Cuernos de Negros Part 4: Apolong Trail and the Scenic Kaipuhan Sulfur River

kaipuhan sulfuric river

My inner ninja started kicking out when we started to carry our heavy backpacks because I knew it was gonna be another awesome day. We were descending through Apolong Trail. It was an hour before 12 when we embarked on the journey.

The weather was great and the mood was up. We were pumped up for those extreme activities we’ll undertake. I was still at the end of our trail because ya know, vlog is life. Hahaha!

This is Part 4 of Cuernos de Negros series. If you haven’t checked out part 3, click here. To see the full list of the series, click here.


Cuernos de negros
It was all good when we saw the muddy 90 degrees descending trail. We quickly reminisced our Mt. Lanaya experience back then. The passageway was so steep that you had to be extra careful because you might roll over towards the end of the inclined trail. That time, it was drizzling and the fog was haunting our experience. It was even more difficult when the passageway was wet. Thank you rain! The branches of the trees along the path were our aid for a safe journey. I was still at the end of our trail and my friends who were in front of me helped me by telling which footstep to take. They said descending mountains is like dancing. If I were to audition, I would definitely fail because I don’t freaking know the right step. Poor me! Lol! Anyway, I’m thankful for them for helping the four-eyed adventurer. Luckily I did not completely slid off. Though there were times I slide off but luckily I was able to hold on and not completely fall. Mahirap na ma-fall agad. Haha!

Cuernos de negros
Descending is absolutely fun especially if you’re at the last because you got to see your friends at front fall down. Hahaha! Evil me! It’s not good to laugh at it but we really couldn’t help. We’ll where’s the fun in mountaineering if you’re too serious while trekking?

The steep downward adventure continued for three more hours. We were stinky and dirty. Our sleeves were full of mud and shirt soaked with sweat. We were starting to starve because it was already 2 in the afternoon and we haven’t reached our lunch area, the Ranch, yet.


Cuernos de negros

The head, middle and tail were vividly divided, leaving at least 20 minutes gap behind. The head group reached another iconic spot in Cuernos Negro, the stunning Solfatara. We, the tail group, called through the walkie talkies and as soon as we found out that they were already at the Game-of-Thrones-like place, we were thrilled and got our pace a bit faster.

Almost 20 minutes had passed and we already smelled the scent of the sulfur. Hence, we were already near the scenic spot. Dali mga bes kay mag-picture2x pa ta! Hahaha!

Ugh, that unique smell that I would never forget during my birthday trip at Negros was there again! Again! Ew. Luckily I had my head wrap that I made it as a mask. We placed our bags on the ground where our guide rested and we cheerfully went to the Kaipuhan Sulfur River.

Wow! It was stinkingly eye-pleasing and jaw dropping! It was like a scene in some war-themed movie where the place was devastated by fire. The countless burnt trees and bed of white rocks were making it hardcore. The scenery may be described as sad, opposite to the lively lush of green trees surrounding the area. “HEY GUYS” then started and of course stroke some Instagrammable poses.

Within the Sulfur River, lies a solfatara. It was bubbling like a volcano is going to erupt. I went near to it and the smell was stronger and concentrated. Four-eyed was skeptical but the adventurer me pushed me to touch the water from the basin full of sulphuric water. Stunned, I thought I’m touching hot liquid but surprisingly it was even cold! As cold as Lake Nailig! But ugh, it was so stinky that I only stayed for few seconds. I did not even have myself captured for a photo because I can’t stand it.

A few moments later, Sir Ralph, our guide, called us so that we can continue our trek. Dang, it was almost 3 PM and we weren’t able to take our lunch yet! Thanks to the Kaipuhan Sulfuric River, we slightly lost our appetite.


Cuernos de negros
We resumed our trek and our guide told us great news. The ranch, which is our lunch area and campsite for that night, is just 15 minutes away. Yeah! Finally, we got to eat and rest from the day of descending arduous trek.

“If you trust your rebel heart ride into battle, don’t be afraid take the road less traveled on!” Wala lang, I just wanted to sing as filler. Hahaha!

A few moments later, we saw a vast field of trees and muffins and a nipa hut. It’s the Ranch! (In tune of The Climb by Miley Cyrus hahaha)

We quickly prepared our lunch and cheerfully shared the food served. Though it’s not freshly cooked, because it was prepared in the morning, but it was as good as from the fancy restaurants. It was one great late lunch. Perhaps, snacks? Lol!

After our dragons were full, we pitched our tents and changed our stinky clothes to set forth for a rejuvenating waterfalls escapade just 20 minutes away from the Ranch. Yahoo!

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