Cuernos de Negros Part 5: The Majestic Twin Falls of Nagabi and Funny Encounter along the Trail

naglupad twin falls

“The ice cold water shivers down through my spine as I soon indulged to Twin Falls of Nagabi.”

We were just stuffed as a mighty lion after that sumptuous camp lunch at the Ranch. We finished setting up our tents and preparing ourselves for a quick waterfalls adventure. Of course, I, personally, was freaking excited because I love to chase waterfalls than chilling out on the beach.  It gives me the feeling of being invigorated and being one with nature. The water massage from the drop and the chills it provides that is so remarkable.

It was around 4:30 PM that we set forth towards the majestic Twin Falls of Nagabi. My friend, James, was so excited about this falls as he talks about it most of the time during the first day. Let’s see how it goes.

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From the Ranch, we descended from a trail of muffins (you know what I’m talking about right? Lol) and a wet rocky pathway. As we went nearer, I could hear the rush of the water rapids against the huge boulders of rocks in the river. We were so excited and our longing souls were jumping up and down. The kids at heart arrived at the intersection where the Ranger station was found. Troy, our guide, asked everyone who wanted to poop because there was a toilet on that station. Some of us went there to have their personal moments, while some of us went too to watch the banners of different mountaineers clubs that visited Cuernos de Negros. Of course, we were proud to see that our club, NCR Trekkers, was there!

As our hearts were proud and thankful when we saw our club’s banner, we diverted our attention to proceed to our chasing waterfalls jaunt. Our inner ninjas, again, came out as we hopped into some river trek. I was wearing my trekking shoes that time and I have left no choice but to soak it in.


Naglupad twin falls

“Kkkssshsshshssssss”! The sound of the waterfalls gets louder as we went nearer. We were thrilled and made our pace even faster. And that moment came where we left ourselves amused by the natural beauty of Twin Falls of Nagabi.

Twin Falls of Nagabi is located in the secluded area in Valencia, Negros Oriental. It has a twin just ride beside it. The first falls were wider and the current was stronger. The other was taller yet the pool was narrower.

Naglupad twin falls

We were so amused and the inner kid was jumping up and down as we took photos and enjoyed the breeze from the waterfalls. I took off my shirt and went to the basin and had a dip.

Ughhhhhh it was so cold! As cold as the ice found in the fridge! Even colder than Casaroro Falls in Valencia. It was as refreshing and invigorating from so far 2 days of trekking. We were so happy like a kiddo that played around while shaking. Bbrrr! I feel like the most intense Ice Bucket Challenge ever! It’s even colder than my heart (char haha).

It was super awesome that we forgot the pains and the weariness from the previous days of treacherous adventure.

We went to its twin falls and had ourselves some photo shoot moments. I’ve never felt this good!

Good moments are not permanent and thus they should end, however, these will be always be kept from within our hearts and memories.

We went up to the campsite after an hour of rejuvenating moments because it was already getting dark.

Were we happy? Of course! Was it worth it? Super!

I love how secluded Naglupad Twin Falls is. It prevents irresponsible tourists from ruining it because of its distance, and it is one great factor.


Naglupad twin falls

This Afternoon, during our seemingly endless descending trek from Lake Nailig, we found something hilarious along the trail. This, of course, made our sassy girl trekker, shout for joy. Haha! Along the Apolong Trail, someone from the past has carved a branch to an erected male organ and it’s huge than the normal. Hahaha! It’s placed just side of a downhill muddy trail that would leave you no choice but to touch it as support for you not to fall. One of our girls shouted and we were laughing about it. It was one of the hilarious moments of our Cuernos de Negros trek. If you encountered this kind of ‘artwork’ within the trail, would you dare touch it? Comment down below! 😛

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Itinerary so far…

3:00 PM – Lunch and Pitch tent at The Ranch

4:15 PM – ETD to Twin Falls of Nagabi

4:30 PM – ETA Naglupad Twin Falls and Enjoy!

5:20 PM – ETD to Camp Site

5:35 PM – Back at Camp site

10:40 PM – Lights Off

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