Hindang Cave: Iligan City’s Hidden Gem after an Unexpected Trek

hindang cave

The pesky kids were not yet through with its adventure. From the hilarious river trekking towards Dodiongan Falls, the squad decided to go to a nearby destination which is the Hindang Falls.

Hindang Falls is located Brgy. Hindang at the mountain side of Iligan City. It is mostly accessible through Brgy. Kiwalan that is just around 30 minutes from the city proper. This water form is not as grand than the waterfalls found in the Tourism Triangle of Iligan City but its nature being secluded and the sense of adventure makes it on the list.


Getting back from the story, we rode a jeepney from Brgy. San Roque (where we rode a motorcycle taxis going to Dodiongan Falls) to Brgy. Kiwalan. It took around 15 minutes to get there but time was just a shot of an arrow because we were already having fun chitchatting.

We were like famous artists when we get there. A bunch of motorcycle taxi drivers rushed towards us and we were like woah, take it, easy man! We chose the most decent drivers and negotiated the ride towards the hidden gems of Hindang.


The drivers proposed us a package to go first at Hindang’s cave than the waterfalls since the cave is located higher than the falls. I personally did not know that we can find some cave and we were a bit skeptical. However, that did not stop us from going forth on an adventure and we pursued with the proposed package of the drivers.

We embarked on a motorcycle ride and saw the overlooking view of the city and the forests of Iligan City as we gradually elevated. It was an hour of a bumpy ride and our butts started to hurt.

Hindang cave

After few moments, we reached the registration area and had our names enlisted in their logbook. It’s quite impressive that we have not shelled out some registration fees thus it’s basically FREE. We rode again the motorcycle taxi and for 15 minutes we finally arrived at the small sitio of Brgy. Hindang where the jump off towards the cave is located.

Hindang cave

Our driver negotiated the locals to be our guide to the cave and we were like, is it really that far that it would require a guide. Apparently, the locals said yes and we were looking to ourselves if we will push through or not. Well, I was on-the-go mood and I had everyone join the adventure.


I actually don’t have any idea how the cave looks like because I haven’t searched for it on Google so I thought that it’s gonna be exciting!

Hindang cave

We indulged into a thick lush of vegetation as we went along the adventure. It was all good until we started ascending. We were obviously all unprepared that our outfit is just for chasing waterfalls. Some of us had their flip flops, others luckily had rubber shoes while I had my trekking sandals.

Take note that I am the only trekker of the group and it got me worried for my friends to faint out. The sun was up and the heat was fiery. The trail was ascending for almost 30 minutes for now and our pace went slower. Where the hell is this cave?

Hindang cave

Cherilyn, the ultimate cheerer of the group, continued cracking jokes and this time, she was goofing around the guide. His name was Gilbert and she was hilariously asking if he was single or is he believes in forever and some related topics to that. Gilbert was awkwardly silent and Cherilyn still continued. It was the most fun part of the journey that had us all catch our breath from trekking.

After almost another hour of high ascent trek, we finally started to descend thus the cue that the cave is already near. Finally! We can sense victory.

Few moments have passed and Gilbert showed to use the cave.


Hindang cave
Ooh, I got chills the moment I saw the cave. It was creepy! Our loud actions were suddenly turned into well-behaved children. We approached the entrance of the cave and the stalactites and stalagmites amazed us. It was dark, it was called and it has haunting.

Our guide told us that we can enter the cave and we should be extra careful. The realms of the cave really silenced us out. It’s magically weird. Hahaha!

Hindang cave

The floor area of the cave is not that huge but how it looks makes it worth visiting. The entrance of the cave is full of stalactites and loose rocks. It neither has river nor water source inside but it has some sandy properties along its ground. The surrounding is mostly dark with light coming in from the mouth of the entrance.



Remembrance ni Hindang Cave 😂😂😂
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Posted by Four-Eyed Laagan on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I was the last to enter the cave while holding my monopod and the unexpected accident happened. Bam! I slide off the stalactites and my head nearly got hit with one of the rocks. Luckily I gripped a stalactite above me that prevented me from hitting that rock and my monopod was thrown away! That’s scary! Everyone was shocked and just said “hala!” and I was shaking my head and laughed after a few. I got few scratches in my shins and calves (and I still have the scars) from the accident. Seemed like that accident was the welcoming remarks of nature’s forces for our group haha!

There’s nothing much to do inside the cave, and I’m partially injured thus we went up and recommenced the trek going back to the jump off. We were supposed to be going for another cave but we did not pursue because it was already almost 3 in the afternoon and we still need to go to Hindang Falls.

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Was visiting Hindang Cave worth it? Let me hear your thoughts?

List of Expenses:

Tip for Guide to Hindang Cave – P150

Fare of Motorcycle Taxi with Tip – P100


12:10 PM – ETD Kiwalan then rode motorcycle taxi

12:50 PM – Logbook at the registration area

1:00 PM – Jump off to cave, start trek

2:10 PM – ETA Hindang Cave

2:40 PM – ETD Hindang Cave going back

3:20 PM – ETA Jump off

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