Cuernos de Negros Part 3: Lake Nailig and Last Night’s Ticked Bucket List

lake nailig

“The sound of everyone’s snore was like a choir that sings in the stadium.”

That signifies how well our sleep was during our camping experience in the icy chill wonder of nature at Lake Nailig. The heavens were amazing because we were glorified with such good weather and granted us with such good slumber.

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“Good morning!” said the Four-eyed on his camera lenses for the vlog.

I was so hyped up! My phone got recharged and so was I. That was one best sleep of my mountaineering life. Cold weather, comfortable ground, cozy sleeping bag, and jacket made pillow, you could definitely imagine how loud my snore was. Hahaha!

Cuernos de negros
Everyone was already up when I woke up. They were preparing for our sumptuous breakfast and I was excited because it’s kainan time! Nailig Lake was still covered with thick fog during that morning. It was like the Goddess of Nature and elements of the spirit were embracing us. It may sound creepy but it was chillingly great. Of course, we were covered with bonnets, jackets and leg sleeves (because I don’t have jogging pants). Every blow of the wind hushed through our skins was like we could get frozen anytime.

While some of us were preparing for breakfast and including our lunch, we were at the shore of the lake, grabbed some phones and cameras and snapped some Instagrammable photos. It’s modeling time! Haha!


Last night, before I went to bed, I achieved and ticked an item off my bucket list. For almost a year of mountaineering, it was my first time pooping in the campsite. Quite an accomplishment eh? Hahaha! I was, of course, skeptical at first because it was so dark and it was zero visibility but the call of nature was so persistent and strong that I was left no choice but to surrender. After some of us had their pooping moments, I had my turn and looked for “The Spot” meters away from the camp site as advised from the master poopers (guess who). With the help of the twigs, I dug a whole and then squatted. Poof! The sound of the bomb when it dropped shrieked like there was no tomorrow. Oh yeah! Hahaha! It was so short like it was my shortest pooping time ever. I tried to look at it, damn, it was a bit soft and yellowish like a mango ice cream. Plus! I failed to make ’em shoot into the whole I dug. After wiping and cleaning the mess up, I, of course, covered the prints like nothing happened. The feeling was satisfying and my tummy was lighter. Maybe this was the reason why I had such good sleep. HAHAHA!


Cuernos de negros
The jubilant adventurers were like kids playing around the lake while shooting photos and preparing breakfast. Countless laughs and wacky moments that made the camping experience one of a kind. The time came when it was breakfast and we gathered in the eating area.

Each of us grabbed our plates and plastic gloves and devoured the delicious food served. Poor dried fish, it only existed for few minutes. That was always the best viand in the mountains. Of course, we were stuffed and so ready for the upcoming day of thrill and adventure!


Cuernos de negros
It was almost 10 in the morning yet we were not yet through preparing our lunch and breaking the camp. The lake was still surrounded with cold thick fog. Our guide advised us not to reach the summit to avoid certain unfortunate circumstances. Of course, I felt sad because that’s one a must do when mountaineers climb mountains, especially times like these when it’s a MAJOR climb. But when the universe says, we got nothing else to do but to follow. Nevertheless, reaching the iconic Lake Nailig is already an achievement.

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