The Grandeur of Casaroro Falls

casaroro falls

Each of us has their own way of happiness and being stunned by the glory of nature is one of the best ways to make me delighted. On the day of my 22nd anniversary of existence celebrated with awe and rush of adrenaline as I chose to set forth backpacking on a place I’ve never been.

My pre-birthday jaunt was mystical and magical as I toured around Siquijor Island that has made the adventure-warrior inside me joyful.

I sailed for another island that to me was unknown until I’ve discovered its beauty. Negros Oriental, located in the southeastern Negros Island Region consisting numerous environmental tourist spots. I stepped into few destinations because I only had a day to roam around.

Mr. Sun was saying a wonderful hello as I was embarking on a new day of escapade from Siquijor. I was actually skeptical on this trip because of budget constraints, but the eager traveler soul said No and Let’s Go! That eager traveler decided to go chasing waterfalls because it was the easiest destination to reach in Negros Oriental.

The grand Casaroro Falls was top of my list after the quick decision-making game.


My loving dragons within my stomach were really angry the moment I stepped to the lands of Dumaguete City thus I looked for an eatery somewhere the market after leaving my backpack in my accommodation. I was finding something unique and I found a Paklayan and excitedly ordered my breakfast. After a few minutes, like five, I was stuffed and was definitely ready for a day of an undertaking.


From Dumaguete City Market, I rode a jeepney going to Valencia, Negros Oriental. I was really thrilled as I discovered that I will just be sitting at the back rails of the jeepney because it was full. Haha! I was like a cute little monkey holding and sitting at the back and hoping not to fall behind as the jeepney accelerated.

I was not alone! Because a Negrense Lola was also sitting adjacent to me. I was laughing because it was my first time and she just smiled then I asked her if she does not want to sit inside the jeepney after a passenger disembarked, and she said “No”. I didn’t ask her why but I know she’s happy sitting there. Maybe she found her comfortable position on that spot. Lol.

Few moments have passed, the rain suddenly poured down and I was getting wet. Nevertheless, I did not falter because I was already wearing my adventure OOTD and was ready to get dirty and wet.

Half an hour, we safely arrived at the market of Valencia, Negros Oriental. From there, I hired a trike that went through directly to Casaroro Falls.



It was like 30 minutes of high ascending road that the driver took. I was a bit startling because of what might happen to the trike because it was a constant assault. The expertise of Kuya driver was the only hope I had. I can hear the shears of the gears and tremble of the cart but I was glass that I arrived the jump off safely.

Casaroro Falls

I directly went to the small nipa hut at the jump off and paid P10 as an environmental fee. Cheap right?



Casaroro Falls

Yes, you are not hallucinating, it takes 335 leg-breaking steps going DOWN to the water streams of Casaroro Falls. It’s must’ve been some kind of boring stairs but it was added up spices of higher steps. So you really have to be careful not to trip because you don’t want again to take the bloody shortcut rolling down to the base of Casaroro.

Casaroro Falls


Casaroro Falls

Hooray! I can hear the rush of the chilling water and the beauty of the forest as I went through the stairs. A basin of fresh water rapids streaming along the river welcomed me with awe.


Casaroro Falls

If like filming for my vlog saying that this was Casaroro when the driver continued trekking to the higher areas. I was like, “Dili pa diay ni mao?” hahaha and the guide said no. whatttt? How long should I walk? He said around 15 minutes. Okayyy. So the excitement was paused for a moment until the grand paradise came to my four eyes.



“P*****g i**!”, the word I first uttered. I was fully awed and I was shouting wowww woowww wowww as the grandeur of Casaroro Falls laid into my eyes. It was definitely surprising! For someone who did not have some research and never saw a picture of this destination, you know what I mean.

I felt happiness and fulfillment. It’s magical, it’s stunning and it’s majestic. I left myself in amusement as I walked slowly towards to basin. The rock formations are perfectly artistic. It was one of the best waterfalls I’ve ever been. The strong rush of the cold water and the wind chills welcomed me as I went closer. I immediately took off my shirt and asked Kuya to take some photos before I jumped into the water.



My soul was beyond excited and overwhelmed by the beauty of Casaroro Falls that I did not prolong my agony of becoming one with nature. My left foot stepped and wow! That was a heaven of ice water!!! It’s even colder than Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu City and Tinago Falls in Iligan City! The thick forest eloping the heart of the waterfall I think had contributed most the temperature of the water. It was oddly refreshing. The feeling was weird because I was like taking the ice bucket challenge but in a good way have enjoyed the chills of the water. It was one magical moment I would always remember on my special day.

A few moments later, several travelers went in and we have almost the same priceless reaction for Casaroro Falls. I fixed my things and prepared myself for my next destination, the Pulang Bato Falls also in Valencia, Negros Oriental.

Check out my #vlog for this adventure!!

There was never a single point of regret when I had Casaroro Falls as one of my destination to spend my special day. The exhaustion from the leg-breaking trek and the distance was hands down all worth it. I would love to revisit this place and would surely recommend to my friends.

How about you? Would you mind taking that 335-step-stairs and do some river trekking or just sit down, relax and enjoy watching TV inside four corners of the wall?



Jeepney Fare from Dumaguete Market to Valencia Market – P12

Trike from Valencia Market to Casaroro Jump Off – P200

Environmental Fee – P10



9:40 AM – ETD Dumaguete Market to Valencia Market

10:05 AM – ETA Valencia Market

10:25 AM – ETA Casaroro Jump Off

11:00 AM – Casaroro Falls

11:35 AM – ETD return to Casaroro Jump

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