5 Things ASUS Zenfone 5 Rocks

asus zenfone 5

Sometimes I don’t feel like filming a vlog and I more want to exercise my fingertips typing words and paragraphs to express my thoughts. I’ve been using frequently my latest phone and have experienced things that I haven’t had previously.

Zenfone 5 is ASUS’ mid-range phone that has high-end functionalities, but the most noteworthy one is the AI features it has to offer. From photo learning to app utilization to battery efficiency and more, Zenfone 5 fits your personal daily usage as it learns through time. It adapts according to your needs and how you use your phone.

I’ve jotted down few things I like and made me think that ASUS Zenfone 5 rocks!

  1. AI Photography

For a mid-range phone, Zenfone 5’s AI Photography is really good. The AI scene detection that lets users shoot scenes or subjects and automatically applies the perfect settings that would render the best results.

The AI Scene Detection sets automatically the color temperature, contrasts and other camera settings depends on the scenery such as sunsets, ocean, portrait and more.

Here are some photos I took from my Bantayan Island escapade:

Bantayan island captured

Bantayan island captured

  1. AI Boost

Zenfone 5

Zenfone 5 is equipped with the very first Snapdragon 636 processor to date that boosts performance by 12.7%. The feature, AI Boost, increases device performance when graphically-rich games and even full HD videos.

  1. AI Charging

This feature always becomes handy when you are in a rush and you need to recharge your phone. The phone detects the user’s daily charging pattern and adjusts charging pattern to reduce heat or speed up charging when needed. For example, when you charge it overnight starting at 9 PM, the AI will charge slower and it gets fast when plugging it earlier than that time.

  1. Zenmoji

Zenfone 5

Well, this isn’t new to me but it is a noteworthy and entertaining feature. Sometimes, you get really bored and all you can think of is to make fun of yourself. Well, Zenfone 5 lets you record, take a live video and even video call with a Zenmoji!

  1. Smart Amplifier

One of the things I check when getting a smartphone is the speakers. It should be loud but the sound quality should be high, something like the quality of Bluetooth speakers. Zenfone 5 doesn’t fail to this need because of it’s impressive audio quality. It’s unbelievably clear, loud, yet distortion-free sound.


ASUS Zenfone 5 has a lot of features for a mid-range phone that I didn’t capture in this blog post. It may have pros and cons but this phone truly is one worthy phone to have if you’re looking for convenience, smart learning abilities for daily tasks and performance.

Get to know more about this product at ASUS Official Website.

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