Manuel Resort: Piñan’s Ultimate Vacay Destination

manuel resort

Being with the family is always a quality and worth sharing experience especially when you get to enjoy and bond with them after few months being away. These type of vacay is indeed an ultimate refresher from the daily rush and stress of adult life in the city.

I also had a short hiatus because I was preoccupied with my day job and jaunts. So welcome back! 😀

During my December vacay, we went to Zamboanga del Norte’s one of the best resorts for a perfect family getaway. Manuel Resort is located in Piñan, a municipality around 5 hours away from Iligan City. It is the best resort in Mindanao I’ve ever been up to this writing. Why’d I say that? It is huge, it has lots of offerings, and they have surprising amenities, great accommodation and more.

Manuel Resort

We had an amazing staycation for 2 days and a night and we surely had a blast! Our family is big so you would really imagine how we had so much fun on a larger scale.
Manuel Resort, a place secluded that should never be underestimated has a lot to offer and here are the reasons why I would love to return to this place:


1. Wide Area

Manuel Resort

What amazed me when I stepped into this resort is its area. It has a lot to offer and the resort needs a wider space for that. I can’t estimate how big it is and it’s not found on Google but it is quite impressive. The size might be comparable to Cebu City’s Fuente Circle but a bit wider than that.

It is perfect for kids and kids at heart for they can freely run around and enjoy. Our huge family enjoyed the place as my nephews and nieces played cheerfully on the grounds. It quickly became our playground as we cherished every moment.

Things get to be realized how big Manuel Resort is as we go along with this blog post 😉

2. Great and Comfortable Accommodations

Manuel Resort

The cozy and clean accommodations Manuel Resort offer would give you one of the best sleep ever! They have rooms that lodge up to 20 people and it’s impressive! We had the family room because were more than 20. The loud and rhythmic snores of my cousins’ testifies their great offering. Imagine that! haha!

3. Adventure Park Amenities

Manuel Resort

I was surprised to know on our second day that Manuel Resort has an Adventure Park. They have rope courses, wall climbing, and even zip line! I tried myself some wall climbing for P50 with two tries. Of course, it is one of my bucket lists and it was my first time so I find it incredible. My cousin too had enjoyed the zip line for only P20. It surely is incomparable to Dahilayan’s longest zip line but it is not bad for a cheap price. And I almost forgot, they have kayaks too!

Manuel Resort

Manuel Resort’s park too has human-sized statues of heroes like Ironman, Hulk, and even the rascal minions! You can also relive as a kid and play with the swings and slides. Lingawa nako sa swing lage! hahaha!

4. Pools for Kids and Adults

Manuel Resort

One of the amenities Manuel Resort is known at is their swimming pools. They have various types of decent pools for kids and adults with various depths. The resort even has a pool that surrounds the Adventure Park!

5. Refreshing Botanical Garden

Manuel resort

Amidst the wide array of activities one can enjoy in Manuel Resort like playing around, swimming and sweating out at the adventure park is a refreshing, quiet and secluded area of the botanical garden. It’s a bit hidden that you can discover it when you really take a walk around the resort. It’s peaceful because only a few people visit the garden and it’s rejuvenating because of the oxygen being omitted by the plants. I also like that they added labels on various plants and flowers so that people get to know more.

Manuel Resort

I was not able to talk about the food they offer because we were only able to eat during breakfast buffet and I’m poor in describing food. But surely, it was sumptuous and we were stuffed with delicious meals. Hahaha!

Manuel Resort

Our family spent two days and a night and we had one marvelous staycation. We were reunited, we had countless ha-has, we had our tummies stuffed, and we had comfortable slumbers, name it! Indeed, vacation together with the family is always something worth taking.

P.S. Words of Gratitude to our ever loving and generous Aunties and Uncles for the sponsorship of this ultimate staycation 😀

For questions and inquiries, please visit Manuel Resort’s Facebook Page.

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