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dahilayan adventure park

One of the most exciting adventures I longed for during my last Christmas vacation was the adrenaline-pumping activities at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. This wide adventure park offers numerous amenities that could surely give everyone the thrill they ever wanted. It is located at Kitanglad Range in Bukidnon but it is more accessible from Cagayan de Oro City.

Along with me were my jubilant cousins and our friends that broke the barriers of fear and enjoyed every course we took during the adventure. We were so excited that we woke up late thus we were an hour delayed from the schedule. By the way, we contacted tour services months before the day of our adventure. I think this is more convenient and good because the mode of transportation from CDO to Dahilayan is resting assured. We arrived at Limketkai Mall as our rendezvous at 9 AM which was supposed to be 8. Late pa bes! Lol!


We immediately disembarked to the most prolonged adventure in my life (char) and it took an hour and a half to reach the park. We passed through beautiful sceneries which I loved most. Mountains! I saw the grandiose Kitanglad Range! FYI this range is where we can find the 2nd and 4th highest mountains in the Philippines, Mt. Dulang-dulang and Mt. Kitanglad. I hope to climb both soon when God and wallet permits! 🙂 We also passed through the vast fields of pineapples in Del Monte. We did not get the chance to snap some photos because ugh we were late so the blogger in me just took photos from the van. I was already bedazzled like my eyes were sparkling.

The wind got colder as we were nearing and the air got fresher. I absolutely loved it! We reached Dahilayan Adventure Park around 10:30 AM. Woot! Woot!



After months of waiting for this moment, it finally arrived! Eto na talaga bes! Hahahaha!

Fortunately, our tour package included a cheerful guide with 3 zip line courses. Our guide grabbed the tickets for us and we went to the Pinegrove Mountain Lodge, a restaurant found inside the adventure park, to fill our screaming tummies. Like from my other blogs, I can’t describe the food we ate because I’m not good at it. Lol! So I’ll leave it there. Watch my vlog for this jaunt to see our genuine reactions! Haha!

Asia’s First Longest Dual Zipline


After our tummies got stuffed, like mine got so big as usual, we immediately proceeded to the longest Zipline! It was all of the sudden and it was so quick! We were dressed with I-don’t-know-what’s-that-called equipment getting us ready for the activity. We then rode the shuttle going to the starting point which was way higher than the base of the park. Amidst the rush, we discovered that the staffs would be having a lunch break and we were the last batch to do the longest zip line.

I was really skeptical during this ride because I wanted to capture my experience but using my phone and a monopod. It would be between life and death of my phone. I asked few questions to the staffs and they said that it’s safe to use your phone as long as you hold it tight. Some people already did the same before. So padayon mga bes!


We were so happy in this photo except one. Lol!
Few moments before our turn, I just found out that one of our friends is really afraid of these kinds of extreme activities. She was like almost to cry when she heard the sound of the screeching wires of the zip line. We encouraged her and cheered her up but she really can’t take it. So she was left to the starting point and rode a shuttle back to the base.



At least once in my life, I was able to fly like a Superman. Sunod fly like Peter Pan nasad HAHAHA #Dahilayan blog coming up soon at!

Posted by Four-Eyed Laagan on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One of the most amazing feelings is to fly! I was really glad. The cold wind rushing through my body, the stunning view from above and below, the adrenaline and joy I felt during those 30 seconds was really fulfilling and all I did was smile, shouted out of joy and felt free! That 840-meter zip line was as quick as a snap of a finger but it seemed to last longer. I never regretted I took a video of that experience though it’s risky.


Moving on, we went to the next 2 zip lines which were connecting (after the staff’s lunch break). This time we were in sitting position and still, I captured videos of the fascinating moments.


Do you know what’s the most anticipated and longed for activity that my inner soul was jumping up and down as soon as we were heading to its area? Yes! You’re right! It is the popular 120 ft. Dropzone Free Fall ride. This was not included in our tour package so it was additional to our expenses.

We decided to be in pairs because it costs cheaper and it would equate to heavier mass and it creates faster acceleration that would make the dropzone experience even more tremendous!


As the lift was raising us (with my sangay cousin), I was already pumped up and screaming out of exhilaration. I was about to say stop but the lift keeps raising us even higher! The people at the ground were already small like ants SO 120 FT IS REALLY HIGH YA’LL! It was scary!

One of the scariest decisions in life is made in Drop Zone. It’s the Pull of Faith. Why? The riders got to pull the trigger to release them thus the start of the free fall! It’s between life and death. When you pull it, you’re gonna fall and that’s terrifying! But what’s the point of this ride if you don’t free fall? Masakit mahulog pero dito sa Dropzone masaya! Hahaha! And what’s so exciting during our turn, I was the one that will PULL the trigger so our lives were on me. Waaahhh!!

BAMM! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! We fell at approximately 30 km/hr (char) at starting point as the potential energy was converted to kinetic energy. We were swinging even farther than the previous riders before us because we were heavier. Hahaha! With that acceleration, my soul was left at the top! It gave butterflies inside my stomach and a throb in my heart!

The swing kind of reminded me of the Galleon Ride in amusement parks to the next level. The most exciting part was pulling the trigger and the actual free fall. The swinging part made us giddy which I least liked. Nevertheless, it was A HELL OF EXPERIENCE DUDE! Ganyan ang feeling sa ma-fall sa maling tao. Ayt hahahaha!

Check out my vlog!

Every good moment has to end (because walang forever) because we don’t have the precious time. Remember we were late at first so we suffered the consequence. Hahaha! We were wishing to try out the Go Kart and the Sky Tower Base Jump. Thus this means we still have reasons to revisit Dahilayan Adventure Park!


We set forth from the Dahilayan Adventure Park and we were exhausted from a day of extreme activities yet memories will always remain inside our adrenaline-seeking hearts.

How about you? Have you been to Dahilayan Adventure Park? What activities you tried out and what you liked most? Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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