Enchanting Malubog Lake, Falls and Tagaytay Hills of Toledo City

malubog lake


There’ll always be moments where you were just left in awe and all you want to do is savor its scenery.

Malubog Lake, located in the heart of Brgy. Gen. Climaco, Toledo City. This grandiose lake is the biggest I’ve seen as of this writing. It is called as “Malubog” or unclear because literally, the water is somewhat muddy which makes the water less visible. Locals say that this body form is a source of tilapia and other kinds of freshwater fish.

We arrived at the Brgy. Hall of Gen. Climaco from a motorcycle ride from the highway which is just beside the lake. The vicinity of this barangay surrounds almost half of the lake going to the hills to Tagaytay. We met our guide – Teacher Traveler PH – whom also a local to this secluded village.

Cliché as it may seem but the moment we stepped into the vicinity, we were enchanted and provided feels of the movie “Kimi no na wa” where Mitsuha (the female protagonist) lived. The life in the village is simple and peaceful and the beauty of the lake is enough for me to say that this destination is a must visit.

Malubog Lake

Malubog lake

Beth informed the gang to be quiet especially when we are near the lake. Myths say the there is a giant octopus called “Mantaga” lived underneath the lake and those who misbehave will be taken under. She cited instances of death where kids played and fooled around the lake. It’s a bit scary since we were foreign to the place and we should follow and respect what they believe or else something might happen. We were usually noisy (as shown most of the time in my vlog) and this trip gave us a new experience.

As we approached the lake’s vicinity, I was enthralled by its beauty. The reflection of the mountains in the calm waters of the lake is just as creative and magical of a painter’s imagination. It’s surreal! I was left in awe and I was fascinated. My jubilant soul would’ve wanted to jump up and down and play around but I have to respect the myth because I don’t want any accident to happen.

We took several shots and I filmed the breathtaking view of Malubog Lake. It was indeed enchanting that left us behaved until we went away the lake and walked around going to the next spot also found just near this gem.

Malubog Falls

Malubog lake

A havoc at the outlet of a water dam unexpectedly gave birth to a waterfall – Malubog Falls, located just around Malubog Lake has a unique form because of its shattered rock boulders around. It’s like Tsunade-sama punched the entire area and created massive destruction within the area. The water flowing through the body has copper elements from the dam. I’m not sure which dam but it has similar properties of the popular spot in Toledo City, the Biga Pit. It has turquoise blends with the orange-y rock boulders.

We spent few minutes at the somewhat man-made gem and went back to the village to proceed to our next destination – well, that’s yet to be third!

It was almost noon when we reached the village and have discussed if we will take our lunch. Most of us were still stuffed with the breakfast we had on one of the nearest eateries thus we decided to proceed.

Tagaytay Hill

Malubog lake

We started ascending to the higher lands of Gen. Climaco and the heat of the sun became fiery. It’s that hot that some of us took out and used their umbrellas. Nevertheless, the trail is not difficult but it’s open that tree shades could not alleviate the humidity.

Few more ascents and we finally reached rolling hills of Tagaytay. The open area provided us one magnificent view of the Malubog Lake. It was given to be awe-spiring as viewed beside the lake but it was a hundred times stunning when you look at it at the top!

O namae wa? O namae wa? Mitsuhaaaaa!!!

We were playing around and enjoyed the moment and the glorious view. Take note that we were already far the lake thus the Mantaga anymore can’t reach us. Hahaha!

It was too hot that we weren’t able to take it so we decided to go to the nearest tree shade to take our lunch.

Malubog lake

A day of three destinations was alreadyenough for me to be thankful for a wonderful experience. We were supposed to go through Malubog Tunnel and reach the Palawan-like paradise beyond but it is now restricted by a private company that’s maintaining the facility. Sad may it seem but everything happens for a reason. So, maybe on the next visit, we can get into the Tunnel perhaps? I don’t know. Maybe soon and the guards aren’t on duty. Hahahaha! Just kidding 😀

Friendly reminder: Please always practice Leave No Trace principle when traveling 🙂

Also, watch my vlog during our jaunt:

How to get there:

Getting to Malubog Lake is quite easy. Take a bus from Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal going to Toledo City. Disembark at Magdugo, Toledo City (this is still far from the city proper) and then take a motorcycle taxi going to Brgy. Gen. Climaco. Upon reaching the vicinity, Malubog Lake is just a sight away.


Bus Fare – P50/pax Non-Airconditioned

Motorcycle fare from Magdugo to Brgy. Gen. Climaco – P60/pax by pair

Pump Boat across side of the lake – P10/pax

Jeepney from Brgy. Gen. Climaco to Toledo City Proper – P20/pax


5:30 AM – ETD from South Bus Terminal

7:30 AM – ETA Magdugo, Toledo City

7:40 AM – ETA Brgy. Gen. Climaco, Toledo City, and Breakfast

8:20 AM – Start Tour

9:00 AM – ETD going to Malubog Falls

9:30 AM – ETA Malubog Falls

10:00 AM – ETD from Malubog Falls to Brgy. Gen. Climaco, had few stops and rests

11:20 AM – Start to ascend Tagaytay Hill

11:30 AM – ETA Tagaytay Hill

12:00 NN – Lunch

1:00 PM – Descent from Tagaytay Hill

1:10 PM – ETA Brgy. Gen. Climaco and Going Home

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