Bunzies Cove: An Artsy Resort at Tabogon, Cebu

Bunzies Cove is a resort in the humble municipality of Tabogon, Cebu. This is just by the main road and is a 2-3 hours drive from the city. It is located in a cove so you will have to expect that the area is full of rocks and cliffs. The resort has different types of accommodation good for families, friends, couples and even solos at a cheap price. You can find the accommodation as artsy and refreshing as it can be.

We went there over the weekday and we just totally owned the resort. I was with my friends from Pinoy Travel Bloggers and we stayed at the humongous creative villa.



This is where we stayed and it is perfect for large groups. The villa can accommodate 10 people (max 15) and has a living room, kitchen, dining room, a balcony, bedrooms and an attic. It is constructed creatively as paintings and murals can be seen like almost everywhere, even at the ceiling!


The Villa is perfect for families or friends who want to have a rejuvenating vacation. Your group can also conduct activities and play games in the spacious living room and of course, you can chill and relax. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a television but I think it’s great because it’ll let you disconnect to the digital world and will give everyone the opportunity to mingle and bond.



Bunzies Cove has an infinity pool near the Lookout (another accommodation) and is approximately 3 to 6 feet deep. I did swim a couple of times (from the afternoon and at the night) and even practice my breath hold skills for free diving (char). It is a great place to chill and swim as the sea breeze blows refreshingly at the pool area.

We got the chance to socialize by the pool during the night and we got to talk a lot about traveling and stuff.

The pool, by the way, is so Instagrammable, especially at the sunrise! Unfortunately, we didn’t see the golden sunrise because it was gloomy on that day.



There’s this super Instagrammable place at Bunzies Cove that ensembles Japan’s cherry blossoms because it’s pink and flowers are all over the place. It’s great to take that short walk (literally short) and take some photos.




They have several types of accommodation for various sizes of guests – Villa, Lookout, Apartment, Huts and more – that is scattered around the area. One thing common is their remarkable artistic designs of the structure and interiors.

For inquiries and rates, please check out their website: http://bunziescove.com/

Or their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bunziescove/

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