Mezzo Hotel: Cebu’s Minimalist 4-Star Hotel

mezzo hotel

Sometimes you just want to spend the weekend just being a couch potato. Just lying in the bed the whole day while browsing Facebook and Instagram, playing Everwing, watching movies, listening to your favorite music or just sleep and snore loudly. Sounds like a perfect vacation, eh? Though I’m a type of guy who would really love to go outdoors but sometimes life is so much easier if you just stay in a room wasting time. Nevertheless, Mezzo Hotel is probably one of the best hotels to stay within the city of Cebu with an absolutely affordable price.

Mezzo hotel

Mezzo Hotel is located at F. Cabahug in Cebu City and is getting known with its minimalistic concept that offers simple yet elegant stay. They have huge conference rooms and convention halls perfect for events and gatherings. The 4-star hotel offers a wide variety of cozy rooms and suites that are perfectly convenient and relaxing to accommodate guests up to 10 people per room. They also have different amenities that would add up the experience such as swimming pool, gym, and restaurant.

The #BloggerKigwas just had an amazing weekend during our staycation at Mezzo Hotel. We did a lot of things like sleeping, watching my favorite artist’s movie and pigging (like literally pigging hahaha). Like my other hotel reviews, here are my top reasons why Mezzo Hotel is a must-visit:


Affordable Rates for an Elegant Stay

Let’s face it; most of us think that a staycation in a hotel, especially when it’s a 4-star and just within the city, would cost a lot. However, there’s always an exception and Mezzo Hotel is one of ‘em. For only P2300, you get to experience class and elegance with a breakfast buffet and access to all of their amenities and that’s for two!

Mezzo hotel

*The Barkada Room

Notably, Mezzo Hotel offers a type of room called “Barkada Room” that can accommodate up to 10 people and what I like about it is the space and comfort it offers. The beds are not even double deck beds like other hotels. It has a wide space at front of the beds that’s perfect for group activities and pajama parties. Though we didn’t stay here, I can really imagine how it would be to spend the night with your friends and do crazy things like barkada’s usually do. In addition, this package also has a free breakfast buffet and at the package only costs P8500. Hence, it would only cost P850 each to stay in this type of room (P8500/10 = P850) and you gotta do is just to have fun!



As mentioned in my opening, Mezzo Hotel is known for its minimalist concept that includes the interior design. If you get to tour around the hotel, most of the walls and design are white blended with the accent of lights that would let you feel the elegance. If we have the same wavelengths, white walls are perfect for flaunting your OOTD shots haha.

Mezzo hotel

*Look at that stunning lights!

Also, the design of the lights and chandeliers are outstandingly crafted. It’s not the typical lights just like the others but it made up mostly of geometrical shapes like cylinders and rectangular prisms. I so love it that I filmed a lot of it and the results were so good.


Heavenly Food

The food in Mezzo Hotel’s restaurant – Café Mezzo – offers a breakfast buffet and Ala Carte meals. It offers a wide variety of international cuisine from mouth-watering appetizers to stomach-filling main courses to heavenly desserts. We got to eat a lot in Café Mezzo with the complete set of Ala Carte meals (thanks to Mezzo Hotel for the sponsorship!) and it was amazingly satisfying.

Mezzo hotel

*The heavenly Molten Choco Lava Cake

I won’t describe all of the food that we ate but my top picks are the remarkable Composed Salad: Potato and Prawns in Cucumber Fence, Danggit Spaghetti Aglio de Olio, Apple Cider BBQ Pork Ribs, surprisingly tasteful Banana and Watermelon Fruit Shake, the Molten Choco Lava Cake and the Old-fashioned Junket Tart that are so heavenly.

If there’s only one thing that I really couldn’t forget while these foods tasted on my buds was my priceless reaction. Flip was so much having fun while watching me with these reactions while I was eating because they are so so so much good. The price can’t equate how much I had when we ate at Café Mezzo.


Near the Busy Business Center

Mezzo Hotel is just within the busy business center of Cebu City. It is located at F. Cabahug Street which is just a few meters away from Cebu Business Park. It’s so near that you don’t have to worry about where to buy midnight snacks or go to the bar or even getting taxis because it’s just near and that’s a major plus for a less hassle experience.


Amazing Customer Service

“Good Morning Sir!”, “Good evening Sir!”, that’s what I always hear whenever we came across a hotel staff along the hallway. They were so good and hospitable. They’re very accommodating to go to our room (located on the fourth floor) and assist us connecting our gadgets to the wifi. They’re so smiling, neat and pleasant to interact which remarkably good for people in the hospitality industry.


Other Amenities

They have other amenities that are available for guests that we were not able to experience because we chose to spend the rest of the night in our room watching a movie and be lazy. Mezzo Hotel has a swimming pool that is 4-ft deep that is located on the ground floor. It has a bit of an opening that would let you see the view of the entire hotel which is good for the eyes.

Mezzo hotel

Mezzo Hotel also has a gym for guests with an active lifestyle. They also have Convention Halls huge enough to accommodate thousands of people which are perfect for events.

Mezzo hotel

Above all, Mezzo Hotel is very conducive for businessmen who travel to Cebu City as the rooms are equipped with tables and comfortable office chairs for work-related stuff. The internet also is fast enough to cater business needs (and streaming movies 😛 lol)

The #BloggerKigwas, together with Skip the Flip and Bean in Transit had so much fun and amazing time during our staycation (except Flip who spent the night working haha). Special thanks to Mezzo Hotel for letting us feel this outstanding sponsored stay.


For inquiries and reservations, please call at (+63 32) 231-0777 or e-mail at [email protected]

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