Perfect Chasing Waterfalls Summer Adventure at Cebu’s South


It’s summer time and the sun is extremely up! Everyone’s getting pumped up for an adventure! Family, barkada and even team outings are getting organized and already materialized. Some may have ended up of so-called “drawing nalang sa picture”! Surely, there’s a wide array of destinations especially in the Queen City of the South from mountains to beaches to waterfalls that’ll surely satisfy the adrenaline-thirsty soul of everyone.

Here’s a compilation of waterfalls in Cebu’s South that I’ve been to and would definitely suggest for a perfect summer outing!

  1. Kawasan Falls, Badian

This grandiose waterfall is the perfect starting point from the Cebu City proper for a chasing waterfalls adventure. Kawasan Falls is not new to everybody; in fact, this is one of the most highly suggested destinations for tourists in Cebu. The pristine and COLD blue water that rushing through the waterfalls is what makes it attractive to its guests.

This 3-tier falls is located in the municipality of Badian and it would take around 3-4 hours of bus ride from the city.

If you want an extra adventure, you can monkey swing or even jump from the side of the 2nd and 3rd level of Kawasan! 60 ft drop surely is amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Cancalanog Falls, Alegria

One of my favorite destinations in the south – Cancalanog Falls is enough to fill and rejuvenate your soul. With its beautiful canyon pool, you can scream, jump and swim like a kid! It’s secluded in the jungle of Alegria, a municipality next to Badian. It’s icy cold water and magnificent view makes it me wanna come back for more!

This waterfall is also popular in Alegria thus transportation wouldn’t be a problem. However, only motorcycle taxis are available for the public.

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  1. Montpeller Falls, Alegria

Also, on the top of my chasing waterfalls list, Montpeller Falls, also located at Alegria. This out-of-the-way waterfall would require you for 15 minutes trek to witness its grandeur. It has a wide pool and of course, icy cold clear water and tall water drop! You can also have a waterfall massage at its drop if you can, of course, endure the pain, but it surely is fun!

It’ll take almost an hour of motorcycle ride from Cancalanog to get here. Hence, I would suggest pairing this with your Cancalanog trip.

There’s also another falls in Alegria that’s popular and it’s also near with Montpeller – Cambais Falls. I did not include it on the list because I haven’t been into this gem. But this waterfall is definitely worth a shot!

  1. Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan

Inambakan Falls is located in Ginatilan, 2 municipalities next to Alegria. This amazing gem has a tall and strong water drop that often shows a rainbow from within. It has a pool that’s enough to fill plenty people but better be careful because it’s deep! There’s also a mini-cave at the back of the drop that you can enjoy if you want photos from within.

  1. Dau Falls, Samboan

Dau Falls is located at Samboan, Cebu – a municipality next to Ginatilan. This waterfall is the highest and most beautiful gem in the municipality that I’ve been to. It would also require you for some adventurous and adrenaline-pumping river trekking. All of the efforts and exhaustion would be wiped out when you reach and witness its exquisiteness.

It is maintained by the local government and it has a P20 registration fee at the jump off. But this expense is minimal in comparison to the satisfaction and enjoyment when you reach and chill out at Dau Falls.

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  1. Aguinid Falls, Samboan

Also in Samboan, Aguinid Falls is the municipal’s ultimate waterfall adventure. It has 6 (0-5) commercialized levels where it’s open to the public that would let you indulge into some mild and intense river trekking. It would let you jump, swim and even take some shower at various levels. Usually, people are up until its 5th level which has the biggest and unique form among all the levels.

There’s also an optional set if you still want more and intense adventure which is slowly being commercialized. Aguinid Falls has 3 more levels that’s surely a lot extreme that the lower levels. It would indulge you for some waterfall and rock climbing. I personally had a blast during my visit and I’d love to do it again with some brave friends 😀

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Cebu surely has a lot of gems to offer especially on the South. There are also more that’s not listed here that’s worthy of a visit. Above all, what’s important is to have fun with extreme care because chasing waterfalls could be hazardous like trekking. Also, please exercise responsible tourism and practice and promote #LeaveNoTrace principle. Happy adventures!

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