Exploring the Rich and Diverse Moalboal, Cebu’s Marine Life

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And when I thought I found the glory of the sight from the mountains that I’ve discovered a surreal new world of what’s under.

Cebu is blessed with a lot of natural gems. From mountains, waterfalls and marine resources, it’s all in there. I was already able to explore most of the highlands of the province, now it’s time for me to go deep the oceans.

Moalboal in Cebu is very well-known with its rich and diverse marine resources. From the school of sardines, sea turtles, and beautiful corals, what could we ask for more? It is the heaven for water babies. Exploring and diving the deep cold blue water with a sight to behold. I would’ve wanted to spend more time underneath but I was not capable of doing such.

I was stretched beyond my limits as I sightseen the marine life.  My heart pumped up as the beautiful corals and colorful fishes laid eyes on me. This was actually my first and will definitely not my last because I was able to discover a new world that seemed surreal.

Me and my blogger buddy, Bean in Transit, went into an adventure. Thanks to the invitation from Raymund Sande Cebu Adventures as we were able to experience such amazing thing. We were joiners of a group of besties from Luzon and we were lucky to have known and get to make friends with them.

The sky was gloomy and the sea was calm. We wished for the best as we disembarked to the coral paradise. Oh, good Lord, bless us with good weather!



We were approaching the middle of the deep blue sea as our guide was calling for these highly sociable sea creatures. Clapping, whistling and tapping the boat’s surface, creating a chant that would invite them. After few minutes of patiently chanting, there you have it! The friendly dolphins happily jumped from the surface of the water and greeted us. It happened so fast as they swam towards our boat. They went underneath and I saw them playing. They were joyful as they were swaying under the water. It was an amazing close encounter and I loved it.



After the encounter with the dolphins, we went straight to the diver’s haven – Pescador Island, also located in Moalboal – and went for a little swim. The tiny island was surrounded with astonishing corals. These marine resources were one of the best things I’ve seen yet with my naked eyes. The biodiversity that lives – from corals to fishes and turtles – was beyond my expectation. My body was just floating at the surface, faced underneath (thanks to the full faced snorkeling mask) while in awe of the beauty. I was stunned and was happy and I wish I could do the same as other driver did during that time.

I left my life jacket and tried my best. I plunged underneath and tried to reach the bottom. Until 4 or 5 seconds, my lungs were out of breath and I hurried to surface. It was risky but it was worth it. I wish I could practice so that I could enjoy more when I come back.



Few moments after spending time in the paradise, we went to another spot in Moalboal. We went nearer the shore and we met this old lone tough creature. He was the star of the place. People went diving and getting a near encounter. He was like “I don’t care” and just ate the sea grasses. I was just above and my guide took my action camera as he filmed the sea turtle. A few moments later, I had the chance to dive nearer him. But it didn’t take too long because I ran out of breath. He was breathtaking and I wish him long life to live and enjoy the marine life.

However, I wished people to be responsible to not abuse them lives and help protect the marine resources. If and only if…



The group went to our last stop in Moalboal which is very well-known in social media and it is one of my bucket list that was ticked this year – swimming with the school of sardines. It was just a few kilometers away from the sea turtle. How amazing this place is so blessed with such marine life, I hope this would reach the next generations.

I jumped from the pump boat and wore my mask. Out of excitement, I submerged my head and saw a sight beyond my imagination. It’s like I was teleported to a new world of fishes. WOW JUST WOW! The thousand sardines flocking together as one was surreal. Forgive me for over-emphasizing but that was how I felt at that time. I can’t keep my eyes out of them but it’s more fun diving towards them. My guide got my camera and filmed while I was swimming. The sardines breaking their formation and is rearranging themselves is magical. I love how united they are and no one’s gonna tear ‘em apart.

T’was one of the most bizarre moment of my life to date. I was fond and addicted to adrenaline found from the mountains but exploring the ocean is another story that’s worth undertaking. I would love to go back to this haven and practice the skills needed to enjoy more the paradise.

I was unfortunate as I accidentally deleted my photos during this adventure. Only a few clips were recovered hence giving me an additional reason to come back!

Please watch my vlog here:

This is part 1 of the Sea to Canyons adventure. Special thanks to Raymund Sande Cebu Adventures for this amazing trip.

2D1N Package:

P6,000/pax minimum of 2 pax

P5,700/pax minimum of 5 pax


  • Airport pick up and sent to South Bus Terminal (24 hours)
  • 2 days activity
  • 1-night accommodation
  • Activity transfers
  • Boat rentals
  • Activity safety gears
  • Entrances fees
  • Guide Fees
  • Meal after Canyoneering


Day 1 –
  • Whale Shark Encounter in Oslob, Cebu
  • Sumilon Island hopping
  • Mainit Spring
  • Osmeña Peak
Day 2 –
  • Pescador/Moalboal Island Hopping
  • Badian Canyoneering
  • Kawasan Falls with Bamboo Rafting


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Thank you and Happy Travels!

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