Top 5 Adventures in My Bucket List for 2017!

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Another year will come this means exciting adventures await! I have been mostly trekking for this year and I wanted to venture out on other activities for the upcoming year.

I was thinking and was listing down to my bucket list that should be crashed out sooner. Moreover, this is the Top 5 Adventures that I’m thrilled and looking forward in 2017 (I’m excited!!!)

  1. More Major Climbs!

Photo credit: Adrenaline Romance

2016 was full of minor climbs surrounding the island of Cebu. I only had the chance for a Major Climb at Mt. Pulag and it was never repeated until the year ended.

But, I’m beyond excited that my friends are planning out a series of major climbs for the first quarter. Couldn’t this be the perfect adventure to look forward to a trekker like me? Nearby provinces are seen as prospect mountains for the major climb. Amongst them are Mt. Talinis in Negros and Tres Marias at Biliran. NCR Trekkers had already conquered the mountains from the previous years and newbies like me wanted a comeback. I’m happy with it because these are major climbs yet the budget is just minimal.

My heart is jumping up and down as the months are fast approaching and I am preparing technically, personally, emotionally and all Lysss. Lol!

  1. Sardines Run!

Photo by: Chasing Potatoes

My life was surrounding with mountains and waterfalls, maybe this time I’d give chance to the depth of the marine life and do some free diving! Personally, I don’t know how to dive and I’m an occasional swimmer. I’m a bit scared of the depth of the ocean but I’m breaking those barriers to be amused by the beauty of the ocean. Several photos of sardines run and swimming with turtles got me pumped up because it’s surreal and mind blowing. Let’s see it on 2017!

  1. Rock Climbing

Photo credit: Adrenaline Romance

I’m considered to be clumsy because my entire life was revolving around nerdy stuff and I’m just starting to get physical. There were several times that rock climbing gets involved during treks. Then I was struggling because I could barely carry my weight. Even without additional loads, like my bag and stuff, I could get my biceps and triceps work together to get me up. Though I use my leg power to get me through that, there will be times that you’ll have to use your arms to climb. I wanted to get fit and try out rock climbing so bad to enhance and prove to myself that I’m not clumsy anymore. Luckily there’s a near destination in Cebu for rock climbing but I don’t have anyone willing to go. I hope I can find someone! Hahaha!

  1. Spelunking

Photo by: Solitary Wanderer

Once I tried exploring the caves of Bonbon and I am eager to do again some spelunking! The rush of adrenaline and being to see the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites makes it worth a redo. However, this time I wanted to try in the caves in Minglanilla or in Siquijor. Being exposed to risks oddly satisfies me whenever I conquered it!

  1. Parasailing

Photo credit: Chasing Potatoes

It’s considered to be luxurious because of its cost but it’s definitely a worth the penny! I wanted to feel the wind breeze kissing my skin and at the same time enjoying the overlooking view while flying. Originally, I wanted to try Sky Diving next year but I doubt my pocket permits. Thus, I’d venture out another option which I guess is cheaper.

I’m looking forward to doing it at least at Mactan Island or somewhere awesome!



Definitely, adventure is a diverse world that offers many activities that get you pumped up while having fun. It’s one of a kind experience that one longs for, a break away from the daily pressure and stress of life.

Would you come with me and crash out these items from the bucket list? Tara!

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