Why Bocaue Peak is a Must Repeat

Bocaue Peak

Bocaue Peak, one of the most promising summits that offer magnificent 360-degrees of city and nature view. It may also be considered as one of the most challenging treks to be near Cebu City because of the thick lush of trees that almost covered the trails. Nevertheless, the exhaustion from that kind of trek always gets rewarded upon reaching the peak.

This time, three wandering little stooges, wandering feet PH, wandering soul scamper, and four-eyed laagan had set another impromptu day adventure just to fulfill the thirst of adrenaline. Originally, this idea came out as we set forth some test and break-in of our new Sandugo shoes. Gladly, the quality made for extreme jaunts gave us the awesome experience we could have amidst the difficulty of Bocaue Peak.

Bocaue peak

Most of the people who’ve been to Bocaue Peak would not come back because of its difficulty. However, the odds are great as to I see it as a great place for a repeat! Here’s why!

  1. Near the city

Bocaue Peak is situated at Bonbon, Cebu City. Yes, it is just within the city and would only require minimal expenses to reach the destination. The jump off is located at Sitio Napo of Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City. It is the same when going to Mt. Babag or the RCPI Towers. Actually, they are neighboring mountains.

  1. Budget-friendly expenses

Due to the fact that it is just near the city, it would only require minimal expenses. Getting to the jump off from the city proper would only cost P27 each (P7 for the jeepney and P20 for the motorcycle taxi). There’s also no entrance fee or DENR expenses like some other trekking spots in the Philippines and mostly, there’s no guide fee because there is no guide. However, if you are looking for guiding services for the trek, you may contact mountaineering groups that can offer one. Another expense that could add up is the motorcycle taxi going home which would cost around P75 each. Adding up all expenses, it would only cost around P102 excluding the food. Budget-friendly indeed!

  1. Challenging trail

Bocaue peak

There are two known trails going to Bocaue Peak. Most trekkers take Babag trail where they go through Mt. Babag first then turn left going to Bocaue Peak which adds up around 2 hours of trek.

Mt. Babag trail itself is challenging enough because of its ascending features. Most of it are ascending that would break the muscles of your thighs. What’s good with this trail is that it is mostly covered with thick lush of vegetation thus fiery heat of the sun doesn’t really matter.

The second trail is my favorite, the 5 towers trail. 30 mins from the Babag Trail, there is a left trail ascending covered with green bushes and branches marks the start of this extreme passage. One word to summarize this trail – arduous. Hahaha! Trailblazing is a skill needed here, else you’ll get lost!

Due to its rarity of trekkers, the trails are getting covered with dead twigs and even branches and bushes. But! This trail would mean passing through 5 towers! I really don’t know what’s the purpose of these towers, maybe they’re for some tv network or cellular network and I don’t even know if it still works! Hahaha!

Furthermore, another fave of this trail are the bent bamboos and branches covering the trail which would let you do some limbo rock or crawling which adds up the fun! It even brings out the inner ninjas of us because some parts are descending that would leave you no choice of running down and stop abruptly and make sure you don’t get slid off or roll over. Haha!

Unfortunately, due to previous bad weather condition, most of the trail during our climb are covered with thick mud. Thank goodness for the quality product of Sandugo that made our trek through muddy trails awesome!

  1. Stunning 360-degrees view at the Bocaue Peak

Bocaue peak

After the normally 5-hour trek (but we only took 4 hours this time), the stunning and magnificent welcome of views of nature really brings out the price! Wow! Still jaw-dropping even if it’s my second time witnessing its beauty. The adjacent mountain range is so good to look at that would make you shout for joy and thank God for this amazing creation. Another part is a greater view of the city than what you see in Sirao Peak. The city looks tinier that would let you feel like you’re at the most top. It’s that great during the day, how much more by the night? Woohoo!

  1. Rejuvenating vibe at the top

Bocaue peak

Bocaue Peak is high enough to give you the invisible touch of nature where the wind whispers through your ears and through the tiny black strings of your skin. If we could just stay for one more hour during that time, I would because I just want to sit down and watch the awe-spiring view and be rejuvenated.

I felt happiness, satisfaction, and inspiration that I’d forget the pain and exhaustion from that 4-hour long trek.

  1. A shortcut going home

Bocaue peak

After being rejuvenated, would you want to go through that challenging trail again? Of course not! Hahaha! Luckily, the Babag Trail is the shortcut going home. As I described in number 3, going to Bocaue Peak through Babag by reaching RCPI towers then go left adding up 2 hours. That trail would be the path going home but we are taking the exit at Mountain View, Busay, Cebu. Yes! Busay! Straight through RCPI is a shortcut going to Busay that would pass you through Chalet Hills, the famous Temple of Leah then Mountain View Resort. There then you can ride motorcycle taxis to JY Square Mall at Lahug, Cebu City then going home!

Bocaue peak

If you get to know me, I’m not the kind of person where just chooses the most comfortable way of traveling. Weird enough to say that I look a lot like a nerd but my body wants some kinetic energy running through because it gives me happiness. So, I would really choose the 5 towers trail than the Babag trail if ever I will revisit Bocaue Peak for the third time.

Check out my VLOG on this jaunt!


How about you? Would you come together with me through that arduous trail or go to the easier trail…. without me? Hahahaha!

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