Chasing Waterfalls at the Pulang Bato Falls, Negros Oriental

Pulang Bato falls

I was long enchanted and amazed as I was stepping into the rocks through the streams of the water and gradually seen the grandeur of Casaroro Falls. The longing jubilant soul of mine was still eager to pursue and hop into another waterfall in the rich province of Negros Oriental. This time, I went to very well-known waterfalls in the province, the Pulang Bato Falls.

It was somehow funny when I asked the trike driver on how to go Pulang Bato Falls and I was surprised that he doesn’t know the place. I started to become skeptical and worry then immediately chatted my friends who’ve been to Pulang Bato. He laughed as I showed a photo of the said falls and said that what I meant Pulang Bato is the Twin Falls. My adventure-filled soul was a bit surprised because Pulang Bato Falls has a twin sister! Haha! And the juice of excitement rushed through all over my body.

After being mesmerized by Casaroro Falls, we went to Twin Falls, located in Malabo, Negros Oriental. I luckily, out of haggling, managed to just add P200 from my base fare to Casaroro to reach Pulang Bato Falls.


Pulang bato waterfalls

When you say going to Pulang Bato, this smoky mountain is always included in the package. People call it something else and I call it the smoky mountain because obviously, the rocks are emitting smoke. Chronos must’ve burning something inside the rock boulders. Of course, I was awed by the beauty but felt gross with the smell. Hahaha! It stinks! Sulfur really smells bad. I’m not adept in Chemistry but I think this is the natural odor of Sulfur chemical.

There are huge yellow and black rails the served as boundary of the smoky mountain and the road. If you know me, I sometimes become pesky and silly that I climbed the top of the high rails. Luckily, no one scolded me thus I continued and asked Kuya driver to take some photos.

Pulang bato waterfalls

Adjacent to the smoky mountain is the sulfuric river. I believe the water comes from Pulang Bato waterfalls (correct me if I’m wrong :)). The river looks uniquely magnificent. It’s not like the typical river that we see in photos and books. The red boulders of rock make it look like in apocalyptic movies. It’s like a river made from a disaster. I did not go through near the river because it requires for you to descend.

After few moments of being amazed by the scientific amusement of the Smoky Mountain, we proceeded somewhere else for lunch because I was starving. Few kilometers then we found a barbecue shop and had our refreshing meal.


Pulang bato waterfalls

After being stuffed with some barbecues for lunch, we proceeded to the Twin Falls. I was scared at first because there’s this part of the road that is highly ascent and rough. The trike was struggling, I can feel the machine gears sheer from each other and squeak like it’s the end of the world. Out from the struggle, Kuya Driver asked me to disembark and help push the trike. Poof! I’m Superman! The trike went up! Luckily, few meters away, it is already cemented thus I am settled.

15 minutes has passed and we finally reached the Twin Falls.


Pulang bato waterfalls

I was surprised because Pulang Bato is actually developed. The pavement is cemented and there’s even a pool above the twin falls. I paid the environmental fee of P25. Note: There will be a price increase starting January 2017 and it’s gonna be P30.

My foot immediately moved forward inside the resort out of excitement and curiosity. Thoughts were flying and were circulating as I was imaging the beauty of Pulang Bato. I saw numerous photo of this creation and I was more excited seeing it with my four eyes.

Does the water really taste bad? Is it good for swimming? Will it be as grandiose as Casaroro?



Pulang bato waterfalls

I was stepping down through the stairs as the sound of the waterfalls get louder. Few steps more and I was already bedazzled.

Wow! The water rapids from above free falling to the basin with the pleasant noise it was producing gave a big smile to my jaw-dropped face. Nature never really fails to amuse me and even embraced with cold wind chills. I even thought that Pulang Bato has hot water overflowing because of nearby hot springs. However, the water was a bit as cold as Casaroro (only a bit and Casaroro is still the coldest waterfall I’ve been).

The unique, RED and badass rock formations make Pulang Bato stand out and remarkable. I was like in the movie Allegiant as the rocks were colored red and the formation was epic. While I was still the only visitor in the area, I had the opportunity to take awesome photos of Pulang Bato.

Pulang bato waterfalls

After having enough photos, I let myself indulge with nature’s amazing creation. I took my shirt and slowly walked nearer the basin. My friend warned me never drink (even if it’s accidental) the water from Pulang Bato because it causes you diarrhea. It even smells like rust was all over the water. Would you bother drinking that kind of liquid? Hahaha. I bet not. So what I did was just shut my mouth and just express my happiness inside my mind and body. Hahaha! The current was strong enough to sail you away from the center. Luckily, there’s a bigger rock at the side and I just stayed there for few minutes while enjoying the cold bath.

As time passed by, a bunch of people went over and also had the same reaction I had. (Mayra nauna ko kay walay photobomb sa akong picture hahahahah) I interrupted my moments with Pulang Bato and decided to proceed to Pulang Bato’s twin.


Pulang bato waterfalls

Its twin is just a few steps away from Pulang Bato and it is blue! God really is the best artist made the wonderful creation. Unlike Pulang Bato, its twin does not stink and does not contain sulfur thus it’s basically alike with most of the waterfalls. The basin was currently under development and they are making it as a pool.

And of course, I would not miss the chance to immerse with its twin so I jumped out of nowhere and swum like a kid. This time I let myself express my jubilant side and did not zip my mouth. Hahaha. The water does not cause diarrhea so it’s safe. 🙂

Twin falls

I went to the waterfall and had some rejuvenating water massage. The pressure of the water that pushes against my body with its cold temperature is so good that I would want to stay even longer. However, I don’t have so much time so huhu, I had to leave the paradise and head back to my accommodation.

As I was riding on the trike away from the heavens, I was a bit sad because I knew my vacation was starting to end. However, I’ll always cherish and reminisce the moments I had and relive what I felt. I wish I could go back. Maybe soon when time and wallet permits. As I lay in my bed, it was obviously too early to sleep. Though I had few minutes to rest, tada! I decided to visit Siliman University at Dumaguete and do the HOT Tempura Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!

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