Snap and Ponder: 10000 Roses Café – Being Responsible while Enjoying!

10000 roses cafe

Over the weekend, 10000 Roses Café and More was so popular because it offered something new to Cebuanos. It earned a lot of appreciations and excitement as the netizen’s liked and shared the photos of the place. This new attraction is located in Cordova, Cebu around an hour from Cebu City and is just beside from the floating restaurant of Lantaw. It became a trend because it looks like Dongdaemun Design Plaza’s LED Rose Garden in Seoul Korea. I’ve never been to Korea but I found the magnificent attraction from my friend’s blog.

#SnapAndPonder, a blog series that shows my captured photos that make me ponder for stories and thoughts I want to share.

This was one of our most spontaneous trips because I invited the #vlogarkada 2 hours before our meeting time. Dili kayo halata na excited! Apparently, Junji and AJ were unclear and it was only Glenn who was sure to be with me. Fortunately, the two J’s arrived and thus, we henceforth the adventure.

Going to Cordova

We met at SM Cebu City and rode a van-for-hire directly to Cordova for P35. It took almost an hour considering the traffic and the distance from the city. I was actually sleepy granting I took a nap few hours before the trip. So what to expect? I had one quick sleep. My friends surely did too.

We arrived at Gaisano Grand Mall at Cordova and immediately got a trike going to the edge of town. I was indeed excited and the fact that it was a trend did not sink inside my mind. A few moments later, we finally reached the most famous place nowadays. And yeah, it was a blockbuster!

10000 Roses Café and More

Like I mentioned from my previous blogs, I don’t usually research on the places relevant to my destination. Indeed, I was actually glad and thrilled as the view of 10000 roses laid in my four eyes. I grabbed my phone and filmed the place and my experience. I also did interact few people and asked their opinion about the place. We surely had fun, right?

10000 Roses Café and More is an indeed a beautiful place. The numerous roses are already pleasant to the people’s eyes but what I noticed more is the ambiance and view of the Cordova Wharf. The sea breeze kissing my skin is already enough for a nature-lover like me. The place is definitely perfect for couples and barkadas who wanted to chill out and have fun.

Check out my vlog!

Time to Ponder…

The influence of social media is really strong that brought a bunch of people to witness this new attraction. It is good in the perspective that the café who will just have their grand opening is already popular to people thus indicating a solid start. People specially from another side of the country and even from the different parts of the world will add this place to their list when they visit the city.

However, every Yin would also equate to a Yang. The effect of people flocking to a certain place would impact not only with the business but also to the place itself. Yes, it was appreciated but unknowingly it was being depreciated. People tend to destroy instead to respect. Was it out of excitement that people tend to get reckless and careless without even knowing that it is being devastated gradually? Maybe it’s in human nature when everything gets so hyped up that we overjoyed and forget to control ourselves.

Is it wrong to be happily excited? Of course NOT! It is definitely an amazing feeling; YES because we tend to forget how to control and compose ourselves affecting the surroundings. Everything has a limitation and we have to establish and recognize that we should manage to conduct proper etiquettes especially visiting places that are new and not from us. I’M NOT ONLY POINTING OUT 10000 ROSES CAFÉ BUT THIS IS ALSO APPLICABLE IN FORESTS, WATERFALLS, MOUNTAINS AND SEAS. With too much joy, we are actually quickly destroying it. Can’t the effects be felt nowadays? I’m sure you do feel it and I hope you’d recognize.

So what then? I hope people got to realize every action we take brings out effects from our surroundings. There’s nothing wrong with being happy and excited but we should take into consideration of controlling and composing ourselves for the benefit of the good.

I admit I tend to let loose so much that I tend to be careless sometimes and get as loud as a trumpet and I do apologize. I’m just a boy whose dream is to soar high and enjoy every single moment of my life.

Let us all be responsible for every action we take while having fun! 🙂

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