Snap and Ponder: Good in Goodbyes

snap and ponder

Time may pass and memories leave behind but one thing’s for sure and constant – change. Under circumstances, whether it’ll be good or unpleasant, there’s gonna be changes.

We always talk about change – in politics, social media, climate, even personal matters and shit happens. Unexpected and unwanted happenings occur and we were left with no choice but to get hurt (until when?) and move on (when?).

Does it take a lot to be hurt? Is it necessary to show that you’re hurt? Or is it even justifiable to leave because you’re hurt?

These are questions left in my mind when I see someone hurt. Of course, there will be mishaps and downtimes but there will always be an end to every nightmare. But the question is when?

This causes an effect in society and the chain of circles especially when one is damaged. It’s like a virus that’s gradually becoming an epidemic. It’s like crystals that get broken that’s never gonna be fixed. It may heal at some point but it’s never gonna be the same.

Moving on is an option but growing up is a lesson. We have to accept that things and times have changed. When intersecting lines become skew lines, it’s never gonna be the same.

At some point of this crisis, there’s always good in goodbye. It allows you to learn and grow into your chosen paths. Though it may sound absurd but ironically it’s like someone’s breather, taking on the road less traveled and turning a cub into a lion.

But don’t forget the cherished moments and keep them as treasure. Be thankful, show gratitude and take it a lesson for you to grow up.

Things may have turned different now, but let us still continue chasing our aspirations and goals, on separate ways.

Thanks for staying and see you on the next #SnapandPonder! 🙂

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