Cuernos de Negros Part 6: Journey Going Home + Casaroro Falls Side Trip

cuernos de negros casaroro falls

We had one great Day 2. The club went through hard times when we had one seemingly endless descending trek and a rejuvenating swim at the Naglupad Twin Falls. Well, as I mentioned from my previous blogs, good times has its own ending and our major trek has its end nearing. Day 3 and we started our morning with an awesome smile and I went directly to the bush to my personal moments. It’s pooping time! Haha!

As usual, we prepared our breakfast and lunch and had our stomachs full enough to be prepared for another day of adventure. We were so happy that I don’t want it to end. Char. I would’ve wanted to stay there if and only if the internet was there because blogging is life. Char.

This is Part 6 of Cuernos de Negros series. If you haven’t checked out part 5, click here. To see the full list of the series, click here.


Cuernos de negros

It was around 10:30 in the morning as were through preparing ourselves and embarked to a day of another adventure. This time, we were reminded to be quicker than the previous days to catch up with the time. Vlogging was advised to pause as we trek through the rain forest. As much as I loved to shoot, but we should this time prioritize our trek and be as quick as possible. So, poor four-eyed and wandering feet, we have left no choice but to keep our cameras and concentrate on the trekking. Haha!

We got to walk, walk, walk, walk, walk (in tune of Fifth Harmony’s Work at Home)…

Cuernos de negros

We had ourselves trekked seriously with minimal breaks. The kids were so quiet that time. I think everyone was contemplating life asking questions why I am here, why am I doing this, who told us to walk and carry heavy bags for 3 days.

After few hours of hiking, we started to hear the sound of the waterfalls. And alas, I was alive! It means that we were nearing Casaroro Falls, our exit point! Exit point meaning the start of the end and much-awaited lunch time! It was already a bit hungry that time and exhausted but we need to continue the trek so that we can reach the exit point as soon as possible. Thanks to the trail foods from the team being shared by everyone that kept us up and running.


Then we reached this part of the trail where we CAN slide through huge pipes of the water source. Padidit time! Hahaha! The inner child again was jumping up and down! The huge water pipes I believe were from a huge water source somewhere in the mountains and they were plenty of it going down.

Magpapahuli ba ako? Of course not! Ditdit didit! I was a child again and slid through the pipes. Luckily, I did not fell down like Junji that tumbled down during his turn. Hahaha! Dah vlog pa more!

Check out my vlog how cool it was!

The pipes actually gave us a shortcut preventing us from trekking through a descending muddy trail. So we saved a couple of minutes back there, thanks to that water pipes! 😀

After that child reminiscing moments, we continued being an adult and trekked like forever. It was past 2 in the afternoon as the trailed widened thus a hint that we were already near the exit point! We were getting pumped up and were singing along to keep ourselves entertained.


Cuernos de negros

And poof! Yay! We finally arrived at the Casaroro Falls jump-off, our exit point. What a taste of accomplishment, finally arriving at the wide cement road. It was a mark of the end of the 3D2N major trek at Cuernos de Negros. We then had our lunch and 555 Tuna Mechado was actually delicious that before. Thanks to that exhausting trek! Lol!

“Quissshh” The sound of soda popping out while its bottle cap twisted caught my attention and immediately had me excited to drink some. Dang! It was cold and definitely refreshing. I needed those sugar that was lost from 3 days of adventures. Aahhhh, I love it! I was re-energized and got me like a kid goofing around while doing my thing.

After few moments of refreshing meal and drinks, we decided to embark on a side trip to Casaroro Falls which is one of most grand waterfalls in Negros Oriental. I loved it when I visited during my birthday trip, how much more for the second time!



Casaroro Falls will always be on my list of amazing waterfalls that I had been. The icy cold chills this falls gives me is always revitalizing and satisfying my inner self that I’m always thankful for. This waterfall is currently building up its audience and good thing that it is controlled and maintained by the local government. Hopefully, tourists that will visit the place will remain responsible and help protect and preserve the grandeur of the natural resource.



Cuernos de negros

After we were refreshed in Casaroro Falls, sad to say, we would embark the journey going home. It was 4 in the afternoon and we were planning to catch the 6:30 PM fast craft schedule at Sibulan Port. Our guides from One MC (Oriental Negros Mountaineering Council) and Team Relax joined us back to Dumaguete City that allowed us to give our heartfelt appreciation for the job well done. Our Cuernos de Negros experience would not be as awesome as this without their guidance.

I was actually sad when we reached Sibulan Port because that 3D2N adventure was over and I wanted more! If and only if I don’t have responsibilities back in the city, I would always go for an adventure. Nevertheless, I am really thankful for that experience. It was a test of patience, emotions and physical extremities that had us rewarded with the feeling of ever satisfaction and achievement of conquering ourselves with the help of the glorious Mother Nature that had us experience the beauty of its creation. Sepanx pa more!!! hahaha!  This definitely goes to my best adventures yet in 2017 and I hope to have more as the year goes by.

Cuernos de negros

This is the end of the Cuernos de Negros series and thank you for staying up until to the 6th part. I hope you enjoyed and will relive moments and hope you create your own treasured memories too in the highlands of Negros Oriental. Thanks a lot and happy adventures!

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Day 3 –

10:30 AM – Start Trek

02:10 PM – ETA Jump Off Casaroro Falls + Lunch

02:35 PM – ETD to Casaroro Falls

02:55 PM – ETA Casaroro Falls and Enjoy

03:30 PM – ETD from Casaroro Falls

4:00 PM – Back at Jump Off

04:15 PM – ETD Going to Dumaguete City

5:30 PM – ETA Dumaguete City and Early Dinner

6:40 PM – ETA Sibulan Port

8:00 PM – ETD going home from Sibulan Port to Liloan, Santander, Cebu

8:20 PM – Liloan Port

9:00 PM – ETD to Cebu City

12:45 AM – ETA South Bus Terminal, Cebu City

1:00 PM – Home sweetie home! 🙂

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