Korea to Michigan: The First Travel to the Other Side Part 2

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The story continues for a four-eyed laagan who is traveling for the first time to the other side of the world. This time, I embarked on the longest air travel yet of my life that will bring me to the country of my last destination.

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My company booked everything for my trip that’s why I have no idea on to which airlines are the best and the worst. I boarded to Delta Air which was huge. My seat was at the tail part of the plane and I was in the middle of the right aisle. I was supposed to select the aisle seat but to no luck, all aisle seats were already taken during my check-in.

Why do I want the aisle seat this time?

The aisle seat is perfect for me since I drink a lot of water and I pee most of the time. So it would be a hassle I sit in the middle or even more at the window seat. Remember that this is almost a 14-hour flight, thus it would take me a couple of times to go to the restroom to do my thing. But then again, the universe didn’t let me have it so I had the middle seat.

The plane was full and there were a lot of diverse people in it. The attendants too were diverse. Since we came from Korea, there were attendant who are Koreans, and of course, there were also Americans. Unfortunately, there were no Filipino attendants on board.


As soon as the plane took off, the night time simulation started. Correct me if I am wrong with the terms I used here but this is coming from my observation on board. It was still morning yet the window shades were closed and the lights were turned to low. This was because to help our bodies slowly adjust to the different time zone of our destination.

My body was still awake since it was still morning. So I took the chance to enjoy the movies the plane has. If you haven’t boarded yet to a plane going to the USA, I’ll tell you that each seat has its own mini-TV in front of you that has a couple of games, TV series and movies in it. They also give free headsets, sleep masks, blankets, and pillows, quite making your small space as comfortable as it can be. The idea seemed so cool but in reality, your space is really small that you can barely move.

Because of this flight, I was able to watch movies that I haven’t watched yet. Just like Power Rangers movie that I long for to see but #adulting came so I missed it during play time. Thanks, Delta Air!

Time was so slow when I was awake. I hardly was sleepy until my eyes started to sore. My tears suddenly fell without any reason and all I did was just close my eyes and relaxed. That hinted my body to sleep thus I plugged my earphones on and put on my sleep mask and started to try to sleep.

It was, of course, difficult to sleep in a sitting position (because I never do that) but few moments passed, I was able to take a deep sleep. It’s not that deep deep like the ocean deep, but good enough for me to reenergize myself from the travel. I’m not even sure how many hours I had because I wasn’t tracking the time. I just want this long travel to end.

14-hours of travel has passed and we arrived finally in Detroit, Michigan. This is my entry point to the USA before going to my last destination. The airport is quiet and clean. They have self-service kiosks that gave me more convenience in the immigration which was great!

After immigration, I went to my next and last flight going to Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is my last destination. This is just a domestic flight within the state and nothing significant really happened that time. It’s just that their airport is like a very long capsule and my boarding gate is at the other end of the capsule. Hahaha samok!!!

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