Top 3 Classic Dishes in Ranchero Nuevo Restaurant


Every journey isn’t complete with a tummy-filling food trip. This time, we went to General Santos City’s pioneering restaurants that offer a wide variety of Filipino Dishes. Ranchero Nuevo may sound like a Spanish restaurant but they are completely a Filipino-themed restaurant.

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The ambiance of the restaurant was like the old-time haciendas where the waiters were in a cowboy costume. The vibe of the restaurant brought us to those times where Spaniards settled in the Philippines. It made me feel comfortable and excited with the dishes we will devour a few moments after.

T’was the 2nd day of our #GensanVenture when we visited Ranchero Nuevo at SM General Santos City. Watch our Day 1 vlog here.

I was really pumped up when we arrived SM General Santos City. After a day of struggles to find LTE signal, finally, we got it there. It was so good to find a fast internet connection that I was able to upload my Day 1 vlog.

Ranchero Nuevo was so generous to let us experience their best sellers – The Classic Set. It consists several dishes that people in General Santos City loved most – includes Pochero de Ranchero, Kinilaw Trio, Seafood Fiesta Rice, Ranchero Baby Back Ribs, Dragon Fruit Shake and some sweet Filipino desserts. Above all the dishes we ate, here are some of my favorites:


Pochero de Ranchero

Ranchero nuevo

Pochero in General Santos City is quite different from the one that I ate in Cebu. The soup is orangey yet so flavored with beef broth. The meat was so tender which is my favorite. It also has the vegetable combination of cabbage and string beans that completed the elements of the dish. I love food that is soft and tender because I don’t encounter any problems eating it with my braces on. A savoring sip of the hot soup of the Pochero is so rewarding after a day of swimming at the Pinobre Beach Resort at Malapatan.


Classic Kinilaw of Kinilaw Trio

Ranchero nuevo

Kinilaw Trio consists of three variants of Kinilaw – Classic, Sinuglaw (Sinugbang Kinilaw) and Kinilaw de Ranchero. If you don’t know what Kinilaw is, it is a raw fish or meat that is being mixed with vinegar and spices. My most favorite Kinilaw is from Iligan City because of the additional citric flavors of ingredients only found in the city such as Tabon-tabon and Biasong.

Each variant of Kinilaw from this set has a distinct taste. In fact, I love all of ‘em (because I’m always a fan of this dish) but the Classic Kinilaw really stood out for me. The taste of spices perfectly blended with sour tang of the vinegar and other ingredients gave an appetizing punch to my taste buds that I would love to eat more.


Dragon Fruit Shake

This was the first time I ever drank this kind of shake. Though I tried eating a Dragon Fruit before and it’s my first time to drink it as a shake. The palatable flavor of the deep magenta-colored dragon fruit stands out the drink while the sweetness is just enough to leverage the overall taste. I could actually see some black dragon fruit seeds in the shake which makes me verify the authenticity of the fruit used, unlike other shakes that use a powder that’s not natural.


These are just 3 of my favorites from the Classic Set Ranchero Nuevo offer. Other dishes to complete the set such as Seafood Fiesta Rice and Ranchero Baby Back Ribs are also a must-try. If only I could go back to General Santos City, I would definitely eat again in this amazing restaurant.

Our sumptuous dinner would not be possible without Ranchero Nuevo of Ranchero Group of Restaurants. Thank you so much!


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