Snap and Ponder: The Worsening

snap and ponder

Whether we like or not, we are feeling the worsening. Every day we face the weird weather, sometimes the sun is fiery up and sometimes the thunderstorms show its wrath. What we do is just complain and suffer the consequences of the past and the present. What shall we do, as a regular citizen of the society?

We open our mobile phones, browse posts on Facebook, we see horrible calamities all over the world. From hurricanes to earthquakes, to drought and fires, nothing is impossible from the wrath of nature. Also, add up the seemingly never-ending clash in our politics and society. It’s frustrating and at the same time scary as we don’t know what might happen. Is the time nearing? Or has it already come? We’ll never know the answer.

What happens to those people who are unfortunate enough? What happens to those who seek help? What happens to those who don’t even care?

Filipinos, generally, always find humor on most of everything, from traffic, flash flood, poverty and everything that is something that is dealing with a problem. We laugh and make fun instead of sinking into negative thoughts which destroy our day which is good because it keeps hope and courage to pursue our everyday struggles in life. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life, as they say.

However, this Filipino characteristic may impact our thinking negatively. Why? We tend to make everything a joke or not a serious matter. It’s like we experience these horrible things yet we laugh and do nothing, NOTHING. We are stuck in a cycle where we experience, complain and do nothing. Human as we are, we commit mistakes but that does not mean we commit the same mistakes again and again. It’s not even an excuse!

People are idealistic and the hardest part is the implementation. We have millions of ideas from solutions to advocacies. Yet, are we inculcating and doing it in our everyday lives? Maybe some? How big is that “some” in a piece of a pie? What shall we do to influence the others that do not belong to the “some”? How long would it even take?

I kept on asking myself and even asked to you, my dear readers. It is just because I don’t know the answer. But the good thing is, the more we ask ourselves, the more we seek for the answer.

I hope we ask ourselves, what should I do to take part of this journey, to save Mother Earth, or even in preserving it? People in other parts of the world amazingly was able and is continuing to do it. Why can’t we? Maybe because we are busy of doing our everyday work, our families, needs and wants? Maybe we are fond of doing our hobbies and such? Maybe we are die-hard battling between red and yellow? Or maybe we just don’t even care!

Change is the only constant thing in the world yet it is the most delicate. Everything is shattering, from the unity of the society and even to our Mother Earth. We are separated by our opinions and ideas that outcomes conflicts that gave us divisions. The question is – which side are you?

This #SnapAndPonder is inspired by my experience in the Philippines where weather and politics condition is worsening. Social Media is a powerful tool to influence to influence the country. I’d love to discuss in the comment section your thoughts on how shall we influence people to do good for the environment and to fight the battle of climate change.

Photo credit: Jhon Carlo Aporbo “MGA PASAHERO”. Taken from an LG G4 Beat phone. Follow him on Instagram for more stunning shots:

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