Photowalking the Streets of Singapore


There will be times that you want to get out from the four corners of your room to have an amazing adventurer yet you are broke. Last August, I was on a business trip in Singapore and my travel funds were not ready. I had few free times but I would not miss the opportunity to see the beauty of the country without spending a penny. Luckily, I am used to hiking in the sun hence it was not a problem.

It was a fiery Sunday and I had the morning to stroll around the vicinity. I stayed around Outram Road and I only used Google Maps as my guide and set the destination to Little India. Usually, I don’t do the research when I go to places so that I will have the element of surprise. This time, I still didn’t (haha) but I heard from my colleague that Little India is a good place to shop because of the lower price.

Amidst the busy and stressful schedule, I set forth into an unknown adventure to the concrete jungle of Singapore.

With the usual routine of adventures, I brought my smartphones to vlog and take some photos.



I went to different spots while following the direction to Little India and I saw this colorful bridge along the way. Hence, I went closer to take a picture. I saw a river and some shops that are still closed (since I am very early). The colorful structures around attracted me to take more photos and continue photo walk in’ Singapore.


Few days after my photo walk, I realized that the colorful place I went is CLARK QUAY. It is one of the tourist destinations in Singapore where it is alive on the night. I went there around 10 in the morning and obviously, CLARK QUAY was still sleeping.




I went back on track from Clark Quay and followed the direction Google Maps gave. While I’m in the middle of the towering structures of Singapore, I saw a vast green remark in the app and I thought that it would be a forest and I love that! Who would’ve thought that there will be this attraction in the middle of the buildings and high ways?

Fort Canning is a hill located in the southeast portion of Singapore. It is a historical place where old structures were preserved. Old huge stone gates and even tunnels are still there.


The place also has a museum in it but I was not able to get inside because it has a fee (and you know I’m broke).




Because I was eager to see green fields during my photo walk, I was already far from the way to Little India and the sun was getting hotter every hour and my stomach started to tremble. I continued walking in the direction (still) to Little India from Fort Canning until I reach into a market-ish place with Chinese temples. There are even a lot of fortune tellers around but my goal is to find my love, the FOOD. I saw a lot of local eateries around but did not choose to eat there because I am already attentive to what I eat and where it came from to prevent my recently-healed colon to hurt again.

With perseverance and a shirt soaked with sweat, I continued hiking along busy streets of Singapore in the search for food. I found a familiar food chain and did not hesitate to get inside and ordered. I had a burger, a fries and a LARGE soda that satisfied my trembling tummy.


It was a hell of a photo walk! I had so much fun while getting lost and seeing the beauty of Singapore without spending a penny. Time went fast and I had to ride a cab going to the office to work.

*Photos, except Fort Canning’s old gate, are taken from ASUS Zenfone 4 Max and are post-processed with Lightroom Mobile App

Watch my Singapore vlog here!

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