Snap and Ponder: The Circle of Life

circle of life

Life is full of ups and downs and sitting down for at least a minute for a break helps a lot. We are in a loop of the so-called wheel of fortunes and the circle of life.

Today, I received two news – a good and bad. Whatever it is, both are important and I just don’t know what to feel. Is this the equilibrium of emotions? Is it even a thing? One thing is for sure, the bad news is tragic enough to break me down in tears.

Before this day happened, I arrived into the concrete jungle of Manila for a purpose – to go through a process related to my day job. This process would be classified as one of the thrilling parts of my career road map because this would either open or close doors for me.

I stayed in a rustic yet classic hotel on Roxas Blvd and I was glorified with a magnificent view of the sunset. The jubilant soul of mine wanted to get out and pushed me to do an extemporaneous photo walk to alleviate my nerves for tomorrow’s activities.

That urge did not fail me because I was amazed how beautiful the golden sunset. The vibrant fireball radiates the clear blue sky and gradually sets into the vast horizon with the silhouettes of the huge ships and people was enough for me to take a pause and breathe. Though in real talk, the smell around is not good, it’s worth the sigh.

Everything happened quickly like a snap of a finger, I walk through the boulevard until I reach the iconic Quirino Grandstand and Rizal Park. I was overwhelmed with the number of people – friends and families – that made me think of the word “companion”. I was alone that time and though I am used to this feeling, I felt some pinch inside. But that is not a big deal for an introvert like me. However, sometimes, even introverts need someone to listen to let everything all out because it is haunting inside if they keep it inside. This time everything was virtual and it was a temporary aid of the sorrow.

Luneta park

Then I realized that the emotions I felt the day before IT happened were already giving a hint me of what will happen (that already happened).

Today marks the 3rd day since everything happened and it still feels a lot. I just look strong on the outside but someone there inside is crying like hell.

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