Malapascua Island: Where to Stay and What to Do?

malapascua island

Malapascua Island is probably one of the most beautiful places in Cebu province. It is secluded at the tip of Cebu and showcases a simply magnificent paradise for beach bums and divers. Perhaps you know me that I prefer mountains than beach but Malapascua Island would still give me such rejuvenating experience. In simple words, just chillin’ out around Malapascua, unlike trekking mountains where you got to sweat it all out. Sometimes you got to be lazy and be a couch potato and enjoy what Mother Earth must offer. I stayed in probably the cheapest accommodation in Malapascua but offers an outstanding experience.


T’was a long weekend and you gotta spend it wisely. It was early morning when I embarked on a butt-hurting 4-hours bus ride from Cebu City to Maya Port in Daanbantayan. Good thing I only had a few sleep on the night before thus I was able to take a nap while traveling.

TIP. Get less sleep the night before your travel so that you can sleep better during the long ride. Haha!

Maya Port is a small seaport where pump boats are docked. Going to Malapascua Island would mean a 30-45-minute boat ride crossing the ocean of Visayas. The waves and wind is strong since it is more open thus the ride was feeling me drowsy. But good thing it was just 30 minutes so it won’t take long. We then arrived at the municipality’s Poblacion (center) then rode a motorcycle taxi to our accommodation – the Malapascua Budget Inn.



Surprisingly, the motorcycle ride was just for like 5 minutes. Then we were welcomed by their accommodating staff. Malapascua Budget Inn is one of the budget-friendly hostels in the island but does not equate the price. Why? Shared bunk beds only cost P400 a night with the free use of the kitchen and amenity area and with lots of free stuff!

What I also loved about this hostel is that they offer FREE Karaoke and/or FREE Movie EVERY night! Yes, EVERY night! They conduct this free activity at their amenity area at the lobby where travelers either sit on the floor or even lie on the floor. They also have hammocks for a more relaxing way of watching movies. PLUS! They give free popcorn and that’s like heaven. Haha! During our stay, we got to sing our hearts out together with some foreigner friends whom we just met in the hostel and we got to watch a suspense movie.

Unfortunately, the hostel does not have a restaurant where you can order food BUT (there’s always a BUT! Haha) they have a kitchen for everyone’s usage. You just buy ingredients in the market and tada! You become your own chef.

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Malapascua Budget Inn Contact Information:


Contact Number: +632 977 820 3111



Malapascua Island is like the heaven for avid divers especially diving down the deep ocean to see the Thresher Sharks. Sad story, I am not a diver hence I could not enjoy this activity. However, Malapascua is not only for divers but also for stressed people longing for relaxation. The long white beach which is mostly free of access and some activities such as sailing around the island and cliff diving.

  1. Sail Around the Island

We rented a small boat with the help from the hostel and we got to tour around the island by the ocean. Like literally went around the island. We had three stops – the Dakit-Dakit island, the Coral Garden and the Japanese Shipwreck.

The Dakit-Dakit Island – It was a tiny island and beautiful corals can be seen. We took a quick snorkeling and it was always surreal. It is like the mini-Pescador Island in Malapascua. The waves were bigger than usual that we only had few minutes to enjoy the island. We then headed to our next destination.


The Coral Garden – This is probably one of the biggest coral gardens I saw. Yes, it was more than a hectare FULL of beautiful corals. Sometimes they look scary from above the surface because the ocean becomes darker but when you swim in the ocean, it’ll literally take your breath away. It so beautiful! There are numerous species of corals that I can’t name but I’m sure there’s a lot of them!


The Japanese Shipwreck – A huge shipwreck can be found just a few meters from the island. It’s literally huge and it’s amazing how the structure of the shipwreck was preserved under the ocean. I wish I know how to free dive so I can fully enjoy the beautiful mess.

  1. Cliff Jumping

At the northern tip of Malapascua, a towering 25-ft (not sure) cliff can be found for daredevils to jump. It is owned by a private resort and there’s an entrance fee of P25 to enjoy this attraction. I did not get a chance to do it because we passed the area where cliff jumping is located and I feared the height and the waves. Haha! Perhaps next time!

  1. Relax and enjoy the beach!

Malapascua Island is blessed with fine white sand beach and I was surprised that it is all for free! There are few stores where you can buy beer and just spend the day watching the serene and beautiful seashore. It was actually calming and rejuvenating. Feels like I can live this way forever!

  1. Enjoy the Disco ‘round the Town!

This one was actually one of the biggest recommendation by the owner of the Malapascua Budget Inn, get drunk and enjoy dancing the Malapascua Way. In fact, even foreigners in the hostel that I got to talk too really enjoyed dancing and enjoying the disco. It’s not like the type of Rave parties but it’s some kind of other blends of party where you got to dance ‘budots’ and with the locals! It’s fun but I haven’t got to try it because discos mostly happen on Saturday night and I already went home that afternoon.

  1. Visit the Light House!

It is located on the island and it’s probably in the elevated areas of the island. The eye-pleasing view is such a blessing to my four eyes. My friend got a drone and we had the chance to fly it around the lighthouse.

  1. Watch the Lovely Sunset


We were blessed with such lovely sunset during our trip to Malapascua Island. The golden hour was so surreal as it slowly sets through the horizon. It was another kind of sunset for me because I usually see beautiful sunsets in the mountains and this time, I was on a beach. Sometimes you got to try out others things in life because it gets boring when you do something repetitively.


Bus Fare from Cebu City to Maya Port, Daanbantayan – P200/pax

Boat from Maya Port to Malapascua Island – P100/pax (prepare forP20 far for flatboat transfer from the port to the boat itself)

Average Motorcycle Ride Fare – P20 at any point of the island

Boat Rent – P1,500 (depends on negotiation)

Total: P360 (without the boat rent because you can divide it to your friends or family)


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