PinobreTel Suites: General Santos City’s Haven for Budget Travelers

pinobretel suites

Most of us expect nothing as much when it comes staying in a cheap hotel because sometimes value and experience come with a price. However, this time, I was wrong. We went to General Santos City and luckily booked our accommodation to one of the cheapest hotels in the city BUT with a more valuable stay. At PinobreTel Suites, located at Lagao, General Santos City, we were able to experience many things that not even equivalent to what we paid.

If there’s one thing I don’t like during my stay, it was the internet. Smart, generally, sucks at General Santos City. Though there are parts of the city that catch LTE signal but ugh, it’s always a pain in the ass especially when uploading vlogs. Lol!

Pinobretel suites

*PinobreTel Suite’s Main Lobby

Nevertheless, me and my blogger buddies – Skip the Flip and Bean in Transit – had an amazing experience during our stay at PinobreTel Suite and here’s why!

  1. Cheap Accommodation and Comfy Rooms

Pinobretel suites

*Disclaimer: sorry for the bed, I was the one who made that I’m not good at it! hahaha!

The name of the hotel is derived from a combination of the words “Pinobre” and “Hotel” that would totally give you an impression of budget-friendly accommodations. However, their modest yet well-appointed rooms will give you an impression of staying in an expensive hotel.

I stayed in a standard room and it’s surprisingly spacious enough for me to record some time-lapse videos, snore like no other, sang like there’s no tomorrow and watched American Ninja Warrior like forever! Hahaha! Luckily, my friends did not hear me while having a major concert inside and sang one of my favorite songs – “IF YOU TRUST YOUR REBEL HEART! RIDE IT INTO BATTLE DON’T BE AFRAID! TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED ON! HAHAHA!

They have at least 7 types of rooms that will cater for solo travelers, couples, families and barkadas with, of course, budget-friendly rates and expensive experience!

  1. Near the malls

What I also love about this hotel is that it’s just 10 minutes away from the mall via trike. By the way, General Santos City’s mode of transportation is mostly trike when it’s near the city. PinobreTel Suites is easy to access and it’s just found along the road of Tiongson St. at Brgy. Lagao. Thus, there were really no hassles when we ought to buy some pasalubong in the malls because of its distance, the convenience of the trikes and there’s NO TRAFFIC! I love the wide streets of General Santos City. I wish it’s like that here in Cebu City. Lol!

  1. Convenience Store

Bean in Transit was asking few questions like where to buy some basic hygienic necessities since she hasn’t brought any and so do I. Luckily, PinobreTel Suites has its own convenience store just beside the main lobby. They have the basic necessities that we needed and they also have few things that could spice up the night like liquors and the like.

  1. Musical Instruments!

TV and browsing the internet is too cliché when having a staycation to any hotels out there. In PinobreTel Suites, we were able to experience something fun and exciting. They have this grand piano in the lobby and we asked the reception if we can use it and they happily allowed us! Since it’s only Bean in Transit who can play the piano well, I borrowed their guitar and we did some song covers like a boss! Hahaha! If you don’t know me, I love music and I play guitar since elementary. I also love to sing but the song doesn’t like me. Hahaha!

Hanna taught me an easy piece in the piano and I was awful. Check out Skip the Flips’ video of my attempts! Hahaha!

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Above all the cozy and budget-friendly accommodation, customer service will always be the factor that will prevail for an amazing stay. The way they greet us is so pleasant that always set up the mood of a bright day. Their housekeeping attendant too is accommodating enough for granting our simple requests with a smile. PinobreTel Suites also offers free breakfast for guests and their food is so delicious. Really really worth the penny we’ve spent on our staycation!

  1. Other Amenities

Pinobretel suites

Aside from the variety of rooms PinobreTel offer, they also have multi-purpose halls perfect for birthday parties, JS Proms, and even conferences! They also have a game room that has several dart boards on it. I’m not sure they allow playing with the darts for guests but just ask the reception for queries. Don’t worry, they’re pretty and friendly and they don’t bite! Lol!

PinobreTel Suites also offer catering services and short orders for functions in their multi-purpose halls. I’ve tasted few of their dishes as we crashed some birthday party during our stay and it was delectable!

Pinobretel suites

Oh, did I mention that they have a balcony that has the view of the streets and Mt. Matutum??? Yes! I haven’t had a picture of it because it was shy during that breakfast when we saw it. It was mesmerizing and as well as inspiring. Mt. Matutum is an active volcano in South Cotabato and I hope I can get closer to it soon!

Watch my vlog here!

Whenever I revisit General Santos City, there’s no other place I’d rather be for a staycation. Especially that your four-eyed laagan is a poor-eyed laagan, I needed budget-friendly travels and adventures for recreation!

Thank you to PinobreTel Suites for our sponsored and amazing stay!


Contact Information:

PinobreTel Suites

Tiongson St. Brgy, Lagao, General Santos City, Philippines

(+63 83) 302 9149

(+63 925) 344  3346



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