#MatteoMadeInCebu: A Night of Entertainment

It was a night full of music, dancing, and entertainment as Matteo Guidicelli had his concert in Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Lahug, Cebu City titled #MatteoMadeInCebu.

It was almost 8:30 as the lights went off, drums started to roll, electric guitars strummed and the band was starting to play and the crowd was screaming as the star of the night, Matteo along with the sexy G-Force, had their opening number with songs I’m so excited and Cake by the Ocean with a bang. It was energetic, fun and where I wasn’t jumping up and down, it was a great way to start a show.

Matteo welcomed everyone after that production number as he talked about his life before in Cebu City. He was mentioning when he was being sent to school then suddenly a fan shouted out some crazy words and Matteo jokingly shouted “Wa paman ko nahumag sturya oiii (I’m not yet done speaking)!!!” and everyone was laughing out loud. Lol

His next song was a recent hit for a British girl group, Little Mix, Secret Love Song, where he put his own spin to it. The stage was beautified by the violet spotlight as Matteo and the crowd was singing along. For me, his version was more of a pop and blended with Filipino-indie style than the original. As usual, the girls were screaming like a soaring eagle as Matteo was reaching the higher notes.

After that charming number, Matteo was chitchatting about how Cebuanos speak and how Tagalogs perceive that. Cebuanos really do speak like they’re fighting as the tone is hard and strong. However, he diverted that strong impression as he mentioned that Cebuanos are caring and loving (wehhhh? Haha)

He was thankful as he mentioned that he would not be here without everyone’s support that keeps him humble in the real life. He then started his next song, All My Life.

He kept the ball rolling as he expressed his love to Cebu. He sang a Cebuano favorite, “Hahasula”, and surprised the crowd as the original singer, Kurt Fick, joined Matteo at the stage. They exchanged phrases of the song as the crowd sang along. Kurt really has a beautiful voice that added a kirot to the song “Hahasula”. Of course, Matteo did his great job too on this duet.

After that duet, Kurt was talking about his current career and told everyone that fellow Cebuano artists are doing an album and asked for support. To know more about their project, visit kadasig.com.

Kurt exited with a happy face and Matteo did not prolong everyone’s agony as he sang his upbeat single, “Ipapadama Na Lang Sayo”. The stage backdrop was playing his music video that features Cebu’s promising places. The song somehow gave LSS to me when the chorus hit “oh woah, oh oh oh woah oh” repeatedly. How else here easily gets stuck a song lyric when it’s sung repeatedly? Lol

That energetic number surely made Matteo drained. Moreover, the show must go on as they say. He was then talking to Bisayas in Manila. He told everyone that he was gathering bisayas in one group and trying to unite into something fun. He introduced his band and indeed they were all Bisaya.

He was excited as he was talking about his guest. He remembered watching a TV show and told his mom that this girl will win the show (then every girl screams Saraaahhhh!!!). Then he said a few months later, this girl really won the show. She was a bisaya (ohh Sarah isn’t Bisaya :P), quirky and a uniquely awesome singer. She’s one of my idols in the local industry, no other than, KZ Tandingan.

KZ started by singing a cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, putting her own spin on it. She started with an autotune, which I don’t like, then everyone screamed as she sang with her natural husky-like voice. It was actually awesome, I enjoyed it. She surprised everyone with a rap at the bridge and we were like, wow!

After that astounding number, Matteo went back at the stage and they were talking crazy stuff. KZ was really quirky to alleviate as she mentioned that Matteo was already teary-eyed praying before he started the show. Everyone was laughing as she said Matteo inviting her to his concert for 2,500 to consult for sickness lol. KZ was wearing a doctor’s robe stuff with a high boot.

Matteo broke KZ’s joke as he said that he wished to sing a duet with her song, “Wag Ka Ng Umiyak”. The band started to play and KZ took the stage, emotionally sunk into a great start. Goosies! I love KZ! Matteo started the second verse and he was great. The song was really high pitched and we can really see that Matteo was struggling with the choruses. Above all, he still did a great job!

That passionate performance exhausted Matteo as he described that song was too high for him. He sat down and grabbed a wine beside the Musical Director, Louie Ocampo, and poured some wine and cheers! They were talking about classic songs because most of it has lower notes that will let him chill for a moment. The piano started to play and he sang the classic, “Close to You”. Charming!

He then sang a mashup of All of Me, Your Love and few love songs that I’m not familiar with. He got the crowd singing along and hands waving.


After that series of love songs, he asked what would happen if a Cebuano and Italiano is combined. Cebuano is sweet then Italiano is romantic. Poof, Babaero indeed! Haha! Randy Santiago and Rico Puno appeared on the big screen and they were talking about girls and Matteo as Babaero. They sang a mashup of Babaero and Macho Gwapito while Randy and Rico on the screen. It was a nice concept, though.


After that fun number, Matteo thanked the sponsors and said that proceeds of the concert will be going to the beneficiary foundation to help the unfortunate children at one hospital in Cebu City. Ford was generous enough to raffle a car and the lucky winner was Ofelia Besario by surprise. Yahaya niya oi! Haha!

It was already over an hour and people were having fun, especially the young ones. This time, it’s for the parents’ time to really had fun in the concert as the concert king, Martin Nievera, performed. He sang a mashup of his hits. I honestly don’t know most of the songs except Be My Lady. Haha! I’m too young for this. Indeed, the older ones were really happy and were able to relate more than the previous performances were the songs were more current than Martin’s.

Matteo went back the stage and Martin were giving advice to him saying if survived Cebu, you’re on your way. That means to me as if Matteo was successful on this concert, his getting better and going somewhere with his music career and I think Matteo is doing a great job.

After few talks, Matteo and Martin were trying everyone to do the trending Mannequin Challenge! They asked everyone to do some pose for a couple of seconds after they sang Be My Lady. The band started and they both sang “Be myyyyyy..” pose!!! Then someone from the crowd shouted “Ladyyyyyy!!!” instead of just posing. Hahahaha! Everyone laughed out loud! They tried again and the same thing happened as the audience continued shouting the phrases instead of posing. After few attempts, they surrendered and everyone was still laughing. I think that was the most funny part of the show. Hahaha.

The guest’s part would not be complete without having a duet with the star. Martin started singing still astoundingly, amidst of his age, the song “Say that you Love Me”. Martin’s voice is still gold! As the first chorus finishes, Matteo started and surprisingly sang the verses in Italian. It made the song more romantic than ever. It was really heartfelt performance as if they were singing to their loved one. Of course, Sarah G. was in front of the crowd, who would’ve have not felt singing that way?


The end was nearing as he felt his gratitude to his family who helped him start and everyone who supported him. He sang one of my Coldplay favorites, Fix You, mashed up with Bon Jovi’s Thank You for Loving Me. It was a nice song choice to engage the audience how thankful and grateful he was. Passionate moments suddenly were broken by the upbeat tempo of Sinulog dance as a mark of the end of the show. Matteo shook his butt off as he sang a mash-up of Ricky Martin songs. Ricky Martin songs are always sexy that fit to Matteo. The G-Force dancers unbuttoned his shirt and of course, the girls were shouting as if they saw heaven. Hahaha!


The medley ended with a bang and fireworks sprinkling as it lighted the stage. Matteo made his exit while thanking everyone who came to witness the concert. The crowd was standing and was about to go home as the band started again to play! Matteo went out again and sang a medley of Maroon 5 songs and the fans were up close the stage and having selfies with him. It was indeed a great way to end the show that let him engage more of his fans.

It was really a great show, not bad for Matteo who is not a singer-singer, if you know what I mean. He was actually good in performing and entertaining and did not fail the audience. I wasn’t expecting much from him but indeed he made an awesome TGIF. PLUSSSSS KZ TANDINGANNNN! I love her! Hahaha!

Having this kind fun on a Friday night would not be possible without #PLDTHomeDSL. To Carlo of Kalami Cebu and Ramzy of Ramzy Rizzle for letting me join the #squad. Thanks!

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