Badian Canyoneering Travel Guide: The Ultimate Adventure of the South

cebu canyoneering

If you are new to Cebu and has the heart of an adventurer, then you should probably check this out.

Canyoneering or canyoning is an activity where people get to engage in river trekking, rafting, rappelling, and waterfall jumping. It’s one of the most exciting and extreme adventure Cebu, specifically in Badian, can offer. This is most often part of tour packages that are being presented to tourists and travelers because it’s simply one of the must-try in the province that should never be missed out.

Badian Canyoneering is very popular that most people from the other parts of the country know whenever asks about Cebu. I’ve done it the second time and it still gave me chills and screams whenever I jump a 30-foot waterfall.

Unlike my first time, Canyoneering now in Cebu is now managed by the local government of Badian and they have a standard fee which is a good thing because the rates are all the same for tour operators not like before those operators had different rates. Today, Canyoneering will cost you P1,500 per person that already includes the tour guides, environmental fees, safety gears and most importantly, the FOOD.

However, what disappointed me was the division of the area of Canyoneering. In the year 2015, this activity starts in Kanlaob River at the municipality of Alegria and will end at the Kawasan Falls which is located at Badian. After the local government has taken over, the areas were divided according to their municipality. It means that your P1,500 would only cover one municipality and would cost you another if you take another municipality.

This time we took the Badian Canyoneering where we started at some part of Badian. Though the trail is a bit shorter than the original, it was still A-MAZING! Our exit point was the worldly-known Kawasan Falls and had an excruciating but weirdly relaxing waterfall massage via raft.

The activity usually lasts 2 hours but in our case, we took 4 hours to finish it. Why? Some of our group mates were really scared jumping from the waterfalls that took most of the time. Of course, it’s fun to cheer for your friends when they’re scared (or should we say bullying? hahaha).

The number of screams and adrenaline rush could not equate how awesome it was. Indeed it’s risky but it’s definitely worth it. Check out my vlog for our Canyoneering Adventure here!

This is part 2 of the Sea to Canyons adventure. Special thanks to Raymund Sande Cebu Adventures for this amazing trip.


There are multiple bus operators that would directly travel to Badian from Cebu City. The bus ride will be approx. 3-4 hours that would cost around P150 – P180 (depends on the bus type and operator) and the earliest trip is at 1 AM. Raymund Sande Cebu Adventures is located just at the Poblacion of Badian so it’s very easy to find. You may also rent a van from private operators if you don’t want to catch the bus.

Raymund Sande Cebu Adventures will gather your group first at their office at Poblacion, Badian (landmark is the 7-11 Store) then they will bring you to the jump off and transportation fare is included in the package.


  • Canyoneering is an extreme activity so better have your lunch first!
  • WATERPROOF EVERYTHING! This activity will let you swim, jump and trek and would really make you wet. Hence, use dry bags, waterproof pouches for your gadgets and stuff.
  • Bring at least 1 Liter of drinking water. Water from the river is not potable.
  • Wear your most comfortable sports outfit.
  • Wear aqua shoes or trekking sandals. DO NOT WEAR SLIPPERS.
  • Always observe the LEAVE NO TRACE principle.


2D1N Package:

P6,000/pax minimum of 2 pax

P5,700/pax minimum of 5 pax


  • Airport pick up and sent to South Bus Terminal (24 hours)
  • 2 days activity
  • 1-night accommodation
  • Activity transfers
  • Boat rentals
  • Activity safety gears
  • Entrances fees
  • Guide Fees
  • Meal after Canyoneering


Day 1 –

  • Whale Shark Encounter in Oslob, Cebu
  • Sumilon Island hopping
  • Mainit Spring
  • Osmeña Peak

Day 2 –

  • Pescador/Moalboal Island Hopping
  • Badian Canyoneering
  • Kawasan Falls with Bamboo Rafting


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