and ride a bus to Guihulngan City. You can also opt to go to Dumanjug in Cebu then ride a ferry directly to Guihulngan City.

I went to the city market and hailed a motorcycle taxi. Since I was solo and I haven’t seen anyone around wanted to go the place, I paid higher than usual to push the tour. I paid P450 and started around 8 AM.

Kansalakan Enchanted River

Guihulngan City

Around 30 minutes of motorcycle ride from Guihulngan City’s market, we reached the Kansalakan Enchanted River. To my surprise, it was just beside the road and is very easily accessible. The attraction is a little bit developed as there was a house and a store beside. The river is not that wide but is really colored green. It has a waterfall beside it and a wrecked bridge. I believe the river is so deep as I couldn’t see what’s at the bottom. There’s a circular rock formation kind of resembling a pool at one of its side and is really cool for photos

Guihulngan City

I was also hesitant to dive in because of the bubbles around as people say don’t swim if you see that because it’s not clean. Nevertheless, since I saw other people jumping, I also jumped in.

To my surprise, it was super duper cold and the water is crystal clear.

I didn’t stayed much hence I went to the next destination.

Hinakpan Hills

Guihulngan City

If Bohol has chocolate hills, Cebu has Mantalongon range, then Guihulngan City has the Hinakpan Hills. It is located in the highlands of the city and has numerous hills around. The motorcycle driver drove me over to the Monte Calvario. It’s Guihulngan City’s spot for the Station of the Cross with the biggest cross at the top of the hill. I went to a small hike to the cemented path passing stations and crosses.

I arrived at the top of the hill and man it was so refreshing. The wind kissed my tanned skin wiped away all the stress I had. Good thing I was the only one at the top so I was able to enjoy more the view.

Here’s a vlog of my trip to Guihulngan City’s attractions:



Bus from Cebu City to Toledo City (Non-AC) – P70

Ferry to San Carlos City (Tourist) – P220

Bus from San Carlos City to Guihulngan City – P110

Joniper’s Inn – P1,200

Dinner – P100

Breakfast – P65

Kansalakan-Hinakpan Tour – P450

Ferry from Guihulngan City to Dumanjug, Cebu – P200

Sample Itinerary:

Going to Guihulngan City can be flexible depends on your place of origin. So I’m gonna start at Guihulngan City.

7:00 AM – Wake up, prepare, breakfast

8:00 AM – Went to the market and hail motorcycle

8:30 AM – ETD to Kansalakan River

9:00 AM – ETA Kansalakan River, enjoy

9:20 AM – ETD to Hinakpan Hills

9:40 AM – ETA Hinakpan Hills, small hike

9:50 AM – Peak of Monte Calvario

10:20 AM – ETD back to Guihulngan City

11:30 AM – ETA Guihulngan City


Special thanks and shout to Arn Dela Cruz for helping me and showed me around Guihulngan City. Please check out his channel here:


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