Eating Tago-angkan and Wasay-wasay in Bantayan for the First Time!


I never thought that I’d gonna be doing this. This is going to be my first to write about food on my blog. It’s been over a year since I started Four-eyed Laagan and never a single entry about food was in here. Simply because I’m really not good at describing food. Funny how I mostly describe ‘em as delicious or not! Hahaha! What mattered most was my tummy is full and my tongue likes its taste. Enough with some lame excuses, I’d like to share with you the 2 unique food I ate during my Bantayan adventure.

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  1. Tago-Angkan (Chicken’s Womb)


I never got to understand at first what Tago-angkan is when Chasing Potatoes said it to me. She had this included on her blog of to-dos in Bantayan but I never got the chance to digest the information about this food. This was totally new to me and luckily Tago-angkan was available when we having a jaunt in Sta. Fe during lunch.

Tago-Angkan is a womb of a chicken and it was grilled like a barbecue. It’s nothing fancy and I find it exotic. I never saw it before and thanks to Chasing Potatoes for introducing it to me.

It was in the middle of a fiery weather that we ate this. Potatoes were so excited to eat this as she said she was craving for it.

So yeah, the P45 Tago-angkan was served in my plate paired with hanging rice (or puso). The internal organs were skewed in a barbecue stick and smeared with savory sauce. Nothing fancy with the sauce because we ate at some random barbecue stall in the municipality but what caught my attention was the cute eggs being formed inside the bigger part of the womb or the uterus. Basically, it tastes like egg, it’s just that there’s obviously no shells wrapped around it. The uterine walls felt like “isaw” or small intestines. For me, the structure was best compared with chorizo but the fillings were eggs.

Weirdly, it felt satisfying and I was craving for more but we don’t have the ample of time to spend in the barbecue stall and we just proceeded on our road trip.

For me, it’s definitely a must try when you visit in Sta. Fe. It’s only P45 and my tummy and taste buds were satisfied and it’s worth a try!


  1. Wasay-wasay (Fresh Black Lip Oyster)


This was also one of my most remarkable memory in Bantayan trip. Not only because eating this exotic food for FREE – thanks to Laag Sparkles for her early birthday celebration – but my cravings for seafood were much gratified! At first, I was really wondering what this food was. I thought that this is some variant of seashells like what we normally have in the cities. However, then I found out after Googling (while making this blog) that this is actually an Oyster. I never got to eat a lot of Oyster in the city but only until some Oyster sauce mixed in special barbecue sauce or some Oriental Stir Fry vegetables with this kind of sauce.

Wasay-wasay’s external structure is really weird. It looked like rocks. If you’re not fond eating seafood, you’ll certainly have thought that it’s some kind of random rock, but it’s not! The pretty huge oyster inside will surprise you after exerting force just to open its shell. Hyperbole as it may seem but you can make eating this oyster more fun by shouting “This is Sparta!” while opening. hahaha!

The oyster is being dipped into a mixture of vinegar and spices and then it’s best eaten as a whole. Slurp slurp! The taste of the salty sea perfectly blends with the sweetish taste of the oyster plus the sourness of the vinegar savors and gave glory to my taste buds. We weren’t contented with one Wasay-wasay but we took more!

My tummy was already stuffed but I would’ve even wanted more Wasay-wasay but braces called for a break. Haha! Laag Sparkle’s dad advised us to drink soda after eating for us to have a better digestion.

Well, I’ve been craving for Wasay-wasay since I went home in Cebu and I wonder where would I find this in the city. Do you know where? Comment down below!

Also, watch my experience on the vlog:

I never thought I’d make a food blog for the first time and please forgive me for my lame ways to describe. I’ll make it better the next time. But what I would emphasize is that Tago-angkan and Wasay-wasay are exotic foods that demand a taste when you visit Bantayan!

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