Best Place to Go? Travelers Speak

We are so blessed by God for He has given us the beautiful world ever. It has different stunning sceneries, rejuvenating vibe and the glory of nature.

People has different likes and opinions and they may vary the places they would go for recreation or having fun. It may be trekking to the mountains, chasing the grandeur of waterfalls or swim into the diverse marine life and chill out at beaches. These destinations are commonly the options if people look for this so-called “vacation”.

Travel Blogging is a diverse world and it would equate to varied opinions onto which destination they would prefer. Thus, I’ve asked them – “If you were to choose from Mountains, Waterfalls or Beach, where would you go for recreation or vacation?” – and here are their answers:

Travel bloggers

“ I will always love the MOUNTAINS no matter how hard may it take to reach the summit. It symbolizes a lot in life and every step I take is a stepping stone towards my goals. “

– Four Eyed Laagan

Travel bloggers

“Our element has always been the earth. Thus, we are inexorably drawn towards mountains. For us, climbing mountains teaches us about life itself—its challenges, joys, and rewards. There’s the agony of ascending steep trails, the dangers brought about by bad weather and topography, and the sacrifice of conveniences. Those are analogous to the pains and challenges of life. But then, there’s the beauty of the blanketing forests, the rejuvenation of fresh air, the amazement of the view around us, and the fun being with the company of friends.

Climbing mountains such as Mt. Guiting-guiting, Mt. Kanlaon, Mt. Igcuron, and the like has a big part in making us the way we are. These wonderful natural geological creations actually helped improve our outlook in life.”

– Adrenaline Romance

Travel bloggers

Bukid. Kay mostly ang dagat over crowded unless undiscovered. Kay ang dagat easily accessible ra kau. Kaysa sa bukid nga mag effort paka. Lol. Then mostly sa bukid kay way signal so detached sa tech. more time for reflection. Char baki!!

Sa waterfall pud kay gamay ra kau kag ma enjoy and risky siya if the weather is not good. Kay pwede mag flash flood.

– Wandering Feet PH


I am a true-blue waterfall chaser!
I love to take a shower with natural cascades, dip in a cool basin and make a splash with anything that flows. I love to deviate from the norm, explore off-the-beaten paths and discover yet another pleasant surprises. Cebu’s prolific waterscape is my playground. The call of the wild is something I cannot grasp in its real sense. Chasing waterfalls is my kind of adventure.. my escape.. my haven..
There are at least one hundred eleven (111) explored falls in Cebu and each one possesses unique and appealing characteristics. With this, I can say I love all waterfalls equally. Cross ‘em out one by one.

– Vivo Migs Gee

Travel bloggers

My answer is the Sea. For example, Apo Island.

Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by the ocean. That’s why I like being in the beach. I like to see the waves as they kiss the shore making a melody that somehow soothes a melancholy soul. I like the colors of the sea and all elements that surround it. I like watching marine creatures moving and swimming freely, showing off their own beauty and uniqueness.

I like the sea because it makes my senses alive.  Its smell and its salty taste carried by the breeze, and its  blue color awaken my senses and make me appreciate its beauty and mystery.

– Chasing Potatoes

While I love the greenery of mountains and the charm of the waterfalls, and occasionally enjoy strolling in the malls, there’s no doubt that I am a “sea” person. I am a son of a beach! I must have been a fish in my previous life. Reborn as I am now, I find comfort in snorkeling or scuba diving underneath, or basking in the sun on a secluded beach such as Punta Sebaring of Bugsuk Island in Balabac. This offbeat beach in the southernmost Palawan boasts of a wide stretch of perfectly white and fine beach. White as sugar, fine as powder, soft as a cushion! Punta Sebaring tops my list!

-The Lakwatsero

This year had been a blast and most of the insights gained from this year’s travel and adventure has been duly credited to the mountains. Needless to elaborate, it was love at first sight. And since then on, I never stopped conquering each of the mountains in Cebu and some renowned areas around the country. Not only did it bring a sense of accomplishment, it also transformed strangers into friends and hours of strenuous hike to irreplaceable moments of recognizing the integrity of creation. The mountains had become my personal brand of ecstasy – an outlet of frustration, a sedative to mend the setbacks of mundane life, an affordable comfort zone. Whatever I have become this year, it was all thanks to the mountains. Though uninteresting to many because of its not so great height, the mountains of Cebu offered experiences that I would always love to look back – like the stormy Valentine’s Climb we had at Mt. Mauyog and Mt. Manunggal, the creepy late night trek we had at Mt. Naupa, the trailblazing activity we had to Tiposo Peak, and of course, the numerous encounters with Sirao Peak. Surely, I will never run out of reasons why I’d prefer the mountains over the other scenic sights. There’s just so much that the mountains can teach every individual – every step, every trail, every slope, every cliff, and every hike offers a lesson in it.

– Dakilang Laagan


Going to the highlands has always been my dream vacation. The feeling is simply unique. (I’m sure you can understand that.) Your problems become insignificant when you are on top. You also get to see things that others cannot see. Just like my favorite line from Mount Analogue by Rene Daumal,” What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climb, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. ”

If I ever get the chance to visit Palawan again, I would love to visit the picturesque highlands in the province. I only got to explore Puerto Princesa City and the beautiful islands in El Nido. There are lots of majestic mountains in there that I have not visited yet such as Mt. Mantaling and Escapardo Peak.

– Laagan Nga Bata


Dagat o waterfalls. Dili ko mamuhi og walay tubig. Ayaw ko pakatkata og bukid nga walay waterfalls sa ending. Sa Cebu, daghan kaayong waterfalls diri. Mayta kanang mokatkat og bukid, padulong dayon sa waterfalls ba. Parehas adto nag-Osmena Peak mi, lahos mi sa Kawasan para mangaligo!

– Basta Bisaya

Since I’m always yearning to see nature’s beauty, then mountains, waterfalls and beach are always fine for me. If I could go chase the three of them before the year end, then I might genuinely have an awesome year end.

– The Little Lai: Beyond Limits

Travel bloggers


Beach – a lot of bitches in the beach.. hahaha.. btaw… To swim and practice swim as well as bonding with family and friends.. Example: Kalanggaman Island

– Laagan Ko

Travel bloggers

I’ll choose the beach any day because life gets toxic and stressful at times that all I need is a quiet place to relax and chill. Also, I love the feel of sand in my toes. It’s like therapy! I’d love to go back to Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan or Gumasa in Sarangani Province.

– Blissful Snapshots

Wala lage sa choices ang “Sa Puso Mo” hahahahahahhhahaha jejemonzz.  Bitaw, I like Bukid nga with pool or man made hot spring haha because it’s so chillaxing Ayyy kuan! Ako naadtoan kay sa The Pavilions in North Ridge, Monterrazas, sa Guadalupe. Nag family gathering lang then naay swimming pools didto then makita ang view sa city. Nindot kaayo kay luxurious kaayo ug pamati. Plus fresh air and nindot pod ang greens. Though akong gusto jud kay dili lang kaayo luxurious, like same2 unta anang native bukid feels but a lil modern, murag kanang pina Rancho Cancio na style haha!

– Nested Thoughts

Bukid na naay waterfalls. No need to explain kay I always love bukid… Dagat is my first love but bukid is my true love… hahaha

Example: Mabukal Mountain Resort kay naa tanan, pwede mokatkat sa bukid sa kanlaon ug naay 7 ka waterfalls ug naay onsen. Lol

Mount Talinis pud kay naay lakes, waterfalls.

– Wandering Soul Scamper

Travel bloggers

I am always going to be a water baby. I’d always choose the beach or waterfalls over anything. So if I would go to somewhere, I probably would choose to surf in Samar or Baler. I’ve been to Siargao twice and would love to visit other surfing areas in the Philippines.

– Rady Set Go

Indeed nature has all that she can offer from travelers to normal people who longs for vacation and recreation. People may have different preferences onto where to go but it always boils down to the ultimate one, Mother Earth. The Mother of all that holds the beauty of all. We could not be more thankful for God who gave us the mother that we needed most.

The point of this blog I want to make is not to argue onto which destination is the best. All of them are amazing! They have their own unique remarkable experience that we should be thankful for. I want to express that we, humans, should help protect and preserve these natural resources. We are lucky for now that we are experiencing the beauty of nature, but what about the future? What measures are we doing to help preserve for the future? Are those species still happy while people are monetizing them? What simple steps and actions should we do in order to extend the life of Mother Earth?

I cannot convince anyone but please I hope you start doing something if you haven’t. 🙂

Words of appreciation to all the contributors for your amazing answers. Also, I’m really sorry for those who were not able to make it into this post because I was only able to accommodate a few. Thank you!!!

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