Best Photo Walk Destinations in Cebu City

photowalk cebu

Every place can be picture perfect when you take a look at your surroundings.

Cebu is so blessed with numerous gems from the province to its cities. From mountains, waterfalls, white sand beaches to man-made parks, buildings, attractions and more, we certainly couldn’t ask for more!

I’ve been wandering several destinations in Cebu, especially the south, witnessing its glory and magnificent beauty. However, the time came and budget restrained, I minimized my travels to still live beyond my means. Fortunately, Cebu City, where I live, offers places adequate enough to fulfill my addictions, in mobile photography at least.

I’ve been interested in mobile photography since technically I don’t use any other cameras such as Go Pros and DSLRs. I use my iPhone 6s and post-process ‘em with Lightroom Mobile app. My vlogs are even taken from my phone and are being edited also in my phone! Because of that, it made me love its power and capabilities.

Throughout the months, I’ve participated several photo walks together with my friends and even joining to photography groups. Photowalk, by the way, is an activity where people go to a certain place to another and capture photos for fun or some personal preferences.

With its rich culture, Cebu City is also gratified with magnificent places perfect for one hella photo walk. I’ve listed few of my favorite spots and might as well organize and conduct this kind of fun activity, invite nya ko ha? ^_^


  1. Carbon Market

One of the most common destinations for photo walks, Carbon Market or well known to be the biggest public market in Cebu City. The cinematic scenery of the busy life of the market is perfect for street photographers and even portrait photographers. The place may be cluttered but with keen eyes, you can see a perfect spot for a perfect photo! But be extra careful as this place is barely public and might have put you and your gadgets in danger.

  1. Metro Colon

This has been recently branded by photo enthusiasts as the Shibuya or Los Angeles of Cebu City, especially at night! The shining light of the buildings and cars crossing the wide street intersection adds up beautiful effect to your photos. Mostly, with an outstanding long exposure shot creating light painting would equate a stunning photo!

  1. SM Seaside

The state-of-the-art interior and exterior design of the largest mall in the city offers a gift to photo enthusiasts. The creative patterns of the hallways, the colorful spiral stairs and the architecture of the parks are few of the Instagrammable spots in SM Seaside City.

  1. SRP

South Road Properties or popularly known is a wide (or should I say long) enough for a stunning view of the metropolis and the sea. The huge rocks by the bay walk and the exit of the tunnel are few of the picture perfect spot of this destination. You can also add up long exposure shots of cars from the road would make a splendid photo! Oops! But you have to be careful as the place is dangerous from vehicular accidents!

  1. Fuente Osmeña Circle

The busy streets and the most common destination for tourists in Cebu City, Fuente Osmeña Circle is also one of the best photo walk spots in the city. The iconic rotunda and the colorful lights of the buildings and establishments that surround are enough for a superb photo!


The list does not end as the Queen City of the South is constantly developing from establishments to attractions. Undeniably, there will be more destinations that are perfect for photo walks and is just within the city.

Keep your eyes wide open and discover the world capture the world’s best moments. Keep on shootin’! 😉

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