Dodiongan Falls: An Adventure towards the Wings of the Forest


Every adventure is always unique. You get to meet new friends and discover and explore their different perspectives in life. Having an exciting escapade towards Iligan City’s simply beautiful waterfalls of Dodiongan is never an exception. This time I was with my cousin’s friends who also became my friends.

Dodiongan Falls is located in a secluded area amidst the forest of Brgy. Bonbonon that is 14 km away from the city. I have always wanted to visit this waterfall since I became an adventurer, however, I don’t have yet someone that could accompany me. The waterfalls resemble huge wings of an angel that would give heavenly amusement.


Dodiongan Falls
It was after the New Year’s hangover as I invited some of our friends for this jaunt. Luckily, they accepted the invite and got hyped up likewise. We rode a Jeepney to Brgy. San Roque from the city proper. We could not contain the excitement as we immediately rode motorcycle taxis and embarked on the first adventure of 2017!

After almost 20 minutes of motorcycle taxi ride, we reached the jump off at Brgy. Bonbonon. Sometimes, I purposely don’t read blogs and articles about my destination because I don’t want to spoil the excitement. I also did that during this jaunt and I was quite surprised that we need to do some river trek. Fortunately, with the help of my laagan instinct, I wore trekking sandals instead of shoes thus getting my feet wet and soaked up is not a problem.



Dodiongan Falls
The rascal squad right away started the jaunt after having an agreement with the motorcycle taxi drivers to guide us to the waterfalls. We embarked on a journey and got excited of what was waiting. As usual, we formed a single line that follows the trail.

We were pumped up, happy and really noisy. Haha! One of my friend, Cherilyn, was seemed to be so happy during that time. She tries to keep the vibe up by taking random things and making fun of them. She cracked a lot of jokes and hugots that made our adventure more fun. Bisag hangos basta katawa lang japun. hahaha!

Dodiongan Falls
Going to Dodiongan Falls would equate for some river trekking (yay!). As someone who likes to climb mountains and explore the wonderful creation of God, river trekking is not new. However, this is one of my least liked activities because it gets my feet wet especially when crossing rivers. Somehow it gives more pain in my feet than the normal dry hike. HOWEVER, my friends are apparently not trekkers and they were wearing rubber shoes. They have left no choice but to cross the rivers while wearing their shoes. Some took it off but chose to get it wet in the succeeding river crosses.

The jubilant heart of a four-eyed laagan was even got more excited as I crossed the cold water rapids of the river. But there was one blooper that one of my friends tripped as she crossed the river. Excited sya maligo. It was so genuine and unexpected that I was not able to film the happening. Sayang Hahaha! Best moments are indeed often uncaptured!
After 20 minutes of bloopers, fun moments and draining trek, we finally witnessed the beauty of Dodiongan Falls from afar! It really does resemble wings and it was stunning!


Dodiongan Falls
If you could imagine my face and my reaction as I got nearer towards Dodiongan Falls. Haha! You got it right! I was like a kid almost running around to savor the beauty of the waterfalls. While my friends are resting on the rock boulders of Dodiongan, I was so busy shooting my #GGSS moments of the vlog and Instagrammable photos with the help of my ever helpful tripod. Lol!

Dodiongan Falls
I never expected that Dodiongan Falls was actually taller than it seemed in the photos. The sound of the greenish water rushing towards the basin as it falls down from above was so satisfying and relaxing. The howling wind was kissing my adrenaline-thirsty soul and it was caressing me like I was so welcome in the jungle. Anak man guro kong Tarzan ba hahaha! I was indeed happy (nalingaw pud ba kaha to akong mga kauban noh? HAHAHA!

Dodiongan Falls
I and sangay cousin (Jan) were so ready to dive into the basin of Dodiongan but our friends gave us the benefit of the doubt hinting something. Reasoning out that we will chase another falls nearby – Hindang Falls – and there we will do the swimming convinced us to disembark and move on. So yeah, we were not able to swim.

We resumed our journey and went back to the jump off through the same trail we went through.

Dodiongan Falls
Along the journey, one of my friends went near me and told me that Dodiongan Falls is not advisable for swimming. I then asked why. She said the water from Dodiongan is not clean because above that is Iligan City’s dump site. I was surprised and at the same time disappointed. The dump site is actually destroying God’s creation! I hope environment advocates and agencies will take action for this issue and instead help preserve the environment.

How about you? Would you feel the same way I felt when I heard the dirty little secret of Dodiongan Falls? Comment down your thoughts below!


Jeepney from City to Brgy. San Roque – Php 7
Motorcycle Taxi – Php 70/pax back and forth
Guide Tip – Php 30/pax

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