Aguinid Falls: Samboan’s Ultimate Waterfall Adventure

Aguinid Falls

The heart of a jubilant soul is always burning that it keeps on looking for adventure.

On my 22nd birthday, I embarked on a multi-spot excursion from the majestic island of Siquijor to chasing waterfalls in Valencia, Negros Oriental. It was Sunday dawn when I had to go home through Liloan Port, Santander, Cebu. I was thinking that it was too early and I still want to have some escapade. The first thing that popped into my mind is one of the nearest spot in Santander – Aguinid Falls in Samboan! Samboan is a town in Cebu province next to Santander.

Aguinid Falls is one of the well-known waterfalls in Cebu Province because of its multi-level cascade. The local government opened the first 5 levels to the public yet there are still 3 more that pushes adventure to the next level. There is an entrance fee of P20 per head and a required 2 technical guide that will accompany you in your jaunt. Take note that there will always be 2 required guides to convoy you regardless if you’re traveling solo. Moreover, there is no standard fee for the guide, it will be up to your perusal.



After paying necessary fees and meeting my technical guides, we proceeded to the orientation area. We were briefed by the first 5 levels – its nature, form and what to expect. In fairness, I was pumped up after the orientation. Why would I prolong my agony when I can go ahead immediately? Tara!

LEVEL 0 – Just for Photos

Aguinid Falls

Few steps through the rocky passageway, I reached level 0 of the Majestic Waterfalls of Aguinid. It’s called level 0 because basically, it’s just for taking photos and no further activities needed. I just took a photo then go.

LEVEL 1 – Soft Water Massage and My Lost Eye Glasses!

Aguinid Falls

The jaunt finally starts after few ascents of wet and rocky boulders. Level 1 offers a soft water massage where you can stay for a bit at the waterfall. However, it’s a bit embarrassing to just chill out and have a soft massage while people (including my guides) are staring at me. Hahaha! And there are still people waiting for their turn. So, my guts weren’t that good during that certain moment of time, I went up immediately.

My guide offered me an extreme way to go up instead of the common because he thinks I’m a hardcore adventurer (hahaha). I was brave enough and I was getting pumped up when suddenly a splash of water went through just my face and my eyeglasses are worn off to the basin! Waahh I can’t live without them. Luckily, my guides jumped without any doubt and looked for my eye glasses. Few minutes and poof! They found it! Lucky me! LESSON LEARNED: Never wore your eye glasses when you chase waterfalls like Aguinid 😀


Aguinid Falls

The adventure is just getting started! I was told by my guide to take off my sandals because the passageway going up through level 2 is steep and slippery. There’s even a rope from the bottom towards the end that can assist you with getting up. I was pesky and I did not hold onto the rope and just did climbed by myself. Then suddenly one watcher was shouting me to hold the rope! Hahaha! I tried several attempts to not hold but “SIR GUNIT SA PISI BAH!” was screaming at my back. So, I did hold the rope and it was then easier.

LEVEL 3 – More Relaxing Soft Waterfall Massage

Aguinid Falls

A relaxing waterfall massage awaits you at the 3rd level of Aguinid. The rock where the water splashes is good enough to sit down and relax for a few minutes. I think it gave better relaxation than level 1. But then again, it is really awkward to stand up or sit down and experience the waterfall massage and everyone else is watching you feel the moment and is waiting for their turn. So tara!


Aguinid Falls

The 4th level offers a jump. It’s not that high as what Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu or Salagdoong Beach Resort at Siquijor. At least, there’s something that gives you a bit of rush in the heart just like how my heart beats faster when my crush passes by. Hahaha! Of course, I would not let this opportunity to pass so I pooofff I jumped!


Aguinid Falls

What do we long for in every adventure that we have? After all the pain and exhaustion, the wounds and panting all being rewarded by the grand of 5th level of the Aguinid Falls. Simply this is the climax of the cascade because this is the highest and a unique rock formation of the waterfall. It gives you hard water massage because of its height but it surely worth the price. I grabbed the opportunity, of course, and enjoyed the waterfalls myself. Unfortunately, 5th level’s basin is just 2 feet deep so you can’t dive or swim that much. Instead, you still can enjoy the beauty of Aguinid.

Aguinid Falls

By the way, this is the last commercialized level of the local government. Local guides say there’s still level 6 to 8 and it would be extreme!!! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!!!

LEVEL 6!!! Rock Climbing!

Aguinid Falls

Who said Aguinid Falls is not for the brave heart? Reaching the 6th level from the 5th would let you do some 90 degrees rock climbing beside the waterfall! So what to expect? Water streams splash to your face and a rock climbing without any rope! In this part, the technical guides are most useful as they will assist you most during the climb. I felt the quick rush and intensity of that ascend. Basically, I can’t make it without my guides because I just can’t carry my own weight. Hahaha!
If you think that the extreme rock climbing is done, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The façade of the 6th level STILL would let you do some challenging activity to get through. You can either pass through in between the falls itself or do some tree climbing at the side of the waterfall. I took the tree and still asked helped from my guide and you know why. Lol.

LEVEL 7 and LEVEL 8 – Cool Down

Aguinid Falls

From the challenging activity being experienced at the 6th level, I was exhausted yet the adventure never stops! I had several mosquito bites and my back was almost red from scratches. The final levels of Aguinid Falls still would require some rock climbing amidst the waterfall itself YET it’s not that extreme just like level 6. A perfect way to cool down!

Aguinid Falls

I never felt a single drop of regret because I so much had fun. I got wet, dirty and exhausted but I got to experience that awesome adventure I haven’t thought Aguinid Falls can offer. Though it’s not as grand as Cebu’s famous Canyoneering, the cost and experience are adequate enough to fulfill one’s adrenaline-filled soul.
Would I revisit Aguinid Falls? Of course, YES!

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From Cebu City, you can take a bus to Samboan or specifically at the jump off to Aguinid Falls. You will know it’s the jump off because of the huge signage. Few walks and you will arrive at the Registration area and prepare for the activity.


Entrance Fee – P20/pax
Guide Fee – P150 each (depends on you)
Bus Fare – P150+

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