5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic Food

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For a person who gets sickly nowadays from the changes of the environment, this is definitely for you. The city is congested with pollution and we are not sure what is safe – from the place we visit, the restaurant we dine and of course the food we eat. Being health conscious is difficult, but being one really pays for one’s wellness. Organic Food is produced without using most conventional pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients and all other forms of chemicals. This is becoming popular in the country. In fact, Cebu City has the “Farmers Market” where organic produce is being sold.

Organic food

I’ve been sickly for the past few weeks and I need to move on a better lifestyle and here are the reasons why you should eat organic food like I will do:

  1. Safe

Organic Foods are produced without chemicals and are grown with natural elements. Natural fertilizers and Indigenous Microorganism (IMO) are being used and these do not contain any chemical that could harm our system. Fertilizers are usually made of manure and compost which is all biologically-friendly. IMOs are microorganisms that take care of degrading and converting fertilizers to components where it is useful for living things in the soil. It’s where the magic happens (that I’m not good at explaining at because I’m mind blown poof! Lol!)

Above all, we can assure that Organic Food is safe to eat because it is grown and produced with natural resources and without chemical compounds that can harm our bodies.

  1. Healthier

Since Organic Food are produced with natural resources, they are richer in nutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micro nutrients. A review was conducted by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine of 41 published studies showed that organically grown fruits, vegetables, and grains have several nutrients than conventionally grown food.

Source: http://www.prevention.com/food/healthy-eating-tips/top-reasons-choose-organic-foods

  1. Better taste

Organic Food normally tastes better because they are naturally nourished soil produces healthy plants. I’ve tried eating organic food for a couple of times and really tastes richer and better! Try it!

  1. Better for the environment

Chemicals which are unsurprisingly hazardous to the environment aren’t being used thus preventing unwanted damages of the eco-system. In Organic farming, it’s just not our body that is being helped but also the environment. Hitting two birds at the same time!

  1. Worth the Price

Your own and your family’s health is always at stake when you eat something. Street foods, carinderias, fast foods and even restaurants, we don’t know how food is done. I’m not against them but we should be very careful. Organic Food may be more expensive because it takes longer process and components to grow but the value it equates make it worth it!

Would you put health in danger when you know it is not safe? Would you rather pay expensive hospital bills to heal sickness?

Now, where can you buy Organic Food in Cebu City?

GOOD NEWS! The Green Table PH now delivers organic produce from the farms of Barili, Cebu right to your home ANYWHERE within the Queen City of the South!

Organic food

For only P700, you get to have a basket-full of a variety of fresh, certified-organic and locally-produced goods.

Please see The Green Table PH’s Facebook page for more details of the offer and shoot them a message for inquiries and orders.


The following bodies certify that the produce being delivered by The Green Table PH are organic.

  • Natural Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative
  • Cebu Organic Agriculture Cooperative
  • Regional Organic Agriculture Council

Watch my vlog during our visit at the Organic Farm:


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