FAQs: Trekking Sirao Peak or Mt. Kan-Irag

sirao peak

Sirao Peak is not new to trekkers and adventure-goers in Cebu City. It is near the city, it offers a beautiful overlooking view of the city and the mountains and it has a great camping site. Some people day hikes Sirao Peak or spends a night at the campsite. There are also some that access the peak through the back door trail which is easier for some kind of a glamping with their family.

It is situated at Brgy. Sirao in Cebu City which is 21.5 kilometers from the city proper via Transcentral Highway.
There are a lot of questions especially for beginners who wishes to climb Sirao Peak or also known as Mt. Kan-Irag and I hope to answer them in this travel guide:

1. What to expect?

Trekking to Sirao Peak in the middle of the heat of the sun could be dead tiring. It could also be dangerous when the rain the heavy and you’re taking the Budlaan trail where you will pass the river and waterfalls such as Kabang falls and Tinisik-uwang falls.

There are 2 trails that I know and I’ve been to going to Sirao Peak:

Sirao peak

Budlaan Trail – It is the trail for trekkers and who wanted for a longer hike. Usually, it takes around 4-6 hours from the jump off to the peak. This trail would let you experience bouldering huge rocks and river trek. Also, it would let you do some kind of rock climbing beside the Tinisik-uwang Falls enough to bring out your inner ninjas.

Sirao peak

There’s a variant for this trail because, from the Tinisik-uwang Falls, you can turn left going to Malubog trail. This trail will bring you to Brgy. Malubog or Kan-irag Old Golf Course. What I love about this trail is that it gives me jaw-dropping scenery of the golf course. It’s like I’m in New Zealand! With its vast green and refreshing vibe, I can always run and play around! An extra hour or two is nothing when you witness its beauty.

Watch my vlog for the experience!

Backdoor Trail – It is also known as the exit trail of Sirao Peak. This is where trekkers take when going home which only consumes 20-30 minutes to its foot. Few meters away the foot, by the way, is the world-known Sirao Flower Farm so you can always go for a side trip. There are also motorcycle taxis few meters away that you will ride going to JY Mall in Lahug, Cebu City.

However, there are some campers who just want to spend the night at the peak without getting sweaty from Budlaan trail. They take the backdoor trail because it’s easy and near from the jump off.

Actually, there are families bringing their kids and huge ice buckets taking this trail and enjoy camping at the peak. It’s a great way for a family bonding and it is fun!

2. What awaits at the peak?

Sirao peak

Sirao Peak is known for its 360-degrees view and strong breeze that would give you the rejuvenating vibe that’s really enjoyable. It’s like Bocaue Peak but since Sirao is nearer, the overlooking view of the city is wider and nearer. Also, the glorious view of the mountains at the back will make your heart full of happiness and satisfaction. In addition, the lovely sunset and sunrise can be viewed at the peak. All these reasons are enough to explain why camping at Sirao Peak is popular and a must experience!

3. Where are the campsites?

There are two known campsites – one is at the peak itself and another is at the foot of Mt. Kan-Irag that can be accessed through Budlaan Trail.

Sirao peak

Sirao Peak campsite is a bit rocky but its plain so brings extra earth pads as cushions for a better camping experience. On the other hand, the other campsite is also plain but it’s actually full of grass and it gives a bigger and nearer view of the city.

4. How to get there?

To get to Budlaan trail, ride a jeepney (jeepney code usually starts with 13 and 62) to Gaisano Grand Mall or the entrance of Sunny Hills at Talamban, Cebu City. After that, there are motorcycle taxis at the back of the grand mall that will take you to Budlaan, Talamban which is the jump off.

To get to the backdoor trail, ride a jeepney from the city to JY Mall at Lahug, Cebu City and ride a motorcycle taxi to the foot of Sirao Peak. Most of the drivers already know it it’s not a pain in the ass to find one. However, you have to be careful for some who’ll ask for higher fares. Thus, it’s the perfect time to show up your haggling skills!

5. Are their required guides? Are the local government maintaining Sirao Peak?

Like Bocaue Peak, the local government is not maintaining the peak thus there are no registrations and entrance fees. If you wish to take Budlaan trail, make sure someone in your group knows or already been to the trail, else you can ask local mountaineering groups for guiding services.

On the other hand, if you wish to take the backdoor trail, there’s no need for a guide since the trail visibly accessible. You can also ask the motorcycle taxi driver to point you to the trail if you’re not sure.

6. Are there mobile signal/wifi in the area?

Yes! LTE!

7. Average expenses?

I think the dominating expenses here should be the fare going to the jump offs of your chosen trail.

For Budlaan trail,

Jeepney from city – P10
Motorcycle taxi going to Budlaan – P20

For backdoor trail,

Jeepney from the city – P7
Motorcycle taxi going to Sirao – P75/pax

So averagely, you’ll spend around P112 for fare and the food expenses are up to you.

UPDATE 2019: Judas Tree Campsite now is being developed and has a camping fee of P30/person for overnight and P10 for day hikes. A fee of P100 if you would want to rent a cottage.

8. Who to contact?

Since this is not locally maintained, you can contact various cebu mountaineering clubs to avail guiding services.

Sample Itinerary:

Budlaan Trail via Malubog –

9:00 AM – ETD to Budlaan, Talamban
9:20 AM – ETA Budlaan, Talamban
9:30 AM – Start Trek
10:30 AM – ETA Tinisik-uwang Falls
12:00 NN – Brgy. Malubog/Kan-irag Golf Course and Lunch
1:00 PM – Resume trek
2:00 PM – ETD “Other” campsite
3:00 PM – ETD Sirao Peak

Going home via Backdoor trail –

4:00 PM – start descent from Sirao Peak
4:30 PM – foot of Mt. Kan-irag and ride motorcycle taxi
5:00 PM – ETA JY Mall, Lahug, Cebu City and going home!

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