Thank You! I Quit

It has been more than a year has passed since I started my vlogging journey. I could remember the moment I started shooting and saying “Hey Guys!” as my opening spiel. I didn’t even think of something while doing it. All I want is to have fun and I have something to look at with my past and worth-remembering adventure. I’m not even good at it and I don’t know how to play the game on YouTube.

The fun hasn’t stopped in the first vlog. I filmed and edited one vlog after one until I reached this
number. I didn’t expect to focus on this hobby as I just want to have fun.

I’m so glad and flattered on how much the support I get especially with my family and friends and to you. The viewers, subscribers, the people who keep on supporting my craft really inspire me to do more. It’s so heart-warming to receive messages from random people saying that because of my videos, they feel home, or they wipe their stress away, or it gives them good vibes for the day. I did not expect it to happen but THANK YOU for that. The fun moments captured and the unforgettable moments in life always entices me to create more.

However, life is tricky and I need to dwell on things to focus on a thing. As the saying says, “You can’t serve two masters at the same time” and because of that, I am planning to QUIT on something I am doing for more than a year now. Yes, I am quitting to blog. It’s not that quit-quit, my blog site is still live and will be live through time. It’s just that I won’t be focusing on it because I will pursue what my heart and passion desires – to film and create videos to spread happiness and positivity.

I believe in continuous improvement and I’ll try my best to keep up!

To all followers, readers, friends and family, YOU ROCK! Thank you for making my blogging journey awesome! I hope you stay and support as I focus on being a vlogger.

Thank you! #SharePishAndLove!

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