FAQs: Moalboal, Cebu for Non-Divers


Moalboal is a municipality located in the south of Cebu and it is very well known to tourists and travelers. Why? Simply because Moalboal offers a diverse and rich culture of marine resources that can only be found in the area. One of the most famous attraction is the Sardine Run where you go swimming and chase millions of sardines. Also, the island hopping that would tour you to Pescador Island with rich and breathtaking corals and a chance to see Mr. Turtle. Oh hello there pops 😀

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  1. What are the must try activities?

There are ample of activities that you must try in Moalboal even for non-divers and here are these:

Island Hopping


Moalboal is very popular with the island hopping activity. Just rent a boat for as low as P1,500 (depends on the size of the boat and negotiation) and you got to experience the rich and diverse marine life. There are three common stops – Pescador Island, Talisay Point (where you can meet Mr. Turtle) and Sardine Run.

These activities can still be enjoyed even if you’re not a diver since you can float on the surface with a life vest with some snorkeling mask. So don’t worry 🙂

Enjoy the Beach

Though Moalboal is known to have an underwater precipice, there are still vast white beaches that the family and friends can enjoy that can be found within the municipality. Basdaku does not only offer white sand but also crystal clear blue water and the beach is available to the public. So what can you ask for more?

(but honestly, I’ve never been to Basdaku HAHAHA)

  1. Where to stay?

There are plenty of hostels and accommodations in Moalboal, however, these are among who stood out:

Cabana Beach Club


If you want a cozy and elegant accommodation for your family or friends with island vibes that is just beside the beach front, then Cabana Beach Club is what you are looking for!

Price starts for as low as P2,000 up to P4,200 and they are definitely worth it!

Marina Village

If you want an accommodation with a setup of a villa, then here’s my recommendation. What I like about this place is it is in a compound and it is a bit away from the street. You get to relax and enjoy your stay without being disturbed by the public.

Price Range: P2,000 – P3,000.

Sole E Mare

What I like about this accommodation is the setup of the rooms. It’s like a compound that has a tiled ground at the middle. It’s like you can have a fiesta anytime at any day (but honestly have no idea if you can do such lol). It is similar to Marina Village, however, this is situated near the streets but enough to prevent the noise to come in and disturb your harmonious snore.

Price Range: P2,000 – P3,000

Marina Lodge

This is probably one of the cheapest accommodation in Basdiot, Moalboal. This is just beside Sole E Mare and it is a hostel type of accommodation. Rooms are simply but still are cozy. Rooms are good for two but you are alone, you can still share with other travelers.

Price: P300/person

Note: Prices may change without further notice.

  1. Are there mobile signal/wifi in the area?

Yes! 3G to LTE but depends on the network provider. Nevertheless, accommodations have wifi so it should not be a problem.

  1. Average expenses?

Let’s say you are a backpacker and a non-diver on a budget and chose to stay at Marina Lodge then this should be your average expenses:

Transportation from Cebu City to Moalboal: P110 – P130

Motorcycle Taxi from Poblacion to Panagsama Beach – P50

Island Hopping Activity: P1,500/boat (but you can negotiate and join groups to share the expenses)

Accommodation: P300

Total: P1,960 (but should be less when you divide expenses in the Island Hopping Activity)

  1. How to get there?

From Cebu City, you can ride a bus in the South Bus Terminal for only P110 – P130 directly to Moalboal. Your drop off point should be at the crossing to Panagsama Beach. Just tell the driver/conductor so you should worry less.

There are also other options like hiring a private van that could give you a less hassle trip. Fortunately, Cabana Beach Club offers this service from your desired pick-up point in the city going straight to the resort. This server is only for P4,000 good for 12 people or less.

  1. Who to contact?

Cabana Beach Club Resort / Marina Village / Sole E Mare / Marina Lodge
Address: Panagsama, Brgy. Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu
Website: www.cabanacebu.com
Email Address: [email protected]
For inquiries and reservations: +63 999 494 7261 / 032 474 3024 / 032 474 3011

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