11 Photos That Would Make You Wanna Pack up and Visit Philippines!


The Philippines is an archipelago made up of about 7,641 small and big islands. It is located Southeast of Asia and is facing the Pacific Ocean at its East. It is tagged as the “Pearl of the Orient Sea” as it was known to be a producer of pearls and an important source of golden South Sea pearls. As the pearl symbolizes beauty and strength, Philippines is globally known for its rich history and colorful culture. Furthermore, the noteworthy paradise in almost every corner of the country will surely make every traveler pumping up or even relaxed with the extreme activities and serene places it has to offer respectively that will make you wanna pack up and visit Philippines!

The Philippines is consisted of 81 provinces and is a home for a variety of stunning sceneries that can take everyone’s breath away.

Have you been to the Philippines? Not yet? Look at these magnificent photos and should entice you to visit Philippines!

Note: The list is in no particular order 🙂

  1. Bohol


Bohol is a small province in the Philippines which is also an archipelago. It offers a variety of attractions from the beach to waterfalls to the globally-known chocolate hills where hundreds of hills look like chocolates especially in summer.

The photo shows the Loboc River which is one of the major tourist attractions in Bohol that offers westerly river cruise for 1.5 kilometers.

  1. Surigao del Norte


Surigao del Norte is located in the Northeast of Mindanao. In this province, the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, Siargao is found. Surfing enthusiasts and beach bums gather on this island to learn and exercise this activity. It is an amazing way to escape reality too!

  1. Lanao del Norte

Lanao del Norte is located in the northern part of Mindanao, the 2nd biggest island of the Philippines. It is also jam-packed with natural resources which include grandiose waterfalls and springs.

It is also a location of diverse culture and religion which best represents the peace and unity among individuals.

  1. South Cotabato

South Cotabato is also situated at Mindanao but it is found at its southern part. It is abundant with land and water resources as it is mostly located in the highlands of island.

Lake Sebu, a municipality located in South Cotabato, offers this one of a kind zip line experience because the course of the attraction will let you see 7 jaw-dropping waterfalls! Don’t forget your action cameras as this would probably be one of your best adventures ever!

  1. Bukidnon

Bukidnon is the mountain province of Mindanao where the name is derived from the word “Bukid” which means “Mountain”. It features eye-pleasing limitless rolling mountains and cold temperature.

Also, the 2nd and 4th highest mountain is in this province which is perfect for trekkers and adventurous individuals.

  1. Benguet

Benguet is widely-known with its highlands and temperature. The Summer Capital of the Philippines, “Baguio City”, is in this province which most Filipino come especially during the height of climate in the country.

Also, the 3rd highest mountain, Mt. Pulag, is also found in this province.

  1. Mountain Province


Also known for its mesmerizing beauty of the highlands and local culture, Mountain Province sits near Benguet at the island of Luzon.  Sagada is a municipality in Mountain Province where most travelers go because of the unique and convenience to tourist spots like Kitlepan Peak, Bomod-ok Falls, and Hanging Coffins.

  1. Cebu

Cebu is probably one of the most historical provinces in the Philippines. This is because of Christianity, one of the major religion in the country, started here. The city, particularly its capital – Cebu City, is full of old museums and churches that dated back 1500s.

Cebu is also popular with a wide array of attractions to travelers from sea to summit that can only be found in the province. Just like the photo above, it is located at one of Cebu’s municipality’s – Moalboal – main attraction, the Sardine Run, where you get to swim with a real school of fishes!

  1. Negros Island

Negros Island is just east of Cebu and offers amazing wonders. From high and glorious waterfalls to mountains perfect for major climbs – Mt. Talinis, Mt. Mandalagan and Mt. Canlaon.

  1. Palawan


Palawan is undeniably one of the best islands in the world both above and below the surface! You heard it right, one of the best! Words aren’t enough to describe this place. Pack up nako kay mu-ari nako soon!! hahaha!

  1. Batanes

Batanes is one of the most amazing places to be in the Philippines that comes with a price. It is an archipelago located in the northernmost part of the country. However, the distance and the cost will surely wipe off when you see the breathtaking and jaw-dropping scenarios around the island.

The list surely does not end here because there are MORE to see in this amazing country. The Philippines is my home country and will forever love its natural treasures and culture.

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Featured photo: Coron by @Junceramist

Have you been to the Philippines? Or do you live here? What made you love the Philippines? Comment it down below and I would love to hear your stories!

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