Universal Studios Singapore: Enjoying the Rides when I’m Solo

universal studios singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the must visit attractions in the country. The theme park is located within the Sentosa Island and offers 5 themed attractions from the jungle to the castle to the future. This is perfect for friends and families who want to relive and enjoy favorite movies such as Shrek, Transformers and much more.

I was in Singapore for a couple of days for a business trip and luckily I was able to free up a day to visit this magical place. My colleagues already went back to the Philippines a couple of days ago and I was the only one left. Nevertheless, I still got the courage to go to this huge park alone.

My Universal Studios Singapore ticket was bought via Klook app which gave me a discount and a meal and souvenir voucher just a night before my visit. Thanks to Rea of Blissful Snapshots for she let me borrow her Credit Card to pay for it. Yay!

The day has come and I was so thrilled to go to the amusement park. However, I went to Vivo City first to buy the famous Irvin’s Salted Egg. Man, the queue was so long that I had to wait for an hour for my turn. People say that this is a must buy and you should be very early as the stocks ran out early. So, I didn’t miss the chance to buy 5 of ‘em before my flight to the Philippines.

After my Irvin’s Salted Egg waiting game, I then went up to the train station heading to Sentosa Island while bringing a big bag of chips. Everything was quick from boarding until arriving at the Waterfront Station. It was a hot Saturday and there were a lot of people getting in the theme park.

Tan tananan tanaaannnn!! Heyo wazzup here come’s Four-eyed Laagan getting in the Universal Studios Singapore! Hahaha!

I had a few walk from the Waterfront Station to the very well-known Universal Studios globe. Dang, there were a lot of people and I didn’t even get a chance to take a solo picture! Well, it was already 11:30 and it was way too hot that I didn’t bother to ask people to take a picture of me. Maybe later! Lol!

Universal studios singapore

*I managed to ask someone to take a photo of me and had to crop this image because of photo bombs and the quality is not good. 🙁

So, I proceeded to the entrance and then it was all so smooth from the gates and the security check. Though, the security asked me not to eat any of the Salted Eggs I bought because it is prohibited. Anyway, I headed inside and I was welcomed in Hollywood!

Universal Studios Singapore is a huge theme park and I don’t even have a map! Luckily, I have a data connection that I searched for one for my guide. There then I realized that the attractions are arranged in a circular so I can just walk get amused without getting lost!

I was mesmerized with the ambiance of the place as it was full of happiness and entertainment. The representation of Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, New York, Madagascar, Far Far Away and Lost World is way realistic that I was able to relive moments from the movies.


Universal studios singapore

Though it was lunch time, I headed to the longest and most extreme ride in Universal Studios, the Battlestar Galactica: Human Vs Cyclon. Without any knowledge on how they differ, I went to the Human side and waited for 2 hours in the queue! Yes, that’s 2 freakin’ hours! I was starving yet the exciting soul of a frolic adventurer kept burning and patiently waited in line. Unfortunately, I was not able to vlog my experience because bringing of anything inside the Galactica is prohibited. I left my things including my phones and money inside the lockers available outside for free.

And the long wait was over and it was my turn to ride this much-recommended ride. Geez, I was super excited and at the same time nervous because I know that this was gonna be a crazy ride! One good thing about being solo is that you get to do what you want to do without the restrictions of any. So, hell yeah!

The coasters ascended quickly like there’s no tomorrow and it was the start of the crazy ride. It waaaasssssss soo extreme that I shouted like a firework! Hahaha! Bahala na to akong tupad kay utro pud sya grabe ang syagit hahaha!

The ride lasted for approximately 5 minutes but it was worth it! We went out the coasters and honestly, I was dizzy. More like a zombie walking and starving to death. Haha! It was amazing and I literally enjoyed it a lot!

I didn’t stay too long in Galactica because it was already 2 o’clock and I immediately headed for a heavy lunch and I won’t discuss it a lot since it was just a regular lunch with fried chicken and potatoes.



Universal studios singapore

After my lunch, I immediately went for another roller coaster ride. This time, I went to Ancient Egypt and I was impressed with the setup. It was dark, creepy and horrifying. The idea of a roller coaster inside a building is totally new to me which made me thrilled to hop in.

Getting to the starting point of the ride will let you go through a maze-like passageway. It resembles a set up just like inside a Pyramid where candles light up the place and statues of Pharaohs are placed. PLUS the cold temperature inside completed the Ancient Egypt vibes.

20 minutes have passed and it was my turn to ride the coaster. It was still dark and cold and it was totally creepy! The ride started and accelerated quickly and it shows few scenarios of the Revenge of the Mummy movie. It was totally impressive as there were real fire and human-sized skeletons that were showcased. It was so entertaining until the real deal happened.

Shoot the coaster accelerated in a backward motion like someone’s pulling you hard! I was shocked and shouted like no one’s listening! Hahaha! And the ride goes crazy and accelerated up to a hundred miles per hour and it was totally dark with candles as the light source! It was a total horrific and haunting experience! And I loved it!

I then realized that getting pulled is more frightening than being pushed in terms of a roller coaster ride. Revenge of the Mummy is my favorite!



Universal studios singapore

After the Revenge of the Mummy, I headed for another coaster ride and this time, technology and setup is advanced. Transformers 4D is coaster ride integrated with 4D technology which 3D glasses are provided before starting the ride.

My expectations were not that high since, in the Cebu, we had this 4D Max Rider. BUT, Transformers 4D amused me to the nth level! Why? The attracted brought us to the Transformers Movie itself where the Autobots and Decepticons are in a battle! We were riding an Autobot and we joined the battle and it was so epic because there were multiple 3D screens around and the coaster we rode actually moved over a route. Unlike in the Philippines where the coaster just stayed in one place and it was just moving up and down.

It was epic, it was challenging, it was a-maaazinggg!!!!

Universal studios singapore

*Far Far Away Castle

So far so good and I am enjoying every moment in Universal Studios Singapore even if I’m solo. I got to ride other attraction such as Madagascar’s Crate Adventure, which is really good especially for kids, Far Far Away’s Enchanted Airways, where I got to ride Dragon which is also good for kids and watched a show in New York City.

The day and my energy were not enough to enjoy everything in Universal Studios Singapore. I had to head back to the hotel since I have a flight to catch.

Overall, it was indeed a worth-the-price experience especially when you go to share it with someone. Though, I was solo. I was able to enjoy what the theme park has to offer and the humor of sharing the experience with a stranger is there, especially when asking ‘em to take a photo of you (if you know what I mean hahaha)

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How to go to Universal Studios Singapore?

There are multiple options to go to the theme park. Since I stayed at Orchard Rd, I rode a bus going to Vivo City and hopped on a train going to Waterfront in Sentosa Island.


Universal Studios Ticket – 68 SGD (with discount from Klook app)

Lunch – 15 SGD

Transporation – I’m not really sure how much it cost since I just tapped my EZlink STP card

Total: 83 SGD


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