Hindang Falls: The Simple Yet Rejuvenating Waterfalls in Iligan City

hindang falls

From the magic that silenced us when we went inside the realms of Hindang Cave diverts into an enchanting lean of adventure towards our next destination – Hindang Falls.


This has been our third destination on that day from Dodiongan Falls then to Hindang Cave. Our journey from the jump off to the cave going to Hindang Falls was as smooth as riding a sports car. The motorcycle taxis were so amazing and the drivers were like professionals (is there such a thing? lol). Every hump and every rock in the rough road were no matches on their motorcycles. I don’t know what model it was but it’s like for motor cross. I asked our driver while on our way if they play motor cross. He replied “No” but they play motor trail instead.

The motor trail is traversing to established trails in the mountains. It’s like hiking towards high ascents of a mountain but this is riding a motorcycle. I and my friend altogether said “aah, mao diay… (that’s why)”. For me, that was one of the smoothest rides in my trekking career. Char!

Hindang falls

After several minutes of the motor-trailing-like ride, we finally made it to the jump off to Hindang Falls. The driver said that the waterfall is not far from the jump off. From the extreme heat of the sun and the sweat we exerted from the unexpected trek we had going to the cave, all of us were so excited to finally swim at the waterfalls. Some of us actually ran the trail like a kid getting pumped up on his playground.


Hindang falls

We started ascending and we were energized. I was the last of the trail because of my wounds that I got from the cave. We continued for around 10 minutes and boom, the simple beauty of Hindang Falls lay on our eyes.

All of our exhaustion was rewarded with the cold flowing water of Hindang Falls. We immediately secured our bags and prepared ourselves to swim and freshen up.

The basin of the waterfall is quite wide enough for around 50 people to swim. The floor gets deeper towards the waterfall that I could not reach the bottom. I’m 168 cm by the way. The drop is narrow but is a bit concentrated and it stands around 15 ft tall. The water surely is cold, that’s how magical every waterfall is, but it’s not as icy as Tinago Falls and Mimbalut Falls (also in Iligan City).



So I jumped at the not-so-high-area at Hindang Falls. Find our more of this adventure at my blog 👉🏻 www.foureyedlaagan.com 😉

Posted by Four-Eyed Laagan on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It was already afternoon and we were still enjoying the waterfalls. Some of us tried to swam towards the drop but the current was strong enough to prevent us going to. Most of the girls were contented and stayed at the corner, sitting on the rocks and had their girls talk. I can’t totally relate to them thus pushed me to bring out the adventurous side of me that I jumped at the higher portion beside the waterfall. Yolo!


Hindang falls

Our driver mentioned that Hindang Falls has a level 2. I did not waste a single second and excitedly went up to the next level. I was alone because my friends were already tired and satisfied on the 1st level. Going through an unestablished trail, I abruptly turned into a monkey with a tripod and a phone. It was a bit scary but it did not hinder me to push through.

I went up and up and finally reached the second level of Hindang Falls. It silenced me, not because of how beautiful it was but because of the deafening surrounding. I was like entered into another dimension as I was surrounded by huge boulders of rocks and thick lush of trees. The drop of the waterfall is high but the current isn’t that strong. It’s raw and unestablished thus mosquitoes are around. I was extra careful going towards the basin but choose not to swim because it was full of leaves. The frolic four-eyed took snaps of the waterfall then decided to go back to the first level.


It was already dusk and the sun started to set. We hurriedly changed our clothes and prepared ourselves for another journey going home. All of us were dead tired and hungry. Nevertheless, we went home with fulfillment that satisfied our adrenaline-thirsty soul. Not bad as my first adventure of the year!



3:20 PM – ETD Hindang Cave jump off to Hindang Falls jump off

3:50 PM – ETA Jump Off

4:00 PM – ETA Hindang Falls and enjoy

5:00 PM – ETD Hindang Falls jump off going home

5:30 PM – ETA Iligan City Highway

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