Must Try Activities in JPark Island Resort without Getting Wet

JPark Island Resort is a well-known hotel in Lapu-Lapu City that offers a wide array of amenities. This includes a variety of swimming pools, bars, elegant and sumptuous restaurants and of course its high-class cozy accommodations, also their waterslides and wave pools that could let everyone feel into an ultimate vacation.

We were so lucky to get invited for a competition amidst the fiery heat of the sun to enjoy what JPark Island Resort has to offer. I’d say it as early as now, the total experience was hands down amazing! Though it was quite short, but it was all worth it.

Jpark island resort

It was so disappointing that I haven’t brought swimwear even though I knew there’s a wide variety of pool. I would’ve enjoyed the sprinkling and splashing waters of the amenities and would’ve ridden some floaters.

However, I found an amazing spot within JPark Island Resort that has remedied my agony. It was new to me because I never really thought it existed within the vicinity. These activities are exciting enough to fulfill my fun-seeking heart without getting wet and here are those:


  1. Giant Chess

Jpark island resort

Generally, chess is being played by 2 players, sitting in front of each other, with their own armies attacking and defending their own Kings. It may look like it’s boring but it was actually thrilling for chess-lovers. Honestly, I’m not good at this sport but JPark Island Resort has offered me to make chess more exhilarating and enjoyable!

The Giant Chess is located amidst the Go Kart Course at JPark with human-sized chess pieces and a wide board. Players get to carry the pieces to play the game. Worry not because those gigantic chess pieces are as light as a kilo of a feather. Carry those pieces alone is already hilarious and amusing. Add up with some crazy vibes of the gang which would make your chess experience more fun!

Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to play the game, you can play around and take some Instagrammable photos with the barkada and family.


  1. Mini-Golf Course

Jpark island resort

Honestly, I was not able to imagine at first where would this golf course be located inside JPark Island Resort. I was looking for it (as if I know how to play) and alas! It was hidden behind the Cabanas and some trees! The 7 different mini-golf courses are arranged in order from 1 as the easiest to 7 as the most difficult.

I got to play some though I was alone (hugot!). There were some courses that have some bridges and turns (I honestly don’t know the exact term) that add up the fun. It brings out something new and enthusiasm because we don’t do a lot of this within the city.

Jpark island resort

Was I able to get a score? Yes! Fortunately! Hahaha!


  1. Go Kart!

Jpark island resort

I was actually more excited about this one. Go Karts are available inside the vicinity which makes me urge for some adrenaline and thrill. Though it’s not as big like other Go Kart courses on Adventure Parks but JPark Island Resort has a competitive mark for visitors to enjoy this kind of activity.

The track is a semi-round with curves in the middle but its one way (and I believe that’s the way it should be). There’s also a part that has a small ascend that could give your Go Karts acceleration when the track starts to descend which brings out more fun. The Go Karts has pedals and hand breaks that give you some biking workout. What I love about these karts is that the seat can be adjusted for kids and for the adults. So it’s basically available for all, beat that!


Above all amenities mentioned, Go Kart was for me the best and a must try in JPark Island Resort. Of course, all of ‘em won’t get you entirely wet, though you could be sweating but it’s minimal, that’s will make it advantageous for people who forgot to bring their swimwear (like me) and even for those people who can’t swim or don’t know how to swim.

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These are just a peak of the wide array of exciting amenities and activities that you can do in JPark Island Resort. Check out their website for the complete list of services and amenities inside the resort.

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Special thanks to JPark Island Resort for this quick escapade opportunity and more power!

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