Maravilla Beach Park: Tabuelan’s Beautiful White Beach


Maravilla Beach Park or locally known as Maravillosa Beach Park is probably one of the best beaches in the Northern Cebu. With its powdery white sand beach and simple way of how things work, I could spend the rest of the weekend just chilling and enjoying the shoreline. It is located in the municipality of Tabuelan, Cebu and it’s just around 5 minutes motorcycle ride from the public market.

What I love about this beach park is that it is still not yet really developed. Though the entrance to the beach is just beside the barangay hall, there were no hotels nor resorts around but only cottages and house of the locals. The local government is also maintaining the place and they only allow pitching of tents starting 5 in the afternoon.

If you want to spend the night at the beach, you can bring your own tent and pay P100 each. Also, Maravilla Beach Park does not have an entrance fee so having a relaxing outing is definitely economical.

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How to Get There?

From Cebu City, ride a Ceres bus (or any other bus) going to Tabuelan, Cebu for approximately P110/each for 3 hours (depends on the city traffic). Then you have the option to drop off at the Tabuelan’s Public Market and do some last buy. Then ride a motorcycle for hire for P40 going to Maravilla Beach Park. You can also opt to go directly to Brgy. Maravilla where the beach park is located (you can ask the conductor of the bus to drop you off at the location). Afterward, you need to walk for 3-5 minutes from the highway to the beach!


Bus Fare – P110 (approx depends on the bus)

Motorcycle Taxi – P40 (from Tabuelan Market to Maravilla Beach Park and Vice Versa)

Tent Overnight fee – P100/tent



Maravilla Beach Park is mainly maintained by the local government and they only allow pitching of tents starting from 5 PM until sunrise.

Please observe #LeaveNoTrace principle.

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