FAQs: Bocaue Peak Day Hike/Camping

bocaue peak

Bocaue Peak or also known as Muffin Peak is situated around Bonbon, Cebu City. It popularly can be accessed through 5 Towers trail or the Babag trail. However, there are still many other arduous trails to reach the peak. It is one of the most promising summits that offer stunning 360-degrees of city and nature view. This travel guide answers frequently asked questions going to this peak:

  1. What to expect?

Bocaue Peak is one of the nearest yet challenging trekking destination in Cebu City. Its trail class is classified as 2-3 and difficulty of 3-4/9.

Bocaue peak

Expect to trek amidst thick lush of vegetation, passageway full of mud and seemingly endless ascents. If it’s rainy season, the trek will be a little bit difficult because of the soft mud so you should be a little extra careful.

There are a lot of trails available going to Bocaue Peak but Babag Trail and 5 Towers Trail are popular. Perhaps, Babag is the most popular because it’s a bit easier than the 5 Towers trail. I’ve been to both trails and 5 Towers is indeed more difficult. Both trails start at Sitio Napo at Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City.

Babag Trail – This trail goes through the high ascents of Babag Range which are very common to mountaineers in Cebu City. Mostly, people trek until they reach RCPI Towers that serves as the peak of Mt. Babag and then goes right and exits through Mountain View at Busay in Cebu. However, in order to reach Bocaue Peak through Babag Trail, the trekkers shall go left from RCPI towers.

Babag trail has only 1 water source but I won’t really advise it for drinking, especially nowadays. Just have it boiled for safety purposes.

Also, watch my vlog during our Bocaue Peak through Babag trail:


5 Towers Trail – Actually it starts with the same trail of Babag for around 20 minutes until reaching a certain part and turned into a high ascending trail to the 5 towers. These are literal series of communication towers. I’m not sure if they are still working because it seemed to be unmaintained.

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This trail is more difficult because it’s unestablished. There are parts that you have to trail blaze because they are covered with thick lush of vegetation. Nevertheless, this trail has a more jaw-dropping view for sightseeing.

Unfortunately, 5 Towers trail doesn’t have any water source so keep in mind bringing enough water for personal use and for cooking.

Usually, both trail exits returning to RCPI Towers and then proceeds to Mountain View, Busay.


  1. What awaits at the peak?

Bocaue peak
An awe-inspiring 360-degrees view of green mountain ranges and city view is what awaits at the peak. The strong and refreshing wind is enough to let you forget the struggle and difficulties you undertook during the trek. Unless you reach the peak at afternoon where the sun is up, your experience might be as terrible as being tortured because it’s wide open.

  1. How many days/hours?

Bocaue Peak can be day hiked regardless of the trail and the pace for around 4-5 hours going to the peak and another 1-2 hours descending (through Babag-Busay trail). However, you can also spend the night at the peak or the surrounding campsites.

See sample itinerary below.

  1. Where are the campsites?

Trekkers can set up their tents at the peak itself but it can only accommodate around 10 tents. However, other trekkers can have their tents pitched at the surrounding area.

If you decide to pitch at the peak itself, just prepare for possible strong winds because it’s basically open.

  1. How to get there?

5 Towers trail and Babag trail both starts at the same jump off, Sitio Napo at Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City. From the Cebu City Proper, you can ride any jeepney going to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church (jeepney code usually starts with 06).

  1. Are their required guides? Are the local government maintaining Bocaue Peak?

I would advise requiring a guide but unfortunately, the local government does not maintain the peak thus there are no guides available at the jump off. I’m not certain if locals from Brgy. Napo can offer guiding services.

Tip: Look for mountaineering groups in Cebu City that can offer guiding services before your actual trek.

  1. Are there mobile signal/wifi in the area?

There are parts of the trail that signal is lost. But fortunately, 3G, sometimes LTE, signal is available at the peak and the campsite. Yay!

  1. Average expenses?

This is one of my most favorite thing trekking to Bocaue Peak, its minimal expenses! Because it is not maintained by the local government, there are NO registration and other necessary fees to pay. You will only have to pay for your transportation going to the jump off at Sitio Napo and going home from Mountain View, Busay, your food and personal necessities. Thus, you’ll spend approximately P102 excluding the food and guiding services.

  1. Can I do it?

Yes of course! Remember to be prepared for ascending and open trails. Also, prepare to trek along unestablished and vegetation covered passageways. Always be hydrated. Kaya mo yan!

  1. Who to contact?

There are several mountaineering groups in Cebu City that can be searched through Facebook. However, our club (NCR Trekkers) can also provide guiding services, just contact comment down if you’re interested or send me an email at [email protected].

Sample Itinerary (2D1N):

Day 1 –

09:30 AM – ETD Guadalupe Church to Brgy. Napo

09:45 AM – ETA Brgy. Napo

10:05 AM – Start Trek

11:09 AM – 1st Tower

11:45 AM – 2nd Tower

12:07 PM – 3rd Tower

12:10 PM – Lunch and Rest

01:00 PM – Resume Trek

03:00 PM – Manong Julian Cabornay’s house

04:00 PM – Muffin Peak!

Day 2 –

09:00 AM – Break Camp

10:00 AM – Start Trek

11:40 AM – RCPI Towers, Mt. Babag

11:45 AM – Rest at Sari-Sari Store

12:14 PM – Resume Trek

1:00 PM – JY Square Mall, Lahug

1:00 PM onwards – Part ways


Thanks a lot for staying. Bocaue Peak is really promising and a worthy trek amidst its difficulty. It’s definitely always worth for a revisit. I hope this travel guide helps! Feel free to comment down below if you have questions.

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