Mt. Naupa: A Comeback

There’s always a place in our heart that you always like to revisit. It’s like going home to your sweet spot and feel like no other places in the world. Mt. Naupa, a perfect place near the city that gives you a feeling that makes you always come back. This is my second time yet I still want to go back.

Mt. Naupa: A comeback

NCR Trekkers held its November Monthly Climb at Mt. Naupa, situated at Brgy. Cogon, City of Naga. The objective of this climb is to simply just camp out and reunite the trekkers for the last time this year. Why is it tagged as last time? We might not have a monthly camping on December because of the everyone’s busy schedule of party here and party there. Also, it is also planned to have Reach Out activity rather than a regular trek and camp.

I was skeptical about joining because I already had plans for that day before this event was organized. However, the event was nearing, I decided to come though I’ll be late. I even invited my college friends because I know it’s just an easy trek and they’d wanted to join my jaunts. However, only Ivanna went because some that their circumstances that made them not pursue. Anyway, since I still had some other stuff to attend to, we decided to go on a night trek.

The Jaunt Starts…

Night trek is always exciting. No fiery heat of the sun and there’s not much of a crowd yet it’s completely dark, cold and spooky. I was even in doubt because my last visit in Naupa was 10 months ago and it was a day trek. I was joking to Ivanna that we might be lost. Haha. After an hour of an uphill trek, we reached the campsite where some NCR Trekkers were already relaxing on their tents.

The Million-Star Hotel

Mt. Naupa: A comeback

The cold wind chills and the stunning million-star view welcomed us at the Naupa camp site. It was really refreshing and surely did gave a huge smile to us. Home sweet home – was the feeling urged. We immediately pitched our tent so that we can organize our things and finally eat our dinner. After settling down, woah! There’s an inflatable couch! Hahaha! I immediately lied down and wow I saw the bedazzling milky way galaxy! Aaahhhhhh! Such unique feeling that you can’t even feel in my everyday life. I was stunned for moments… really really stunned and took the time to breathe in and breathe out. Drama lang? hahahaha!

Apparently, moments were destroyed when Wandering Soul Scamper turned on his speaker and started to play some soundtracks. So I went near them and shared my videos taken from the Matteo Guidicelli concert last night. We had some fun jamming moments with the group until few friends of Wandering Feet PH arrived. Yaayyy!! Mangaon najud Hahahaha! Joke lang. They will still have to cook their meal, thus it’s another waiting game. Hahaha! Good thing Noela offered us some snack goodies and it temporarily filled our happy tummies.

The Feast

Suddenly, the empty surface of the huge system shook like an earthquake has happened. The mighty dragons and dinosaurs were roaring as if they’re dying. As the Gods were grateful for He provided the time for us to eat. Yaayyyy! KAINAN NAAHH!! GUTUMA NA RABA OII!!! Hahahahaha! There you go, we finally had our feast. This time, it’s not the usual fiesta like we really had during our previous treks. For our case with Ivanna, we bought some barbecues at the city while they just self-contained. With the spirit of camaraderie, we shared our food and thus it was an instant buffet! 😀

The Photoshoot

A few minutes later, our stomachs were full and I want to sleep. Hahaha! But would I just sleep on this paradise and just not make the most out of it? Of course not! The shutterbugs decided to go up to the peak and had our photo shoot. Luckily, the heavens were so good to grant us the galactic view we wished. Thanks to Wandering Feet PH and Wandering Soul Scampers for their high tech cameras we consumed almost 2 hours of the photoshoot with the magnificent background. It was fun as our creativity equipped with technology had us one of the best photoshoot experience I ever had.

While away from the campsite, a barangay of night trekkers arrived. Oh, they’re the last batch of NCR Trekkers! Glad they arrived safely. The peaceful and silent campsite turned into a festive place. From less than 10 people tripled to 30 when they arrived. Daghan no? hahaha! We had our few last moments of the photo shoot and went down at the campsite to join them for socials.

The Longed Socials

It was the quarter to midnight as the campers united and begun the routine socials. It started with introducing each of ourselves, bullying and laughing out loud. We somehow were acquainted with the others that were first time joining NCR Trekkers. A few moments later, we started the club-favorite game, Werewolf!!! We were around 30 who joined and that was so many! We only had one round to play because the rain showered that rushed everyone on their respective tents.

The soul of the jubilant adventurers was not fulfilled because the game was killed by the rain thus, ilabas ang tagay! Hahaha! Few of us, especially near the tent had our drinking socials while talking diverse topics. After 1 bottle of Emperador, I slept. Hahahaha! I believe they had another but I chose to sleep. Hahahaha.


Mt. Naupa: A comeback

It was one frustrating morning as I woke up late and not have seen the sunrise. However, it was caught up with the magnificent view of the nearby mountains and still gave the feeling of being with nature. The heavens were so good as the sun were not fiery. Thus, our experience was cool.

Mt. Naupa: A comeback

We had our quick breakfast, while some had cooked. We went back the peak and took some photos. As time came that we had to go, I was busy doing some video interviews for a sort of a blog. Haha. Thanks for the members of NCR Trekkers that cooperated and were not scared in front of a camera while doing the interview.

Every perfect moment always has its end. It’s inevitable but cherishing and appreciating moments like that always counts. We went home and had one remarkable camping experience. Thanks to the people who had been part of this journey!

How to Get There?

  1. From Cebu City, take a KMK bus from SM Cebu City to Tungkop, Minglanilla
  2. From Tungkop, ride a motorcycle taxi to Cogon Chapel, Naga
  3. Local guides are available at the jump off


Day 1 –

5:30 PM – Brgy. Tungkop, Minglanilla Jump Off

6:00 PM – Brgy. Cogon Chapel, Naga Jump Off, Start Trek

7:00 PM – Naupa Camp Site

11:45 PM – Socials

2 AM – Lights Out

Day 2 –

8:00 AM – Wake Up, prepare

10:00 AM – Commence Trek going home


KMK Bus fare – P35/pax

Motorcycle Taxi from Tunkop, Minglanilla jump off – P50/pax

Guide Fee is up to you. 🙂

How about you? Do you have a place you always want to come back? Comment down below!

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