Best Destinations 2016: Travel Instagrammers Speak

2016 is ending yet the memories still last until the end of times.

Traveling to different destinations is one of the most trendy lifestyles nowaday and taking awesome photos is not an exception. We were blessed with the technology to capture and enhance picture-perfect moments while having fun and make the most out of it with our own Mother Nature.

Instagram is one of the most powerful photo-sharing app and is currently being enjoyed by millions of people. Luckily, I got to meet awesome people through this Social Media/Micro-blogging app and learned a lot from them. They vary from niches but are joined with a common goal – “To capture and share the world’s moments”. 

There’s a lot to see outside from the four corners of the room and here are travel Instagrammers best destinations for 2016!

@Bongdabong – Singapore

I’m Dave. If I were to describe myself in one word, it would be eclectic. Loves devouring food, singing, sleeping and wandering.

I love Singapore because it is primarily clean plus its quite easy to get around the city due to its efficient public transportation. And also the food there is good! 🙂


@Countocram – The Face Suites, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Marco is the man behind lifestyle and food blogs, and His Instagram accounts showcase his style, travel, food and events photos.

I’m always fascinated with beautiful architectures and skyscrapers, and it’s always a dream for me to see the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Towers. That happened during my birthday this year, and the infinity pool of The Face Suites provided a stunning view of the towers. It was truly a dream come true.


@Chasing_Potatoes – Sambawan Island


Upon reaching the island, after a one-hour boat ride, I admiringly noticed the crystal clear blue waters, the stunning rock formations, the fine white sand on the beaches and the relaxing and placid tropical vibe of Sambawan.

Who wouldn’t love this spellbinding beauty of Sambawan Island? It’s quiet and quaint, perfect for people wanting to escape the reality of the busy and noisy life in the city.  The view is just breathtakingly spectacular from any angle. The island itself is a postcard of a perfect paradise. This is definitely one for the books for a tropical destination.


@Willjr42 – Osmeña Peak, Cebu

I’m an Aeronautical Engineering student and I love taking pictures. I take pictures of people and scenes that catch my attention.

I like this picture because aside from it, being so surreal, it gives off an aura of mystery. It leaves a room for imagination of what could’ve been dwelling behind that enormous fog. This picture makes me realize that there are far more beautiful destinations here in the Philippines that take your breath away (literally! Haha) than what you see in all those magazines and tv ads. This is one of the pictures that makes me think, “This is all worth it”


@jampong_mga_daliri- Osmeña Peak, Cebu 

I love this place not because it is the highest Peak in Cebu but, because you can experience a 360° view of what surrounds me. Simply, it tells me that the world has plenty to offer and waiting to be explored. Also, the sunset in Osmena Peak is awesome. And the place itself reminds me of Home because it resembles the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.


@Tonyericson15 – Mt. Amuyao, Mountain Province

I’m Ericson, frustrated model, aspiring photographer, traveler, mountaineer, always on-the-go.

This was taken at the summit of Mt. Amuyao in Batad, Mountain Province during this year’s Independence Day Climb. After 8 hours of trekking in the famous stairway to heaven and the chilly night, I was greeted by the best sunrise I’ve ever seen.

The clouds were so thick and fluffy that makes you wanna jump and swim in it. The vibrant colors of the skyline as the sun rises is breathtaking. Even an ordinary camera can capture its glory. It’s the best reward for us mountaineers.


@asanasadsijames – Mt. Talinis, Negros Oriental

My name is James Arthur Adalim, a part-time engineer but full-time laagan. Finishing a 5-year engineering course plus a 1-year review pushed me to take the off-the-beaten tracks and finally go out to see what else is out there. Since then, I’ve been exploring the unknown through traveling and fall in love with the mountains.

I will never forget the moment I had my first major climb at Mt. Talinis. The feeling of excitement on that first step at the foot of the mountain to the first sighting of the peak. I just can’t contain it. The first breath grasped up all the courage I needed to climb, to the last breath I’d say how thankful I am to have that experience. No regrets. Just fuels up my passion. The very first time I set my eyes on that view. The very first time I was energized just by looking at God’s creation. A thousand firsts of everything. A thousand firsts for my memory bank. I was literally head over heels on that mountain. A mountain that offers a lot of adventures from peaks to waterfalls to lakes to its mossy forests. For those who loves mountains, you should never miss Mt. Talinis.


@Songii1991 – Mt. Kan-Irag, Cebu City

Hi. I am Mariz. I am a pharmacist. I am a lover. I like delicious food. I love collecting shoes. I like people. I like to laugh. In short, I’m UNIQUE because I am ME.

I selected a photo when I was in Mt. Kan-Irag. For me, Mt. Kan-Irag is the perfect place to chill and unwind if you don’t want to go far from the city. It is just an easy trail so it is perfect for “once in a blue moon” trekkers like me. The last time I went to Mt. Kan-Irag was mainly to have a fun shoot with friends and although I had rough times on the trail, I was happy when we arrived. I was greeted by the peaceful aura of the place. It even felt like I was in a different country because of the green pastures. It was perfect for our photo shoot theme.

Who wouldn’t love this place? The grass is indeed greener on this side of Cebu.


@Kimartinii – Mt. Kan-Irag, Cebu City

Kim Edriel C. Español is a young seeker. Adventure and Photography are his likes. Most of the time he’s out finding himself. Cebu is his hometown. Leyte is his province. Now he’s on the verge of discovering and breaking barriers.

I’ve been to different places, but this adventure in Mt. Kan-Irag left my soul in peace and excitement at the same time. There’s so much that happened. This was my first time to do trekking and this made me realize how exciting life can be if you just try.


@Neverbeendan – Oslob, Cebu

Dan works in a privately owned construction company and during weekends he travels to places to find his own purpose in life.

This province is one of my favorite if you’re up for nature this is the dream place you wanna be, enchanting waterfalls, great food, clean mountain views and awesome people!


@Jak73 – Daanbatanyan, Cebu

People have known me as an avid sunset chaser. Well, certainly because most of my photos are sunsets. It’s one of the most amazing things in our world that you can appreciate every day, FOR FREE.

My life has eventually changed when I entered in college with all the hectic schedules and deadlines to meet. But I often manage myself to go home to my hometown, Daanbantayan, on weekends. It’s the town that occupies the northernmost tip of Cebu Province.

Whenever I go home, there’s always that certain urge that compels me to visit a very special place that most of you don’t know or even care about. It’s a sandbar situated at the back of our municipal hall. But it’s not the usual sandbar that most of you would expect, it’s composed of small rocks and brownish sediments eroded from the San Pedro River. It typically forms like a horseshoe but it only appears during low tide. If you happen to visit my hometown in perfect time, please drop by. It’s all up to you to find out why I consider this place the best, and it might also be yours too.



As nature offers diversity on its spots, whether to the mountains, cities, waterfalls or beaches, they offer amazing and distinct experience. I hope that we take part of preserving and helping it rather than destroying it for us to have more time and setting to take picture-perfect moments.

This is simply a rip-off of my previous blog about Best Places to Go but the contributors are from top-notch travel Instagrammers. I’m super lucky to have their thoughts being shared on this blog post. Thank you very much!

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