Panimahawa Ridge: Trekking to the Stunning Overlooking View of Bukidnon

Have you been to a place you’ve been wanting to go since before because of its beautiful overlooking view? Have you been to a place where you have no idea what it takes to go there?

Panimahawa Ridge is part of the mountain ranges located in Impalutao, Impa-sugong, Bukidnon, Philippines with an overlooking view of a visually naturally stunning of the mountains. This ridge is very well known in social media because a lot of people were sharing videos and photos of it.

How did it start?

Panimahawa ridge

I had ample time during my Christmas vacation hence I decided to go for a day hike. Unfortunately, my cousins weren’t up for this kind of adventures. Hence, I posted on my Facebook wall hoping that someone might be interested to join. Luckily, a friend and co-member of Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs, Zefren, commented on the post. Also, Zefren has some friends interested because the guide requires a minimum of 5 people per group, else we would need to add more fee to cover up. This is what I like in organizing this kind of adventures as I will meet new people, meaning new friends!

How to Get There?

Our meetup point for the group is at Agora Terminal in Cagayan de Oro City before 1 AM. However, some of us were from Iligan City so we have to travel first to CDO and catch the last trip at 10 PM. It took us around 2 hours to be at Bulua Terminal, CDO. Then I took a taxi to Agora Terminal because there was no more jeepney that time.

As advised by the guide, we need to catch the 1 AM trip to Bukidnon by taking the bus route to Davao. It took us another 2 hours to be at Impalutao Elementary School which is our meet up location with Sir Bob, the head of the local guides.

The Adventure

Panimahawa ridge

It was 3 AM when we arrived at the meetup point but we have to wait for other joiners because they were only 1 guide available so we started late than expected. We planned to catch the sunrise at the peak so we were in a hurry when we started.

From Impalutao Elementary School, we hiked for around 15 minutes to AO Farm where we were asked to log our names and pay for the Guide Fee. We were also given some short orientation and glimpse of what will happen during the trek. Also, we met our guide which is a 15-year-old guy named “JBoy” who is adept in hiking the mountains of Bukidnon.

Without further delays, we then started the trek. It was around 4 AM when we started. The trek consists of a 5-minute plain trail then followed by a 30-40 minutes downhill muddy trail with stairs at some part. Little did we know that at the side the trail is a cliff and it was too dark that time. Good thing there were railings to keep us safe. Wait, did I say that the descent was very steep and slippery?

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After the downhill trek which made our legs tremble, we met a bamboo bridge that allows 2 people to cross only at a time. The bamboo bridge is suspended above a raging river with high boulders. Kinda creepy, eh? But it was kind of freezing that time and we have to hurry because it was already 5 AM at that time.

Next part of the trek is another 30-minute uphill trek. The steepness of the uphill trek is as the same of the descent part on the early part of the adventure. I decided to become the head of the trail because I don’t like to be slow especially going uphill.

The sun started to rise and we are still halfway. We hastened the ascent until we reached a rocky road. The rocky road is the sign that we are almost there. We continued our trek, panting with heavy breaths and sweaty shirts. It took us another 15 minutes to reach the foot to Panimahawa Ridge from the rocky road.

The sun already rose that time and it was already bright. We don’t need to wear our headlamps and jackets. Panimahawa Ridge’s trail is really open kind of resembled Mount Pulag in Benguet and Binabaje Hills in Bohol. Imagine trekking that under the fiery heat of the sun. Good thing the weather in Bukidnon is cold and it was easier.

The trek was too ascent that had my legs trembling. It’s like the steep trail of Binabaje Hills in Bohol. However, after the treacherous ascent comes to a mind-blowing and breath-taking view at the top of Panimahawa Ridge. It was like something that’s not in the Philippines. The cold and refreshing wind blew and kissed my skin rejuvenated my trembling legs. I was left in awe and felt so re-energized by taking photos and videos.

It was so stunning that I left myself looking at it for minutes while eating slowly the burger that I bought from Jollibee.

Panimahawa Ridge

Few hours of enjoying the view, we decided to go down before the sun becomes fiery. We went to the nearby sari-sari store and had something to eat. There then we found out that it is possible to hail a habal-habal going to the foot of Panimahawa Ridge instead of trekking for 2 freaking hours. Because of that, instead of taking the same trail going back to AO Farm, we got ourselves riding a habal-habal directly to CEDAR which was our side trip.


Bus: Iligan City to CDO – P100 Rural Tours with AC

Taxi: Bulua Terminal, CDO to Agora Terminal, CDO – P145

Dinner at Jollibee – P157

Bus: CDO to Impalutao – P130 Rural Tours with AC

Guide Fee – P300 per 5 pax

Habal-Habal Foot of Panimahawa Ridge to CEDAR – P200/pax

Additional Guide Fee at CEDAR for 3 Waterfalls – P100/pax

CEDAR Entrance Fee – P20/pax

Lunch at Local Karenderia – P100

Jeep Impalutao to Malaybalay – P20

Van to CDO – P200

Bus to Iligan City – P115 Super Five with AC

Total: P1,587.00


9 AM – ETD Iligan City to Bulua Terminal, CDO

10:30 – ETA Bulua Terminal, CDO

10:50 – ETA Agora Terminal, CDO taking Taxi and waiting game

1 AM – ETD Agora Terminal, CDO to Impalutao Elementary School, Bukidnon

3 AM – ETA Impalutao Elementary School, Bukidnon

4 AM – Start hike to AO Farm

4:15 AM – AO Farm, Registration, Orientation, Start Trek

6 AM – ETA Panimahawa Ridge

7:30 AM – ETD descent, breakfast at Local Sari-Sari Store

9 AM – ETD to CEDAR by Habal-Habal


9:30 – 11:30 AM – Chasing 3 Waterfalls

12 NN – Lunch

1 PM – Going Home

Who to Contact?

The good thing about trekking Panimahawa Ridge is that all local guides are managed by AO Farm. You may contact Sir Bob through 0935 198 6781 and he will be coordinating your local guide. It is best to connect with him a day before your trek.

Please practice #LEAVENOTRACE at all times!

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